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The House Of The Dead: 2 & 3 Return

Rating: 15+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (59 reviews)"

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  What a ride!

| | See all fan7888's reviews (7)

Blood, zombies everywhere, a wii zapper! What a classic. Two great games in one. The graphics are not like they are these days but the games are quite old. Good music, scary looking monsters, and a whole ton of fun. What more could you want from a game?

  This is okay, but Overkill is much better!

| | See all markees's reviews (20)

Get House of the Dead Overkill instead - the graphics are way better, the story is entertaining (and creepy!) and there are so many more weapons, bonus' etc. This is okay, but it gets so annoying having to start from scratch everytime you run out of lives


| | See all Goldiewankenobi's reviews (40)

I had absolutely no idea that in the 21st century regardless of how much a game costs, that you would end up with no save points!!! I mean regardless of how much fun it is, you cant avoid feeling aggrieved when you have to start right back at the beginning if ya get munched.......Bad idea I feel, otherwise a good fun and more likeable game than Overkill.... too much pointless swearing and vulgarity is a bit sad I think. Anyway, not sure whether to recommend or slate it.......I'll leave it at that!!!!!!!

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  Zombie shoot em up at its best!

| | See all LinziBrian's reviews (5)

True to the original arcade mode in every way! Great on a 2 player with the guns!

  2 great titles in 1

| | See all iPlayGames1's reviews (11)

the title says it all, 2 good old school games from my teenage years, plus rotting zombie heads. What more do you want?!

  Good fun. Great party piece.

| | See all OllyJenner's reviews (1)

Quality fun!! Great stuff with Wii Zapper as it receates the days of 90's arcade charm we love. Hotd 2 is just awesome, awful translations courtesy of the Japanese makers, and the graphics are not much better. Surprisingly long compared to the arcade, but still short, quite good in its depth though (depending on if you kill or save someone). Hotd 3 has actually got quite sharp graphics and many little bonuses throughout, but lacks the original factor the other possesses. All in all, could do with a bit more ducking and diving and different guns, a little variety wouldnt hurt.

  It is O.k but dont buy it.

| | See all WallerWaller's reviews (3)

It is very repetitive once you die you have to start from the beggining and starts to become irritating!

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  A real gem!

| | See all Markshepherd's reviews (29)

By no means an updated version of an arcade classic...just an arcade classic on the Wii. Its very short (i completed both games within 2 hours), but you will keep going back for more!

Point, Shoot, Kill, reload! its really that simple!

  Classic !

| | See all slickness's reviews (17)

If you have the Wii Zapper, this is a must have game for the Wii. If you don't have one, then you need to invest in one asap.

Like most kids I played this in arcades, and probably only ever got passed the first boss before being dragged home.

This gives you the chance to experience the other 98% of the game.

You need this in your life !!


| | See all goodcall's reviews (8)

First of all big thank you to all you arcade junkies, i was fed up santa having dropped off a wii console & having to play wii sports & other child friendly games ,. I thought my gaming days were over & nintendo had gone all pc correct , then i spotted all the high recommendations house of the dead 2/3 had been given, this is what games consoles are made for , blasting away at waves of tooled up zombies & not feeling frustrated & ratty when you are killed , i shopped around playtrade & picked up a copy for £14 brand new, life is now worth living again!!