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Endless Ocean (Forever Blue)

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (47 reviews)"

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| | See all HalfBloodQueen's reviews (8)

When i first heard of this game it sounded great! it took me about 2 months to get hold of it at a decent price.
As soon as i got it i went straight home to try it out! It was brilliant! there was so much you had to find and the quality was fabulous! once i got to the end and i'd found the whale it sort of finished the whole adventure part of it.
i think its great because it teaches kids about the ocean and all the creatures and mysteries, but it does involve a lot of swimming. the music is beautiful and the quality of your mp3s are really good unless you get the odd song that doesn't like the system but thats usually because of the SD card than the game or system.
Main things i didn't like was the hairstyles and the faces of the people they look really hard and harsh and the hair colours are awful. and when you had to show people around the reef, their little jet thing they ride off on stays completely flat on the water and just curves round without any water spray! i didn't like the friend on the boat either she was too depressing and never told you anything which really annoyed me because you couldn't move on until you knew what she was moaning about!

But besides that it really is a good game it just gets a bit boring and long-winded once you finish the game plot.

  Truly Amazing.......

| | See all Exo666's reviews (3)

When i saw this for £15 & read the other reviews i thought id give it
a go & boy am i glad i did......
As other reviews say its not really a game & have to agree,its more
of an educational tool,as well as very relaxing. Time really flies
playing this 3hrs feel like 1 & it keeps my 5yr old very happy as well
as teaching him about all kinds of marine life.
the controls are very easy to master pretty much pick up & play
although it uses the pointing device so if your in a bright room this
can be a problem.
GFX in HD are awsome & the easily best ive seen on the Wii so far.
The first time you see a whale its frightening just how big they are
you can even train a Dolphin to swim with you or swim with a friend
via online play visit their boat or go for a ride on a jetski....
For £15 & the shear scale of the thing it gets 5* in my opinion a must have....


| | See all Ashmonger's reviews (1)

To be honest when i looked at this game i didn't think much of it, diving big wow..... I was convinced it would be awful but was pressured into buying it. I think it is one of the biggest underestimated games for the wii. The graphics are good quality for the wii and there is plenty to explore and do. The story mode is quite short and is quite easy but there is plenty to do afterwards. As mentioned earlier it is very relaxing and made me and my housemates debate if marine biology was a good future venture. Overall this is a great game and well worth the money. If you are open to a more laid back approach to gaming then this game is for you!

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  Excellent for the stressed and couch potatoes

| | See all RonzoLee's reviews (2)

This game is a must for people who are stressed out.
The Marine life is wonderful and is a total learning experience for the young and old alike.
Many hours can pass with this game and the build up of collected treasures and artifacts from the ocean floor make it well worth going back to time and time again.

  Very relaxing

| | See all leepatsy's reviews (51)

Its not really a game its more of a relaxing experiance and exploration. I really enjoy playing endless ocean and you somehow end up playing it for much longer than you plan. The graphics are quite beautiful to look at as you discover differnet parts of the ocean bed and caves. You have to interact with loads of different sea life, take photos of them and file them. The giant Fish such as the sperm whale have a good feeling of hugeness about them and the graphics are quite impressive. The music fits the game perfectly and is some of the most beautiful and relaxing songs ive ever heard in any game. Some may find the non-game style and straight forwardness of it very boring but for those who are open minded enough and would like to take on the role of a sea diver with a camera and a sense of exploration its well worth the small price tag on it. Great atmosphere with haedphones on. you really feel like your having a diving experiance

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  Great game.

| | See all Ant1983's reviews (6)

For a game where all you do is swim, it is very good. Exciting and even quite scary when around massive whales and sharks. A lot of time can be killed playing this game.

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  Hard to controll

| | See all Mortimus's reviews (2)

This game is very hard to controll and a bit boring. all you do is swim around and look at the fish

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  Must buy for any wii owner

| | See all mjh1979's reviews (6)

As the title says, any age any gender will enjoy this game, the gameplay is simple yet fun, graphics are excellent and music nice, you can play for hours and not realise how long you have been playing, buy it and see for yourself

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  So relaxed

| | See all livvy131's reviews (2)

This game is so good searching around for fish and naming a dolphin and the relaxing music

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  A Sunken Treasure....

| | See all Barada's reviews (10)

An awe inspiring experience.

The most relaxing "game" you could ever play, it's soo different and alternative to the mindless gaming elsewhere.

If you care about the environment and the world around you, you couldn't fail to like this.

Bare in mind that I consider Resident Evil 4 on the Gamecube to be a gaming classic, I can just as easily recommend this as it's soo far away from my "normal" diet of gaming.

Go on...take a dive and see what's down there...

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