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Zack & Wiki: Quest For Barbaros' Treasure

Rating: 7+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (33 reviews)"

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  absolutely fantastic zack & Wiki

| | See all naggynan's reviews (1)

This is absolutely fantastic one of the best games I have played in a long time the puzzles are really great very difficult but quite logical . I was expecting to be disappointed as the cover looks quite child like but is defo not really a young kids game but more for the adult who likes to puzzle. Best Game I have bought so far in 2008.

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  Really fun!

| | See all minirac's reviews (60)

This is one of the best Wii games out there at the minute, yet it didn't do very well in terms of sales. The mind boggles as to why. On first looking at it it does look very very child friendly but not so. Some of the puzzles are fiendishly hard, therefore incredibly rewarding when you finish them. There is also an incentive to get back and try the levels again as you get a score and you can try and better that score. This game uses the wii remote to the best of its abilities so if your looking for a game to show of your new console this is possibly THE best one, again - its so satisfying turning the wii remote to use a drill or shaking it to ring a bell. Its just great fun!

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  How a Wii game should be !!!

| | See all Commandojimbob's reviews (2)

First off, as mentioned by others, yes its whole presentation is very childish (though presented excellantly) - you have to look past that, and enjoy a game that underneath its looks is superb and fiendish adventure / puzzler.

Its essentially a point and click game (using the wiimote), with each level being one big puzzle to try and get to the treasure chest that is showed to you at the outset. What makes this game so great, is the fact it utilises the wiimote better than any other game on the Wii, integrating its use fully in the puzzle solving of each level.

Not only that but the levels / puzzles themselves are so well thought out, with logical thinking being required 90% of the time to reach the goal. Though one small gripe is that the other 10% of the time is trial and error, which i have found to detract slightly from the overall experiance.

However, overall, if you love adventure games with fiendish puzzles, coupled with the best execution of the Wiimote - you wont be disappointed.

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  Point & Click Returns With A Vengence

| | See all BlueRogue's reviews (151)

Zack & Wiki is a very kid friendly, mind boggling series where you have to solve puzzles to get treasure. Sort of like the classic Amiga adventure games such as Monkey Island.
I feel the game is very challenging as you need to plan each action very carefully before moving and not doing something correct will result in a very cartoon related death and you end up having to start the whole puzzle again.
I don't mind that element of the gameplay but what I do mind is the sometimes unresponsive Wii controls. On certain actions your either not doing it enough to complete the task or not doing it at all and that in my mind loses it quite a few points.
Saying that I will still play it as a way of challenging myself.
Some people may find this title childish & slightly annoying but other people like me will just accept the issues and move on.

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  This has harder tests than Big Brain Academy!!!

| | See all RiChIsKiNg's reviews (19)

THIS IS INCREDIBLE! It may look like a child game (which are normally rubbish), but don't let it fool you. Just read the bottom of the case, it says made by Capcom, and nearly all the time that means that it's a great game. BUY.THIS.GAME.


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  Simply Brilliant

| | See all ZombieHorde's reviews (17)

Zack & Wiki is a brilliant and amusing puzzle game exclusive to Wii.
Featuring crisp graphics and some absoloutly mind boggling puzzles Z&W is a must own for all Wii owners.
Please don't let the title or cover lead you to believe this is a game for kids, there's plenty of adult humour and the kind of puzzles that kids aren't likely to solve without your help. The game has received critical acclaim with scores of 90%+ and I can't recommend it highly enough.


| | See all Craigster's reviews (9)

This game is awesome and its a shame that it'll be sat with dust on in game store bargain bins soon.

It uses the Wii controls brilliantly and the point and click adventuring is fantastic. The puzzles can be perplexing which adds a challenge much needed for Wii owners.

Seriously buy this now.

  Miyazaki cum FMA?

| | See all AlexDFH's reviews (8)

It has a great humour to it, the kind that only a game with honest originality and gameplay can really have; It's like playing your way through a miyazaki film crossed with the sense of self irony of Full metal Alchemist. I love the Anime quality to this game and the black-line graphic reminds me of wind waker/phantom hourglass, which is worth acknowledging as the 'zelda in funny shapes' concept was always a contentious issue, i'm so glad the concept caught on in this case.

Its that rare game which is transcendent through age range (I got stuck on the 5th stage for ages) with a smart use of the wii controller.

I was going between this and Mario Galaxy with this month's paycheck. I'm glad it was this, because having now finished Zelda and hopefully by the 25th, Z&W, Mario will have a lot to live up to.

f I haven't bought mario kart before then....

In addition, the only issue I have with the game is the length of instruction, too much, too often. The hints are great, but when it tells you HOW to use the controller, as to WHAT to use the controller for, it becomes a bit of a dunces art.

  Pretty Good!!!!

| | See all Pinky123's reviews (2)

It looks amazing, and it is amusing. But i found it quite hard - it is alot of trial and error and it can get a little frustrating and addictive at the same time. Its a good game i i do recommend it.

  Exactly what I've been after...

| | See all plugy79's reviews (13)

This game is a classic puzzle adventure game adapted perfectly for the Wii. Yes, it's slightly childish in it's appearance and the voices are rather annoying but the game play is just so addictive.

Each level requires you to solve the puzzles so you can find your way to the treasure. It's that simple.

Getting the hang of the controls is very easy and makes the game more varied than most as you'll need to change your grip on the remote depending on what you're holding and what you want to do with the object.

This game is a refreshing change and I wish more developers would consider this sort of format. My favourite game when I was younger was the original Monkey Island or even something like Hugo's House of Horrors! I know they would seem very boring now but it's been so long since I've enjoyed a game with a similar style.

I can't wait for the next Zack & Wiki title (perhaps minus the stupid voices!) or more point and click adventures on the Wii.