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Endless Ocean (Forever Blue)

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (47 reviews)"

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| | See all LotsyPotsyPoodles's reviews (16)

i had a little trouble getting to grips with the 'swimming' at first but it's so easy once you get the hang of it. i find this game really calming, just swimming around the ocean looking at fish..... the graphics are great, best i've seen and it just add to an already great game. i like that you have little tasks such as taking customers out on diving trips which give you something to concentrate on without being taxing. all in all - a great game!

  Endless insight

| | See all witch1's reviews (2)

I am finding this game fascinating. To start with its slow, then you realise what is expected and how to find 'hidden' artifacts etc.
Once you've swam with a right-whale.. there's nothing quite like it!
For relaxing entertainment and underwater info its excellent.


| | See all Blogger's reviews (1)

This game is truly wonderful. So different and totally addictive. Many of the other reviews say this isn't exciting, even the ones that rate it 5 stars - and maybe it's not compared to Halo or SSX - but it is exciting... The first time you see a whale or the underwater temples IS exciting, just in a less dramatic way. If you have any imagination or just love exploration without the fear of your head being ripped off, buy this game.

  Worth just 1 Star if you're a hardcore gamer

| | See all GettingWorse's reviews (22)

If you're looking for action and high octane stuff to do, this game isn't for you and you can start looking elsewhere for another game.
You can't really define this as a "Game", but what it offers you is hours and hours of relaxation, explore in a vast ocean, discover what it has to offer you in terms of surprise and beautiful scenary. There are "missions" you can do, but you tend to just rush through most of the magic on offer to achieve the goal. Which is completely the opposite of what this game is offering.
Once you learned the basics and acquire a few equipments, you'll just want to wander off by yourself and see as much as you can. You actually feel like you're exploring and words can't really describe the sensation of discovering something new for the first time and there are so many new things to find in the water.
All in all, this game won't appeal to everyone, and some hardcore gamers will even resent this game as this is another example of their favouriote past time being pushed to another demographic. But gaming isn't all about blowing the brains out of anything that moves, or clocking the fastest time on a track or beating the high score. If you have an open mind, this game will definitely broaden your horizon as far as what "games" can be.
I would definitely recommend this game, especially if you're the kind who always wanted an aquarium in your living room but can't afford one or too lazy to maintain one. Good stuff.

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  Beautiful and relaxing

| | See all mystiqueela's reviews (1)

I really love this game. I hope they make more like this - it is really relaxing, educational and the graphics are great. It's also very easy to control. Buy this game if you want a calming way to spend a few hours just wandering around beautiful environments.

  That guy is right

| | See all gonkus's reviews (1)

The reviewer above is right. It is the least exciting game ever and it's purposely that way. I'm not sure why he went in expecting (or wanting) to race with dolphins but there you go.

If you just want to relax and learn a bit about fish this is perfect. Surprisingly addictive, it takes a while to get into just to work out how the game is structured but once you have you'll find there is a story, a quest and plenty of awe inspiring moments. Some of the graphics are exceptional as well. Very different and rewarding.

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  Great Game But Once again, misunderstood by many

| | See all Lionheart85's reviews (1)

Great game, great attention to detail. I absolutely love the sea, animals and learning, People say its boring and there arent many things to do but swim in circles,this isnt the case but the title 'ENDLESS' ocean may have suggested there is lots of swimming/exploring to be done!

GREAT! very interesting and innovative game.

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  Perhaps people misunderstand.

| | See all MattMartian's reviews (4)

I cannot understand how people can read the back of the box, or the description of the game, and then write negative comments about the nature of this game and what it lacks! This game is exactly what it claims to be, easy going exploration. And for it I love it. I am a fan of an action game as much as any other, but occasionally a game like this is much more suitable. The calming music and the beauty of the ocean leaves an exuberant feeling of peace. I truly recommend this game to people who can understand what to expect. Believe the positive reviews, but simply know what to expect.

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  Worth buying!

| | See all Keelstreet's reviews (1)

This really is a very interesting game. It takes a long time to get into the finer details of the game but once you are there it is fantastic fun and you really feel like you are there with the fish!
There are special events when a certain fish is availible for a short amount of time and you can even take pictures of fantastic creatures that you see. The first visit to the white cave... breathtaking...

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  relax and chill in the deep waters......what an experience

| | See all Robbocop's reviews (17)

This is a hard piece of software to review. Is it a game or is it a way of life? for me its both and does both excellently. No shooting, no killing, no blood....just exploration by yourself or with a friend over the internet. discover hidden treasure, sea creatures and explore every nook and cranny of the beautifully created underwater environment. Oh and by the way Wii mote action is great point with target cursor to direct your diver. Flick Wii mote to quick flip and shake wii remote to touch and pat sea creatures and fish. You can zoom in to find all the tiny fish hiding in the coral if you have a good eye. This is great fun and doesnt exasperate you like some parts of games that you have to repeat and repeat to progress. Buy if you like something different and relaxing.

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