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Winter Sports 2008: The Ultimate Challenge

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (24 reviews)"

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  Fantastic A+++

| | See all ItsASellOut's reviews (1)

Brilliant game gives a real feel for the slopes! I have played this many times and it is a must for all ages and can keep you fit aswell!

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  bit difficult cosidering its age rating!!

| | See all cindysh's reviews (1)

My 7 year old sport mad son bought this age 3+ rated game with his birthday money and was very disapointed when he couldnt master any of the controlls especially the curling....confused me just as much so it now gathers dust on his bedroom shelf!! Dont bother if it is for anyone who is competative as you just end up watching the others win!!! I wish these games had better instructions, it would make life alot easier !! :( Does any one know if summer athletics is as confusing ......as this is no one on his xmas wish list!!??

  Not good

| | See all carrie2008's reviews (18)

I found this game difficult to control and couldn't get into it at all. Don't waste your money as there are better sports games out there for the wii

  Very good Wii controls - Much better than Sonic Olympics

| | See all Skeete's reviews (1)

Very few people mention the controls of the Wii versus other games, and this is why we bought the console isnt it!?

In Wii Winter Sports the controls are as I would put it, pretty much spot on, it doesnt punish you for moving the controller too fast and the skill is more in your physical prowess over you ability to control the game. Mario Olympics has tedious controls like Wii Golf where if you move the controller too fast your ball will go hurtling off at random. Very annoying.

The games in Wii Winter Sports are a great mix, Downhill skiing is fantastic fun and requires real skill. Ski jumping is very tough and is difficult to master.

Basically, if you are someone that likes an easy game and is obsessed with winning then this is not for you. The beauty of this game is that it will challenge you like an OldSkool game would (remember Elite !)

Definatly one for multiplayer though..

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  Slightly off piste

| | See all daddyspurs's reviews (18)

This is a tough game to review given that I can't really say I liked it and can't really say that I didn't either. After playing the excellent Sonic/Mario Olympic Games I ws looking forward to a slighly more mature slant of the same genre. Gone are the quirky characters to be replaced by virtual humans and this is not a bad thing as you feel far more involved say than trying to pretend you are a turtle for example.
What I liked about this game is there are far too few multi sports games available at present at least until Decathlon is released later this yearand the other programmers jump on the band wagon. There are a variety of optionsin WS2008 in terms of competition, training and multiplayer modes. The actual sports are fairly diverse with the usual suspects of skiing, skating etc. What I feel I was let down on were the controls and ability to advance on a consistant level. You don't expect to pick up every game and master it straight away but this one gives you the feeling that despite the hours you put in and progress you could always get thrown a curve ball that you can not control and end up with snow in your face. The controls are very sensitive and given the terrain they can be very unforgiving. It can take hours before you complete a slalom run without being disqualified only to find out that your time is whole minutes longer than the rest of the field. Having said that the ski jump is fairly cool and the figure skating a laugh. On the whole I would say if you can get this game at discount and enjoy a real challenge then go for it otherwise wait until other companies have improved on this first draft and release their own version.

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  Fantastic MULTIPLAYER game

| | See all Danofmk's reviews (1)


I was pretty shocked to read some of the reviews of this game, so thought id add my two penneth.

"its boring if you play on your own"- Well yes, it may well be, but these sort of games are created for those nights when you have all your mates round and you've had a few drinks.

"its too hard" Rubbish. Yes the skiing is hard to master, and the ski jumping is challenging, but its better to be too hard than too easy. 4 of us picked up the controls, set it on beginner, and all 4 of us had the hang of it enough to have a great game within our 2nd attempts at worst.

"the controls are unresponsive" I dont agree. On the Bobsleigh, Luge and Skelton I would say they are spot on. On the ski jump you need to be very delicate, as you do with the skiing events.

To summarise, I would say this game is a perfect multiplayer game. If you and some friends play this one evening, I can guarantee you will enjoy it. In fact I would go further and say you will be rolling around laughing at the sight of your friends pumping away furiously during the speed skating, and will cry with delight when you land your first ever double toe loop in the figure skating!!

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  Not as good as I expected, but not bad.

| | See all TheMinx's reviews (23)

Not as great as I expected with all the positive reviews. Curling I find very tedious, and figure skating pointless, although I have mastered the Cross Country Skiing so I like that! The commentary is amusing it doesn't take itself seriously, with jolly banter and jibes. The game play can be difficult to get to grips with, but once you crack it, you'll be ok. I cannot get the 2 player split screen option to work and have followed the simple instructions to make it happen. For that very reason I'm not giving it 5 stars, although it could be the operator that's at fault, rather than the game itself!

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  Winter sports! Not as good as some people are making out.

| | See all thepostie's reviews (2)

Picked this game up after a few reviews on here as i couldn't find any official reviews and i wished i didn't as its a pretty poor game, pretty tough to master some of the events and controls don't really feel that responsive. The graphics are average to bad compared with most wii games and commentary is ok but nothing to get excited about. Never tried the game in Multiplayer but thats where it might excel a little as it does support 4 players. There are 15 events in total but around 7 or 8 different ones as many are just variations. Cross country skiing and Curling probably make the most use of the wii controllers and it does feel fairly realistic.
Some people might enjoy this game as theres not much else in the winter sports genre like this but then again if it was produced by a better known company it could have been up there with the top most wanted wii games.
Which is also why its probably so hard to find a review of this game anywhere.