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Endless Ocean (Forever Blue)

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (47 reviews)"

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  Great game

| | See all GTAMASTERANG's reviews (2)

This is a must get game it takes a while to like it but once you've got into it you;ll never stop playin it.

Diving is fun
Fish have info and are detailed
Can visit a atoll and abyss
Become friends with 3 dolphins

Game is confusing at times
Some places are scary
Kathrine would annoy you every 20 mins

Its a great game once you get 100% which takes forever you would love it!

Its a must get game and endless ocean 2 is a must get game aswell!

  Endless boring!!!!

| | See all chickenjoe's reviews (9)

This game is boring! All you do is swim and look at the same sea creatures all the time.On the boat an animal will be just sitting there at random times! It could be a seal, a sea bird,a penguin or even a poler bear! The graphics are good but the music is just annoying and nothing can hurt you! To know about an animal you must pet it like a dog!You can also find random objects that you dont even use!

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  Endless Serenity...

| | See all miniminty's reviews (66)

This game is so relaxing if you're not in the mood to jump around on some of Nintendo wii's more energetic games like Mario & Sonic at the 2008 Olympic Games or My Fitness Coach. Serene music (Hayley Westenra), accurate information on marine animals (so perfect for kids), and the fish have a calming effect on you. A steal at under £20. The aim of the game is to find and document as many marine animals as possible, make friends with them and take photographs to present in magazine articles as you progress through the game. Whilst doing this, you can guide professors and other marine biologists on scuba dives, swim with dolphins, whales, etc, discover artifacts and find the mythical whale, The White Mother, and move you boat around the bay to new diving areas.

It does take a few mins to get used to the diving navigation but once you do you're well away!
So much fun... 10/10!

  My favorite game on the wii

| | See all Tinkerbell66's reviews (40)

Really fun. Its fun swimming around the ocean finding different species of fish . You can find hidden locations like the mermaids grotto. I can not wait for number 2 beatifull ocean. Must buy if you havent already.

  Extremely relaxing!

| | See all UtopiaX's reviews (20)

At first I thought "damn this is gonna be boring"! But yet again I bought the game and I gave me just what I needed... pure fun relaxing moments. The music is sooo beautiful its hard to describe. The fish, the boat, the missions, the girl... it all works together perfectly. It's like living in a dreamworld where there is no war, no anger, no hate... only fish & beautiful environments. Must buy if you want to escape the world we actually live in, even if it's just for a while :)


| | See all Jopotts's reviews (1)

Its a good game you can make friends with dolphins.but at some pointsit gets a bit scary!you can find manta rays turtles even sharks!!! Its such a good gameu have 2 buy it!!!

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  Endless enjoyment.

| | See all trishie's reviews (15)

This game is deffinately a grower. When I first played Endless Ocean I did find it slow and I wasn't sure what the point of the game was but as I progressed I began to become immersed in it's imagery, soundtrack and playability. There is a story to this adventure that is educational and addictive. Not only do you swim the oceans looking for all types of marine life and sea mammals but you can also collect them to build your own aquarium, take other divers on tours, collect photographs of your finds and interact with friends (providing they have the game as well.) Endless Ocean certainly makes a change from the fast paced high action games that are continually being pumped out. If you want to take some time out to chill then this is the game for you. Superb.

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  Great buy!

| | See all corey1234's reviews (6)

I got endless ocean for a late christmas present, and i was very impressed with it. What you have to do is search for fish and sharks, and find the rare whales, and you can collect them to put in your aqarium. If you like action and fast moving games, this is not for you, as you dont get ripped up by sharks, but everyone else, brilliant game, buy now!

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| | See all mezeee's reviews (49)

I love dolphins and marine life so this game is ideal for me. You befriend different marine animals, and 3 of your special friends can be your diving partners that you can train. Ever since I put it in my Wii, I can't stop playing it! Anyone who needs a peaceful half and hour or who loves undersea creatures, needs to buy this now.

  Brilliant ****

| | See all SaraSunShine's reviews (1)

This game is realy soothing after a long or stressfull day.
You find new sea creatures and find out new facts about them.
You can also take photos of animals in the sea, make a dolphin your friend or find new places to dive!

Realy good game! 5 *****

Buy Buy Buy!!!!