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Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (11 reviews)"

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| | See all Brumus's reviews (6)

This is a great game for the young and for the olders ones out their you get nice women on the start line to set you on your way racing .....

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| | See all pen666's reviews (1)

this game is grate, good fun, and for every1.
and at £7.99 wat a bargain. grafics arnt super but good enuf !

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  Well worth the money

| | See all Scubahood's reviews (1)

Right first things first this game is £7.99 for that kind of money you cannot expect a game as quality as say Mario Kart so i'm not even going to bother comparing it to other Wii racing games. Yes the graphics are pants although not worse than the N64 game thats just rubbish. For £7.99 you are getting a classic old school arcade racer the controls are great courses are odd yet exciting I find this to be a nice chill out game. All in all i'm giving this game 5 stars as it is a decent enough game for £7.99 if it was priced the same as other wii games it'd be a different story.

  A terrible, terrible game.

| | See all Silvergunner's reviews (18)

I'll start with the advantages. Cruis'n has a good control system and a wide variety of cars. Thats it.

The bad facts are numerous. The graphics are as low quality as a 3DO game, and actually technically worse than the original Cruis'n game on the Nintendo 64. Opponents simply pop up whenever they feel like it, the soundtrack is awful, and the frame rate is low, meaning the graphics are incredibly jerky.

All-in-all, Cruis'n is the worst Wii game so far, and is definitely not worth paying any money at all for. If you want a good driving game for Wii, opt for Excite Truck or Mario Kart. Stay away from this travesty of a Video Game.

  cruisin fun

| | See all redondo's reviews (1)

if you buy this game for 7.99 you wont be disappointed my 6 year old loved it loads of different cars and colours to chose from different types of cities to race in.the graphics could be better and when you crash could be more realistic but for 7.99 cant believe you can have that much of a moan.

  For A 3 Year Old...

| | See all Lexus17's reviews (2)

I advise you not to buy this game unless you like these things to happen:

When you drive into a tree, it shatters so you go straight threw it,
if you crash into another car you either spin and finish going straight forward no matter what, or you fly into the air do a few flips land directly on your wheels, yet again facing straight forward,
You have a little tap into a wall and the other 6 cars behind you suddenly take over,
You can drive on top of the sea!
You drive into a building and half your car dissapears nd suddenly comes back,

An all round pathetic game that looks as though it took 2 minutes to make,

Suitable for a 3 year old.

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  Good fun!

| | See all EntertainmentSt's reviews (4)

This is a good game for the money, however, i completed it in a day! Slow loading time. Great effects and excellent fun.

A good buy for £15

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| | See all A1record's reviews (4)

This is a great driving game I dont know why people complain about it.
This game was for my husband and kids, but it is so good Ive been playing it, Im not even interested in driving games so what does that tell you, bargain price too a must to buy

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  great game good graphics loads of maps and cars.

| | See all wiigamer's reviews (4)

ok graphics very sensitive controls 10+ maps a few cars availible to be cusimised crazy stunts which are a bit weird very close finishs the bad thing is that there is a campain which is very short only about an hour of gameplay and there is a multiplayer which is exellent!

  Cruis'n backwards to 1994

| | See all EclipseDj's reviews (9)

Lets be honest, there isn't one decent racing game on the Wii yet [Excite Truck was passable, Mario Karts will surely be great] but everything else is very poor at best.


+ responsive controls
+ good price


- Unnecessarily long loading times [up to a minute to load a race]

- Dated graphics, we all know the Wii can't compete with 360 & PS3 but that's no excuse to have poor N64 style graphics

- Poor sound
- Poor frame rate

It's a port of the arcade racer 'The Fast and Furious' minus the licence. Don't be tempted by the cheap price - you certainly get what you pay for. If you enjoy 14 year old graphics then your better off downloading 'Wave Race 64' or 'F-Zero X' on the Wii's Virtual Console.

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