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Wii Music

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (49 reviews)"

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  A Good Laugh

| | See all xunoflux's reviews (11)

This is great fun, especially when playing on multi player. There are alot of stupid instruments such as rapper, DJ and even cat and dog which are just a good laugh, can't finish the song because your laughing the whole way through.

I think this is the only game my entire family actually enjoys and can play together because controls are so easy - you can pretty much just shake the Wii remote and your playing the instrument.

As I said, it's nothing like playing an actual instrument because the movements are pretty vague, just moving it about will get it to make a sound. You don't even control what note you play so that makes the whole thing much easier even if it is unrealistic.

A great feature of the game is being able to save and re-watch videos. This brings hours of fun itself and being able to design your own CD cover just adds to the enjoyability of the game.

The Wii balance board feature in this game isn't great, it's quite hard even for someone musical like me but good if your up for a challenge. (And have the balance board, of course.)

I like this game and would recommend if you want to get more members of the family enjoying the Wii as it's quite easy. Great game!


| | See all 14Jimbo's reviews (185)

If you love playing games with your family then you should get this, it's brilliant. I love playing the drums, guitars and a trumpet called the galatic horn (which i have never heard of). A really good game.

  Good for small children

| | See all Keveen's reviews (1)

This set of games would be very good for getting pre-teens enthused about playing music because it lets them have some fun, get the feel of instruments, sounds rhythm etc. It does teach the basic ideas about what music is all about. However, it is not instructional enough. There should have been one serious section teaching a real instrument - something like the penny whistle. For adults, as noted above, the novely soon wears off. What's the point of pretending you can play something! Definitely for kids and good for family entertainment at Christmas, Birthday etc.


| | See all karls557's reviews (2)

At first it's pretty good but after about 30 minutes it gets very boring and the fun stops. To be honest haven't pcked up this game since a few days after I bought it. It's okay for small children and I have a little brother who enjoys this game a lot, but for me it's not fun anymore.

  Wii Music...

| | See all gorgeousgames's reviews (44)

The advert looked so cool. Everyone says they want it. I had to buy it. I ordered it and was proud i did so. There were no reviews- i didn't know what to expect. A few days later it arrived...
I was so excited, i ripped the packaging of and rushed it into my wii. The wii menu came up and i chose it. Wii Music. Looking good so far. I clicked my character and the tutor came onto screen. He explained that he was going to show me the basics. Then, he showed me how to use and the instruments and then showed me how to play 'twinkle, twinkle little star'. It was so cool! Then he said he was leaving me on my own. I was so excited...
The official wii music menu appeared which consisted of ONLY 4 THINGS!? Yes thats right. These were Lessons, Jam, Games and videos. I started to doubt this things success. First i tried jam. You have to unlock most of the songs by completing lessons. It was boring but i think it was because i didnt unlock anything yet. Then, games. 3 games to choose from (i know). Open Orcestra, Handbell Harmony and quiz. I tried them all. They were great at first but became boring over time (2 minutes!). So that knd of concludes the journey of wii music, a very disapointing one!

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  Lots of fun but Guitar Hero better!

| | See all miniminty's reviews (66)

I enjoy playing this game as it's fun, silly and perfect for any age. However, in agreement with another reviewer, you don't actually learn anything except how to shake the remote to the beat. I much prefer games such as Guitar Hero but this is a lot of fun, and now that it cost less than £18 (I paid £30!) it's quite a bargain compared to other wii games of that price that are not as good to play.

All in all, it has some good beats and you can create an ensemble, play a gig and design your own CD cover.
The only annoying thing is the little Einstein-looking guy (your music teacher) in the bottom corner of the screen, making strange noises when he talks - the same as on The Big Brain Academy!

  Wii Music , For Nintendo wii. Loved it!

| | See all SidRockks's reviews (1)

Wii Music Is Amazing! So great for all the family. Its not just guitars drums and violions , basiic stuff you use. You can make ur music as a rapper or a cat! Or a DJ! Wii music is relly good!

  very big let down

| | See all kat212's reviews (32)

this game was a very big let down, all you have to do is move the remote about, thats it, the fun wares off after 30 mins of playing it. for all the hype that this game got, it was a big let down

  good game

| | See all Magicbob's reviews (4)

I have just bought this game, and been wondering if it was worth buying for a while. If you are the same, Buy it!!!! It was worth every penny it was fun, the drumming part felt quite educational, and the jamming part was really good with a group of friends.

The song choice was a little lame but you have to realise that you tune that the tune you start with never turns out the same when you finish.

We had some real fun changing the syle of the music with the different instruments, you have at your finger tips and trust me there are loads and loads to choose from.

This game is not just for kids everyone in the family has got something from it.

To be fair this is why I think it is so good as everyone can do something. Buy it, you won't be dissappointed.

  Fantasic game

| | See all Louise2206's reviews (1)

This game is really good! Just have fun with it and explore your music talents! Conducting and playing the bells is really fun. As is doing a jamming session. Play in a group and get extra enjoyment from this game.