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PES 2008 (Pro Evolution Soccer)

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (83 reviews)"

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  Never played a game quite like it.

| | See all tblock's reviews (1)

Great game i really recommend it.

If you like football and have played on other consoles you will see a real difference .


| | See all 14Jimbo's reviews (185)

For a first PES game on wii i thought it was going to be amazing, but it's not, it's really bad actually. I found it hard to control the players and there wasn't really much to do, the next one should be way, way better.

  Not really pro ...

| | See all Jonnotron's reviews (1)

As a uni student, what I really wanted in this was a game that anyone can pick up and play and, after a few hours of practice, be good enough to at least sneak a win over a more experienced friend. Unfortunately, the new controls mean that this is just not the case. I'll admit that what they've done with the wii version is impressive, and in single player it can make things easier in certain situations. But if, like me, what you really want is just a typical game of pro that you can pick up whilst lying upside down on the sofa and play, then this may not be what you were hoping for.

  very good!!!!!

| | See all base93's reviews (5)

This game is very well thought out and the controlls are the best they can be. It works well but again the advantage of the fifa's transfer market plays so only 4 stars but very good!!!!!!!!

  One of the best games on the Wii

| | See all JMTYoda's reviews (10)

This game is amazing it ties in the love of football and tactics. The gameplay for a start is brilliant, the many ways to pass or combo passing is good. The game is pretty long due to all of the leagues, also its extend due to the online feature. The graphics are basic for a football game. Overall my rating is 9/10.

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  new football experience

| | See all urobbinget's reviews (3)

It's the 1st time it is now possible to take control of the entire team while controlling the 1. The defending side can be a bit challenging and will take time to get used to, but it great for passing exactly where you want and also to move players whereva you like on the pitch. It used to annoy me on the 360 when you make through balls past the defence and the player runs passed the ball or does'nt run the right way. This is the opposite. A must buy for all you football gamers who would like another dimension to there footy gameplay.

  for the tacticians out there!

| | See all burdettr's reviews (2)

I have to admit I'm a football fan that doesn't know too much about the tactics of the game. This game probably wasn't designed for me haha. You basically have to control the whole team. Using the remote you need to tell players where to run. what space to defend who to man mark etc. When I first started out I couldn't work out why there were gapping holes in my defence - I hadn't cancelled previous commands and all my defenders were out man marking people in midfield.
However It's very enjoyable. The Online internet play is very good fun as well although I usually loose!
To all those people that said that this game has no skill I don't think this could be further from the truth. yes the shooting might be simplified but you need to set up the plays in the first place.
A very good game that really makes you think more about football as a team game rather than just the player you're controlling. Now someone please set up a web site where i can get lessons !!!!


| | See all jonesee's reviews (4)

a fabulous game that lets you take full controle over the whole team.You can do 1-2's and through balls and have hours of fun. I dont know what bertosmaximous is on about, he is so wrong. this is a must have game with loads of modes. GET IT!!

  A good idea but it seems flawed or needs some compromise

| | See all Richardxs's reviews (7)

Part of the changes did seem to have a more open view of how to play the game rather than the orthodox methods you get on PC and other consoles, however I found the controls not only a little confusing and frustrating at times..

But especially on two player I found the cursors clicking on your player intrusive and cluttered, I couldnt see which way my player was facing if player 2 had a pixel over me clicking to tackle..

The idea is there but for me this is a little one step forward two steps back

  I love this game! u will play it for hours!

| | See all laddatron's reviews (2)

I waited for this game to come out on the Wii months after it came out on the PS3, and was it worth the wait?....YES!!! most definitely! i bought it as soon as it came out and i am still playing it now, months on and its just as much fun! I love the controls they have set up on it using the numchuck and the main controller! It takes you through tutorials as you go through the game so you get better and better at using the controls! My fav bit of the game is the 'champios road' mode, which i dont think is on the ps3? im not 100% on that. But it is a great part. As you play other teams you have the opertunity to win players from their teams, your players get better as you play through the matches! when u think u r about to complete this stage of the game it opens more matches up for you, its awesome! you can play it for hours and hours! i have! A must have game if you own a wii, football fan or not, u will love it!!