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Geometry Wars: Galaxies

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (11 reviews)"

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  Original & cheap

| | See all LoreSka's reviews (4)

A very original game: solid gameplay and a marvelous arcade-feeling. A cheap must have!

  Fantastically shiny retro-gaming mayhem

| | See all DennyD's reviews (6)

If you grew up on games like Asteroids, Galaxians, and Galaga, you will absolutely love this game. It takes all the playability of 80s arcade games and adds the shininess of modern console hardware into the mix.

The game is played roughly in the style of Asteroids, with you moving around in a confined space while enemies appear from the edges of the play area, but the rest of the gameplay feels more like a vertical scrolling shooter, with lots of shiny weapons power-ups, a configurable and upgradable drone that can help you attack or defend, and really frantic amounts of enemy action incoming at some points.

The main graphics are all simple vector-style coloured shapes, but the weapons/explosions/general mayhem on the screen once you get going has to be seen to be believed. Even when you're having a bad night and keep dying 90 seconds into a level, the game is still an immensely satisfying aesthetic experience :)

The gameplay is incredibly well put together... you might not want to play it for hours on end, but you will almost certainly come back to it for half an hour here and there, time and time again.

If you still need convincing, google for the official website ("geometry wars galaxies" should find it) and click through to Movies, Gameplay. Yes, it really is that shiny, and yes, it really is that much fun. If that hasn't persuaded you to buy it, nothing will.

  Excellent in general but......

| | See all Savant007's reviews (2)

The game is fast, smooth and generally played well. Control is good with the classic controller.

The biggest issue is that the enemies pop up either on top of you or next to you and you die instantly. Should have been tested more so that this doesn't happen. Would have got 5/5 if this didn'y happen.

  This game is beautiful!!!

| | See all ConteWolfers's reviews (1)

Only for who love destroy record on record,this game is beautiful!Is impossible stop to play,u ever ever ever need a next game^^

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  Geometry Wars: Galaxies wii

| | See all sharpoe's reviews (2)

Absolute superb game , fast and frantic.
1 of those games were you just pick up and play.
Would deffo recommend this game - real fun.

  A Fantastic Wii Game

| | See all RadioNinty's reviews (1)

A fantastic re-imagining of the 360 Arcade shooter.
With more planets, more weapons, more enemies and introducing the new drones.

So much variation and such an compulsion to keep playing and improving your score. Which can be uploaded thanks to WiiConnect24.

The wiimote/nunchuck control method is surprisingly good, very responsive, the only downside I could see is that maybe it make your arm hurt after a while, but that shouldn't be too much of a problem.

Also, the graphics are a step above the 360 original, many more particle effects and spangly lighting going on.
And of course, not a single bit of slowdown, which the DS version does have (although I stress that it doesn't ruin the DS version, just makes you play it differently).

Overall a fantastic game and easily one of th ebest on the Wii.

  A Sleeping Giant! Buy. This. Game.

| | See all ChumaSi's reviews (1)

Easily overlooked, maybe even dismissed as a port of an Xbox Live Arcade game, Geometry Wars is worth every single penny.

What you have is a fast and furious shoot 'em up akin to Asteroids meets Galaxian. The variety of enemies to shoots, level design, steep learning curve with consistant unlockables to improve your ability means that you will lose hours to this game.

Basic concept is that you are in a wall 2D part of space with enemies constantly spawning and attacking you. You need to shoot them down and avoid collisions to survive. When you shoot an enemy they drop a geom which is both currency to unlock sections of the game and a multiplier for your score. You will need to collect up to 150 of them to help boost your score to the dizzying heights needed to gain a Bronze, Silver or Gold Medal and progress through the game. However, if you die, you lose your Multiplier and go back to 1x and have to build up again.

The wiimote + Nunchuck interface lends itself well to the game and feels very natural so do not fear that a lack of dual analogue sticks is going to affect gameplay.

2 player coop mode is a fast and furious team effort, sharing lives and smart bombs (which you will need when the going gets tough) whilst the competitive games have you fighting to collect geoms and get the higher score before the level becomes too tough to survive.

I'm not sure I can praise this game highly enough. In a sea of games relying on top notch graphics and Hi res Plasma screens it is nice to know that there are still games developers out there who want to make their games playable and FUN, not to mention a challenge with a long lifespan.


(Additional: The DS version is the exact same game. Having both versions will unlock certain new levels and allow you to sync them together over WiFi seemlessly, but most people will not need to own both copies)

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| | See all GettingWorse's reviews (22)

For those of you that have an Xbox and been playing this game from xboxlive for £5, you might think Nintendo is stitching you up asking £20 for what is a £5 game. But not everyone has an XBox and certainly not many can afford multiple consoles, and for £20, this game is definitely worth every penny.
Basically, this is a purist's shoot'em up game, a frantic shoot'em up at that. You shoot what comes at you, you shoot some more, and there are more things to shoot. there are different planets you can unlock by picking up the geoms left behind by the enemies you've blown up. the only gripe I have with this game is that, it moves so fast, sometimes when enemies pops up behind you, you don't really have time to dodge it before you're killed, but for a £20 game, you'll be able to look beyond that and welcome this game with open arms.

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  Wii brings XBox Live title to life!!!!!!!!!!

| | See all Robbocop's reviews (17)

I can honestly say i've never played this game until today. great price attracted me and also the visuals and the totally mad game play keep blasting everything in sight to a techno track.....cool. You get the original xbox game and the SUPER ENHANCED Wii version GALAXIES. This is by far he best option. Use the Wii remote to guide your crafts laser and blast in all directions super fast!!! The addition of the droid is cool, its skills can be upgraded to different effects. laser, sniper, defend, barge....etc
the enemies explode in colour as the screen bends and warps with your laser fire. the visuals are excellent for such a basic game. Pick up the gnomes (currency) when each enemy dies different values for different enemies. It's vital to boost your war chest to buy upgrades or open other galaxies.
If anyone remembers Jeff Minters-Attack Of The Mutant Camels on the N64. This game is just as crazy!
Online is high score leaderboards only. 2 player mode available offline.
This is a great addition to your collection at a great price.
Very addictive, however some people may get bored of it like Foverever Blue. Both excellent games to play with no real conclusion.
Buy, buy, buy!!!!!!

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  A Blast From The Past ****

| | See all absofsteel's reviews (1)

they say they dont make games like they used to.....im a huge fan of scrolling shoot-em-ups and with current games generally being first person orientated this came as a welcome surprise and its dirt cheap to boot.....this is a definate winner !!!!!