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Endless Ocean (Forever Blue)

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (47 reviews)"

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  interesting relaxing and fascinating ......

| | See all flangie's reviews (1)

wow i thought i would hate it at first but the graphics are fab. you find it very different from the usual games, very different if indeed you can call this a game! it is very relaxing, interesting and my 5 year old loves it it is very educational too.....!

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  endless fun

| | See all kratos's reviews (39)

cool. wow what a game this has to be one of the best games on the wii.There has been alot of games this year that have been very good such as orange box, mario,halo 3, assassins creed,skate, need for speed pro. But endless ocean is nothing you have played before.
The game is all about underwater diving looking out for sea life and lost tresures giving you the freedom to create your own personal experiences and its all up when you want to do it there are also missions tasks which you can do so there is always some thing new in the game.The game looks great and you do feel that you are under water when playing also the sea life looks good to and the ocean is always full of life.Overall this is a nice change from war, driving,and sport game and the price is real good to a must buy this xmas.

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  endless ocean

| | See all tyebone's reviews (1)

breathtaking. a word i have never used to describe a wii game. but endless ocean is, in a big way. you just need to buy this game and find out for yourself. at last my wii as something to shout about. my ps3 looks worried, and rightly so. brilliant.

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  Small price but big adventure

| | See all MisterM7's reviews (6)

Don't let any negative reviews fool you, this isn't just swimming in the ocean it's much more. The graphics are beautiful and vibrant and the game has a good soundtrack mainly by New Zealander artist Hayley Westenra. Not only do you have to explore the wide ocean for vast amount of marine life from small fish to tropical fish to octopus and squid to whales and sharks. The ocean includes small lagoons, deep drops, underwater ruins, ship and plane graveyard, underwater caves and even the deep dark abyss! which has a graveyard of bones. You have several tasks to complete with the help of your assistant who guides you through them all, they include giving guided tours, searching for lost relics and ruins, picture taking and searching out ancient myths. A simple game but nonetheless a very immersive one which will leave you in awe at the size of some of the creatures. I higly recommend this title because of the great gameplay and cheap price!

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| | See all WhiteFang's reviews (1)

This game is incredible! It isn't for everyone. The graphics are fantastic and is hard to put down. You just wanna keep going on and on so you can find all the different specimens. I recommend if you like games which are different.

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  Endless Fun!

| | See all Thirdeye's reviews (5)

Even though not everyones cup of tea, this is definately a game recommended. The reason being is that it is published by Nintendo so you know its guna be good. Secondly, you wouldnt get this on any other console. Within Endless Ocean you take the role of a diver who has to persuade his/her diving buddy to get in the water. Even though this is probably one of the best looking wii games to date, the game is more suited to the casual audience of gamers. The underwater environments are amazing, stretching out towards the murky depths of the coral reef and spanning across the blue lagoon. The only small problem with the game is it won't win any awards for scriptwriting, as it probably contains some of the worst dialogue I've seen in a while.
I've given this game a 5 star rating, even though the script won't win any major awards the concept of diving and interacting with the underwater environment with the wii mote is refreshing and new. The graphics are detailed and amazingly realistic, using a depth of field effect which is really effective. This is game I recommend for everybody!

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  Explorers paradise, just not everyones cup of tea

| | See all WiberlyWoberly's reviews (2)

If your planing on getting this game first get in mind that its not a game that will keep you on the edge of your seat, its more of a sim. However this doesn't mean it isn't exciting as you get to explore a massive area of open water (hence "endless ocean") in your diving gear. You recieve various missions via your boats comm system which sees you diving for lost items, hidden treasure or giving a tour of the seabeds. Your character keeps records of various species you have encountered which gives you an incentive to explore the depths for rare fish. The Wii controller sees you interacting with the species you come across as well as controlling your diver by aiming to the direction you wish to swim.
This game for me, just missed out on 5 stars as the lack of action would not be everyones idea of a game. I'm sure that people who enjoy adventure games with freedom would love this aspect.
Bear in mind this is my opinion and that not everyone would agree.

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