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Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (59 reviews)"

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| | See all monthegers's reviews (4)

im a teenager and i love gangster games and shooting games so i wasnt really sure if id like a lego game. i was wrong i love this game

  Definately has the Force!

| | See all LittleJetty's reviews (4)

We bought this because it can be both a one and two player game, and unlike most games in 2 player mode, the roles are completely equal, you can do as much or litle as you like! Or just stand there, ignore the bad guys and have a jedi dule between yourselves! We don't get too much time to play on it what with work and school between us, but the whole family think it's great and you'd be amazed what can get done in a couple of hours! We're only at about 8.8% but we love it so far!


| | See all Lbenohhh's reviews (22)

This game is excelent. it is a must have for any wii owner, and a must have for any star wars fan. its humurous and offers great gameplay. it also gives a hell of alot of gameplay time to complete it 100%. ive got 91.7% and its taken me 32 hours, and thats with a guide! buy this game...NOW!!

  Great Game

| | See all chrisp's reviews (4)

Really good game.
Thoroughly enjoy. Great to be able to do all levels to all stories. This is must for any would be Jedis!

  Fun game

| | See all shaunthesheep's reviews (32)

This is a fun game as it has more levels and characters then on ps2 or ds and loads more stuff to do

dont get bored with it and its exciting

(i asked my 11 year old for the review)


| | See all Rusty64's reviews (1)

This game is immense in every sense of the word.
Very reflective of the 6 films, and if you grew up with Star Wars then this is the game for you.
I've tried the light saber that you clip your Wi-mote into, and didn't rate it.
It was too heavy, and the only way of operating the light saber was to press the B button (as it blocks the sensor on the end of the Wii-mote), as opposed to wielding it, so there is no point to it really?!!

This game will take you ages to complete, lots of depth, well worth the money...

  Best game for Wii?

| | See all Zekeeuk's reviews (8)

Amazing game! So many levels and so much to do. Endless hours of fun
The two player drop in mode is awsome.. great if someone wants to join you for 10minutes without ruining your game

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  Superb Game

| | See all IAmMrLoz's reviews (2)

this game is fantastic. It's not too difficult, as you can't actually die (you simply loose lego studs and then come alive again and if you have no studs you still restore), which means than each level is completable.

This really works because it follows the metaphore of playing with lego. The longevity of the game lies in the fact that while you may complete the level, you need to do it as a "True Jedi" to get all the gold bricks (this is basically with the right number of studs collected), and the other collectables such as red-bricks and mini-kits.

Even if you play all 36 levels of this game from start to finish you will still only have completed about 50% of the game, and it tells you so.

Now to the Wii. Using the remote as a light-saber is pretty cool. It's not swing left, they swing left or whatever, but generally swing instead of hiting B (which you can still do). It's fun and definitely the hi-light of the wii game.

I presume it's not worth it if you have the original games for gamecube, but if not, add to your list for shear fun.

You can also play 2 player drop-in/drop-out so the assiting character can be controlled by a friend (not online sadly).

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