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Medal Of Honor: Heroes 2 (Medal Of Honour)

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

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  don't bother, poor graphics, poor game play, poor story,

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poor, poor, poor!! graphics aren't good, there's no consistency in the game, sometimes one hit kills an enemy, other times it takes over a round and the guy is still standing like he's superhuman! The screen view is too close so you can't get a good perspective of your view - and the 'men' you're supposed to be fighting with seem to do nothing more than die........don't waste your time or your money on this one.

  Best FPS on the Wii

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Synopsis And Single Player:
The game is set in World War 2 during 1944 and revolves around an American G.I who works for a Special Forces unit called the OSS. The game is spread over 8 levels all set in France during German occupation and have you doing missions ranging from sinking submarines with timed charges to cross mine fields with a metal detector, all the while shooting at your enemies in what can only be described as the most intuitive controls on only console. The game also has many achievements and medals to unlock for the completists out there and 3 difficulty levels . There is also Wii Zapper support for the casual gamer but it is not anything special.
This has to be the most drawing point of the game. There is simply no other game out there that puts the Wii remote to better use. The game offers a large customization level to the controls ranging from the bounding box which effects your turning sensitivity and also enabling turns speeds.
The game also uses the motion controls to very good use. For example, when using the sniper rifle, to zoom all you do is twist the remote which will enable the zoom function when looking down the scoop. On another occasion you could be rotating the nunchunk as if you're cranking a lever which will rotate an AA gun and then flick the Wii remote upwards to fire off a shot. The number of clever uses in the game is outstanding and I could spend a lot longer on the controls but let's move on.
This isn't the prettiest game on the system but it certainly isn't the ugliest either. While the game suffers from bland textures on characters, the levels themselves are quite impressive and replicate war torn France quiet well. In addition the frame rate is a smooth and never slows down even when there are loads of enemies on the screen and plenty of action at the same time. The game also boasts some impressive technical effects some as bloom affects and depth of field.
The game has some impressive sounds to boot. All guns in the game have unique sounds and all sounds authentic, this coupled with the explosive sounds coming from grenades and mortar fire all enhance the experience and really get the adrenaline going in the heat of battle. If you have a 2.1 surround sound or higher you will really benefit from this. There is plenty of VO in the game as well with the Germans speaking German AND NOT ENGLISH like in other games which is something which tends to be overlooked in several WW2 games. The music is something which is left at the back a bet, with a moody yet beautifully sounding orchestral score during the main menu the game itself has little to no music except for maybe the odd musical chime when you complete a mission objective. It's a good thing that the sound effects are so immersive otherwise this would affect the game experience.
Finally a Wii FPS with a decent online component. After having to settle for games like far cry and red steel which, although good in their own respects, had no online multiplayer what so ever. This game boost the largest online multiplayer of all Wii titles, even beating Mario Kart with its 12 online multiplayer. In addition, as this game runs off of EA servers there is no need to have friend codes which has been the bane of many a player using the Wii's online service. Medal Of Honor Heroes 2 boasts a massive 32 online multiplayer, consisting of death match"," team death match" and "capture the flag" games. This alone is brilliant but the fact that the experience is so smooth with no frame rate slowdowns and no disconnections from the server only makes the experience that much sweeter.

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i got this game and was dissapointed . my mate got call of duty 5 and it is 100 times better. medal of honour-graphics 3/10
-online 5/10
-story mode 8/10
overall it is a poor poor poor game after playing call of duty world at war

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  medal of honour heroes 2

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i bought this game off play trade and i think its ok and the online gameplay is challenging but godd.........graphics are 6/10........it isnt realistic though lol........overall....8.5/10..................recommended.

  A Hero Of A Game

| | See all Dazran303's reviews (7)

This game is an essential purchase for any self respecting Wii owner who has even the slightest interest in the FPS genre. Amazing controls, Dare I say the best controls ever to grace a Home Console. If you have an internet connection this game could last you you're lifetime.... or at least the EA Servers lifetime.
The game isnt visually impressive, and the're is the odd glitch or 2 thrown in, but dont let that affect you're decision on purchasing it or not as they are very small and forgivable. No split screen multiplayer action I'm afraid, and the missions are bland. the Arcade Wii Zapper mode is fun.
32 player online matches, and options like Capture the Flag, Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch, and no sign of Nintendo's Friend code system, just add you're friends EA Nation username and let the Frag-Fest begin! You can also just jump in on a random game in the EA Nation Lobby interface, create you're own games, set the guns and also make it private by means of passwords so just you and you're friends can play!
Buy it right now if you allready hav'nt! See you there!

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  EA is doing what Nintendo SHOULD have done!

| | See all PrimeHunter's reviews (2)

I'm impressed. That is something I haven't said about an EA game in a long long time. The visuals are good, nothing to stare at - Metroid Prime 3: Corruption looks leaps and bounds better than MoH:H2. What IS impressive is the incredible online mode. No friend codes are frequired, you fire up the system, sign up with an EA account (standard nickname and password) and you're good to go. The only thing missing is voice chat. I have experienced no lag in the several 32 players online deathmatchs that I took part in. Note even 1 second lag, which is exactly what's needed. EVERY Wii owner who calls himself 'hardcore' should own this. There is a healthy online community for it and whenever you go online you will always find someone to play with.

I'm eagerly waiting EA's next online FPS offering. 5 stars.

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| | See all Showerman's reviews (4)

I have too say the only thing that lets this game down is the graphics espically online don't get me wrong there decent but could be better; (if u got a componant cable then it does make a difference) Apart from that the game is brilliant the gameplay 10/10 the storyline 10/10 i will never put this game down untill C0D 5 comes out lol and graphics 6 n half/10 i tell you this is the first online shooter for the wii and it has lived up 2 its expectation, i reccommend to buy.


| | See all Gurbz1's reviews (9)

This game is a must buy for first person shooter fans. Having previously bough red steel , i found that the controls were just horrid. But this games controls are perfect. Whether you use the wiimote and nunchuck combo, or the wii zapper, the controls are spot on making gameplay amazing. Other feature such as tilting the wii remote to tune a radio, placing the wii mote on your shoulder to imitate placing of a bazooka etc, these all make the difference.
Online in this game is also great, no friend codes required meaning you can just jump into the action straight away! There is no lag what soever, my friend tried it on dial up, and serious no lag!

Great game , buy it now ! 5 Star

  Great Value fun

| | See all gashalasha7's reviews (10)

I love the medal of honor series and on the wii it doesnt disapoint. Its great fun, you can pick up and play and it doesnt over complicate itself, superb value for money.

  4 Stars just because it's on the Wii

| | See all Tyke2007's reviews (30)

If you like FPS and all you have is a Wii then yes by all means check it out, i found it much better than Metroid Prime Corruption, however if you have a 360 you are well catered for in the FPS department and should stay clear. Had this been on the 360 i would've given it 1 star.

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