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Bleach: Shattered Blade

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (10 reviews)"

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  Complete Rubbish

| | See all Shadow152's reviews (2)

this game is definately not worth anyone over teh age of 3's while, it's simple, basic and annoying, the controls aren't accurate, only minor movement required not even proper sword slashes, has nothing to do with the anime or manga like the other comment said and i would NOT recommend getting this game even if you are a die hard bleach fan

  Good game although all Bleach fans will die from the phrases

| | See all HotaruTokui's reviews (2)

Good game but can be difficult to pick up. I would suggest that you GET this game if you don't mind your ears being burned off due to the bad dubbing and catch phrases. *shiver* Really, only the phrases and slightly annoying clashes let it down. If you get it, you'll see what I mean. hint: Ulquiorra calls EVERYTHING trash. All fans should get it for the novelty.

  Could Have Been Great - IS NOT

| | See all jjbond's reviews (13)

This game arrived with much anticipation, especially with new naruto and DBZ games done so well. To have the same quality in a Bleach game would have been the nutz.

The character included were extensive which is a plus.
the game play is the major let down and what destroyed this game - its basically a rock paper scissors game, or stab slash chop in this case. Every player uses the same attack pattern, they have their own specials and moves but they are all activated in the same way which get boring very quickly.

There is no jump option in the game - terrible decision especially given the manga and anime scenes. There is no change of language setting for japanese - let down. The actual story mode is CRAP beyond belief and nothing to do with the actual manga/anime. But the worst thing is what the characters say when they win of start a fight - that will drive the most self controlled player to throw their nunchuck across the room.

Overall a genuine 2 star - good idea good character selection, fun for the first day but then all novelty goes and your left with a game you wont play.

Recommend DBZ for Wii or Naruto on Game Cube - 100 times better.

  Suffers from being too average

| | See all Tailen's reviews (1)

This is by no means a bad game its just alittle behind the times is all. You get your story mode (each chapter of which conflicts with the previous untill you ultimately deafeat all of soul society before the Arrancar ark...*cough*) Arcade mode (mostly to finnish unlocking everybody) and Verses mode (for the 2 player hilarity)

The controls are quite good but it struggles to tell what motion you made exactly which is very frustrating when you try to win the peverbial rock paper scissors game when both players use a critical attack at the same time.

Graphically speaking its pretty decent game everything is in this pretty sweet brushed line art effect which is quite different from most anime ripped games.

And for Fans of the anime don't expect to see any early reveales of anybody's Bankai (or the Arrancar's hollow forms) for these characters they simply have some purple haze covering them so no manga spoilers there. but as for the already revealed Bakais this game gives each one justice.

Probably just a problem with me but as i watch the anime in Japanese i find the english voice acting very...very annoying.

So its a game for the fans mostly nothing that will set i apart from other fighters but a good all round game.

  Not very well made

| | See all Plethora's reviews (1)

Its a shame, I love bleach and expected something amazing, but it feels like a half finished fighting game. Personally I found I could win just by holding down A and swinging the wiimote continuously, every fight and finish with full health!

Bankai feels not much different from the normal "mode", the story doesnt really make sense. I disagree with saying its "one for the fans", its just not worth it I think.

  Average - Fans only game

| | See all BlueRogue's reviews (151)

I was hoping the nice people at Sega would make a good effort of Bleach. Sadly it doesn't live up to expectations.
It's flashy and if you like Bleach then it's a decent game.
The fact that I could still complete the game sitting down gives the impression of how easy it is, the only thing keeping you playing is a list of unlockables.
The best hope for the Bleach fighting series is the hope that it uses the fighting gameplay style of Soul Calibur.
But until then your stuck with a pretty mediocre title.

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  One for the fans

| | See all GettingWorse's reviews (22)

A weapon based fighter is not that common even at this day and age. Shattered Blade, strictly speaking, isn't really a pure fighting game. It feels a little too gimmicky. The controls is a nice touch, you use your remote the way you would with a real weapon in hand to attack and block, and shake it like a mad man when your special move power meter fills up to unleash a special attack. The animation is great annd brings the anime to life.
This game isn't really for the hard core beat'em up fans as it lacks the finer details that makes up a great beat'em up. The characters are big and bold and moves smooth enough, and there's plenty to choose from, 32 in total. The game mode is your normal anime fare, battle mode and story mode with bonus story contents to tie in with the anime.
This is by no means a bad game, just not for the hardcore players. But if you're a fan of the anime like myself, this game will be a lot more like an old friend and certainly worth your investment. But if you've never seen or heard of Bleach before and just want to look for a good beat'em up, this game will give you instant gratification, just don't expect it to last for more than a couple of day's play.

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  WiiSports Boxing + another button! :O

| | See all Visroth's reviews (1)

Having gotten this a little early, i've had a few days now to try it out, and from what i've experienced, it's just Wii Sports Boxing with the introduction of the A button for critical hits and the B button for specials...

Not the most engrossing gameplay ever, and the "Unique storyline" is another word for a non-canon (not in the anime/manga) 20 minute fight fest. Moving from character to character with no regard for the characters strength level. Kenpatchi followed by Orihime??? why?!

In total, fun if you've played Wii-Boxing to death and fancy a new set of graphics. But otherwise... well thats up to you.

  A Captain Level Game

| | See all Mitsunari's reviews (1)

This game is an amazing game because of what you can do on the nintendo Wii and how the controls react realistically like swinging your zanpaktou.