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Bully: Scholarship Edition

Rating: 15+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (39 reviews)"

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| | See all pcacgc's reviews (2)

This is another great Rockstar Game. Took me a little while to get into it but I think that was just me not giving it a chance. As soon as I sat down and started doing the missions I became hooked. The game evolves as you go through it with different parts of the town opening up and this combined with doing lessons does make it great fun. No where near the same scale as grand theft auto but what a bargin for the price!

  funny game

| | See all dannyb2k10's reviews (2)

this is a brilliant game bcause it is like a real bully except the bully in this game actually goes to classes lol.anyway you can bully nerds and shove teachers in lockers but dnt get caught off teachers cos they can make you do the lawnmowing lol.anyway brilliant game 10/10

  what a game

| | See all shelly2510's reviews (1)

i have played this game on the ps2 loved it that much i decided to rebuy on the wii just for the extra missions and classes love this game recommended to anyone who like a good storyline in a game. :)

  A must buy

| | See all benkernow's reviews (173)

This isn't as bad as they made it out to be, you end up sorting out the bully's in this game. Basically this is a good boy's version of Grand Theft Auto, with paint guns and a caterpolt, instead of real guns . So if you liked GTA you will like this. The misson's are fun and manageable even I managed to complete them without cheating like I did on GTA. There is so much to do on this, even if you don't want to do the main misson's you can have lot's of fun with out doing them like, small misson's (like lesson's), erronds for various people and lot's of random thing's to do and explore like on GTA. It actually works really well on the wii which I didn't expect. If you want to be the rebal in school that you alway's wanted to be you will have lot's off fun. A great buy so glad I bought it.

  So So So So underated

| | See all gtlott21's reviews (5)

I promise you, this is one of the best games on the wii. The only game that, in my opinion tops it is Mario Kart. For what you get, an expansive world map, hundreds of collectables, inumerable characters to interact with, in excess of 50 missions, classes and gadgets galore, it is an absolute steal. I came to this game on a whim, as i am accustomed to do. I left, a convert, preaching Bully law wherever i go. The game has a long shelf life by way of the added collectbibles, some of which are nie on impossible to find. Not to mention varied missions, classes and general exploring of the world map. It will keep you entertained for hours. This is GTA for the slightly more law-abiding of citizen. It is the tale of the Bully bullying the bullies as well as the bullied. All the tale needs now is for you to buy the game.

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  Baby GTA

| | See all iPlayGames1's reviews (11)

Just finished the story last night, and what a game. The story only takes up somthing like 67% of the whole game with so much more to do afterwards. The graphics look like they're a straight port from the ps2 which is a bit of a let down for me. It took me 17hours to complete so for a 10 note yea i'm pretty chuffed would recommend.

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  Bully: Scholarship Edition

| | See all flameboyyyyyy's reviews (228)

Ive played a little bit of this game. and so far so gd. In my opinion bit too generous to give it 5 stars. but believe what you want.

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  GTA of sorts on a Nintendo home console, is very welcome

| | See all HoratioD's reviews (4)

To describe this is as GTA on the Wii would not be unfair, despite its school settings. Although the size of the game doesnt match GTA and the visual quality isnt up to scratch when compared with the other console versions of this game, Bully remains an excellent alternative, and highly entertaining.

In many respects, the extent of your in-game brutality being limited to a severe pounding, as opposed to GTA's blood lust is quite refreshing, and does make this a very fun, lighter, and very well produced sandbox alternative. Rockstar once again show the rest how to make a game of this genre.

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  bully is just thebest game ever

| | See all meeching's reviews (7)

this game is a must have .If you like GTA on PS2 then you will love this ,I havn't stopped playing it since i bought it well worth the money.

  loads of fun

| | See all Markshepherd's reviews (29)

This is one of those games that you'll take a while to finish and then feel theres something missing once its over, i would love to go back and play this for the first time again. makes great use of the GTA engine, with lots of characters and side missions to keep you entertained.

Its not quite the Wii's answer to GTA, but it plays like a dream, and is a whole lot of fun