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Kirby's Epic Yarn

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Customer Reviews

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  True to its Word

| | See all hgvtrucker's reviews (2)

Kirby's Epic Yarn is a truly Epical game and is totally true to its word. Basically Kirby eats an Evil Sorceror's fruit and gets teleported to a land of yarn, where everybody, everything and himself is made of Yarn! The game is really fun to the play and is truly perfect for any Kirby Fan! Its full of bright colours and definitly appeals to people of 3 and above. There are so much possibilities you can do as your Yarn Kirby. You can become a car, parachute, a snake and even a Sled! (However the sled is only available on one level.) There are also Super Transformations which you can become by using Metamortex's. These forms can vary and they each have a special power! My favourite Form especially is the Dolphin as you can swim really fast and smash right through enemies. These forms can be quite hard to use though as Dolphin can sometimes glitch and the Train is Extremely hard to control and shouldnt even be in the game. Overall this game is very awesome and fun but only recieves a 4/5 I hoped this review has made you want to really buy this game cause I garuntee you will enjoy it!!!!

  Lovely game, a bit too easy.

| | See all robatron's reviews (63)

Kirby's Epic Yarn is a 2D platform game and is one of the nicest games I've ever played. It's very easy as you can never die in the game so it's perfect for kids, but is also fun for older gamers as there are plenty of unlockables and high scores to get.

  A very special game

| | See all minirac's reviews (60)

What a surprise, another nintendo platformer for the wii brimming with fun, charm, character, beauty and polish. Whilst the game is easy this in no way hinders your enjoyment. The flair and style of the game alone is enough to keep any one drooling at the screen for a good while, I hionestly can't describe how cute and pretty this game is, is simply perfect. If you are after a harder platformer but still enjoyed this game, try wario shake dimension which is from the same makers as Kirby. Its quite similar mechnanics and brilliant graphics (lovely hand-drawn style animation rather than the crafty style of kirby) together with harder challenges and puzzles is a perfect accompanyment to this game. But I digress, kirby needs to be played and will charm the pants off anyone, kids and adults much in the same way that Pixar films have managed to do all these years. Get it!

  It's simply fun!

| | See all walker10's reviews (6)

This game is great fun, you don't have to be a kid (or have kids) to enjoy it. I'm 25 and my boyfriend is 32 and we love playing it together. You go through different lands and complete the levels collecting treasures and gems, then, as always there is a boss to destroy as you finish each land. It's set out as a platform bringing back memories of the early games console days...but it's obviously a lot more modern.
This game is bright and colourful. The music and sound effects are fun. This game is simple but very enjoyable, and also slightly addictive. I recommend it.

  Mario who???

| | See all nattyb80's reviews (1)

This is the first Kirby game I've ever played and I wasn't disappointed, I can't stop playing it!
I love platform games, and since the SNES I've always played, and really enjoyed Mario games, but this is totally different to anything I've ever played before.
It's colourful and entertaining and you can tell a lot of thought has gone into the game.
Whether you play one or two player, it's fun and in places challenging. My five year old loves it, we play it together, although her favourite part is decorating Kirby's flat.
The game might not be everyone's cup of tea, for one my hubby didn't like it, but he's more of a Black Op's/Guitar Hero kind of guy.
But if you want something different to the normal platform set up, give this a go!

  Kirby with a new twist!

| | See all Woody2007's reviews (75)

Kirby is back, but not as we remember him. The game is layed out like everything is made of cloth and string, which may sound strange but it works really well. You can pull zips and parts of the level fall open or pull on a cord and move parts of the levels closer to you. It sounds different but you wont regret buying this game, lots of items to unlock and collect, you can tell a lot of thought has gone into it. Graphics are awesome, especially if you are using the Component Cable & HDTV Mode. 10 out of 10!