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Tomb Raider: Anniversary

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (31 reviews)"

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  Tomb Raider: Anniversary

| | See all livingdeadgirl23's reviews (11)

TR:Anniversary is a superb game. TR1 fans will recognise the places and enemies from the original but it still keeps you guessing and thinking with all new challenges . It looks great and the controls are easy enough once you get used to them (apart from the grapple which can be a tad frustrating). I would highly recommend this to any fan of the old PS1 Tomb Raider games. Not bad for a re-make :-) 4 stars

  any suggestions

| | See all mollyjosh's reviews (1)

loved playing both lara croft games,,,, loved the games and quests.... can anyone recommend a similar game or know when the next lara croft is released,,cheers sharon xx


| | See all chrissi22's reviews (2)

This game is not very good as it is boring and very hard to get anywhere in the game and if i was you i would consider buying a different game because this is just BORING

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  An Amazing game

| | See all Spiderbudgie's reviews (3)

This game is really good. Preiviosly I had tried the original TR1 game and found it really difficult (mainly because I couldn't work out what anything was because the graphics were so bad). This game is a remake of TR1 and is the best Tomb-raider yet. I also have TR underworld as well and that isn't as good as Anniversary by quite a bit. This game has amazing graphics and is a great game for the Wii. The levels are challenging and completely original whilst maintaing the air of an ancient culture. The extras and unlockables are all really good (albeit there are less of them than in TR Legend). I would highly reccomend this game to anyone and also TR Legend that is also Brilliant.


| | See all moorc666's reviews (1)

Have always enjoyed tomb raider games but this by far is the best, great easy to use controls and highly addictive. definately suggest buying this game!

  Tomb Raider: Anniversary

| | See all thesunman's reviews (13)

This is a mile better then the new "Tomb Raider: Underworld", the controls are quite easy to get the hang of and the graphics are quite good for wii aswell.


| | See all clairey121's reviews (4)

This isn't a review...merely a question...do you need the wii gun to play this game or can you use the normal wii remote?
Many thanks claire


| | See all staceymckay's reviews (1)

Well ive only just started playing this game and its good so far. The camera angle isnt as bad as some ppl are making out. Only problem is i cant figure out how to get some stuff in croftmanor. Im locked in a room and cant get out. Help required! Doesn't sound very good that i cant even search her house lol. Oh well still a good addictive game. Now ive started i cant stop.

  Tomb Raider - Excellent!!!!

| | See all cherrydropsuk's reviews (3)

This game is a must have!! Im totally addicted.

The big ball. U need to go back as far as u can so u can run onto the swinging bar, then jump off it quickly. Hope this helps,

  Great Game

| | See all Xarboth's reviews (1)

I loved this game. People keep talking about the controls being really awkward, but I disagree. The targetting's exactly what you expect from the Wii - you point the remote and pull the trigger! If it automatically locked on for you, what would be the point in having the Wii remote?! People just need to learn to aim!

People have also complained about the camera angles. I think you have great control over the camera angles when you're standing still to look around. There have been times where the camera angle's changed mid run-up to a jump and died because of it, but that's just because the camrea shifts to remain behind Lara. If you take the time to line the jump up beforehand, you'll be fine - and I don't think I came across a difficult jump where you didn't have the time to do that.

So I disagree with the claims about the controls - people just need to learn to point and shoot!

And apart from the controls, the game's brilliant - the puzzles are varied, it keeps you thinking all the way through, and that means you don't get bored. I've even found myself thinking about what to do in the game when I'm not even playing it - I enjoyed it that much!

Brilliant game, go and buy it!