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Animal Crossing: Let's Go To The City

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (23 reviews)"

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  an amazing game!

| | See all claudette340's reviews (14)

if you have an nintendo wii & ds and your debating which format to get it on - get it on the wii!! the screen is tiny on the ds and it's rubbish! trust me! after playing my friends game, i loved it instantly and ran to the computer and bought it from play.com
i'm waiting for it to be delivered!
it's an amazing game, fun for the whole family. best game i've ever bought.

  Good, But Very Same-y

| | See all SofaSpongebob's reviews (4)

I bought this game, thinking it would be a whole lot better than on DS, but, quite frankly, it's very similar. I was expecting much more of the City, also.
I transferred my character from my DS onto the Wii, and, it wasn't worth it. I thought that your items, and even your town would go with you onto the Wii game, but they don't. I was quite annoyed when I had to start all over again on the Wii.
However, there are some good points about this game. The T.V screen is a bonus, as it is much larger than on the DS, making things a whole easier to view. With the screen, even the graphics look a whole lot better than on the DS.

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  good.. but very similar..

| | See all Fruitshine2's reviews (14)

been on this for about aday now.. and i cannot for the life of me get used to it, iv had Animal crossing for the DS before.. but this just seems the same.. with the added bonus of it being on a wii.. and a bus..

just my opinion.. i shall play on see wat else there is.

  Dont be put off by the title!!!!!!

| | See all psychomonkeyboy's reviews (12)

Ok so some people here might not know what animal crossing is. well basically u are a newcomer to this new village(which you give a name) so you go there and buy a house and you gradually pay off the morgage. The game really starts getting fun when youv payed off the morgage because then you get to make money of ur own by catching and selling fish bugs and other stuff. you also have other people who live in your village, but you must keep them happy by keeping the village clean and planting trees and plants. an added feature to the wii version is that you can take a bus to the city which has shops where you can buy and sell stuff. also by usingfthe nintendo wi-fi you can invite your friends to come and stay in your village. the game also relies on the wii clock which means that when its night time where you live it will be night time in animmal crossing. Also different fish and bugs appear at different times of the year. This game is very popular with people from all ages.(i usually play videogames that have lots of shooting and killing i.e COD 4 but i found this game very pleasent and addicting.

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  Excellent :)

| | See all jack1234567's reviews (6)

Regardless if you're a fan of the series already or a newcomer, you can guarentee that this game will take your fancy. I got this game for christmas and have hardly been off it.

I can understand why some people wouldn't take to it, as the graphics look childish and the plot of the game sounds rubbish when you first hear it, but when you play it it is really, really good!

Just make sure you have enough time to play on this game - it'll consume you!

Hope this helps :)

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| | See all lilk8e's reviews (2)

This is a response from chessydogs review, you can sell more than one item at tom nook's, i filled my pockets with fish and sold them all at one time, you just click on each item.

  Good and ok

| | See all Barny2008's reviews (1)

My daughter who is 12 got animal crossing on DS so i thought i would get it on wii for christmas, when she played on it it's just the same as the DS but on a bigger screen, and you can go to the city, the city is't that good! on the adverts it looks huge but it's very small! Prohaps it will be better when she plays on it a bit longer!

  Animal crossing:lets go to the city

| | See all Goody2shoes155's reviews (2)

I have this game on the ds and love it so i was really excited about it being on the Wii, it was a bit of a let down as i throught i could transfer everthing from the ds to the Wii but you can only take the person, no money you do get to keep everything in your catoloug. It really is just the same as the ds, going to the city is not that great, maybe when i get friends on line it may be better. I will stick to the ds, but my hubby is now hooked on it for the Wii. The four star is because if you have got it on ds its a bit of a let down.

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  Pretty good

| | See all cheeseydog's reviews (4)

I was longing the wii version to come out and when i got it i was slightly disapointed. a good point about it is you get to choose where you live but the villagers are very boring and talk way to much. another very annoying thng is at tom nooks you can only sell one thing at a time so it is very time consuming. A thing that i love is that un like the ds version they celebrate Christmas but instead of santa it is a guy named Jingles.

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  Not Bad

| | See all NorthernMonkey92's reviews (11)

I really loved animal crossing since the gamecube version, but the problem is with this is that theres nothing really new or anything to do thats different from the others apart from the city, which isn't anything great, don't know if its because im getting older now or what but its not really got me hooked like the others did, i think if it was for the ds then i would be more willing to play because i can easily pick up and play it like wild world, anyway if u like the others u will like this...

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