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Star Trek: Conquest

Rating: 7+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (9 reviews)"

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  The most addictive strategy game ever!

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From what I can gather, this game has been panned by reviews everywhere. I honestly cannot understand why as the game makes you think ahead and is very atmospheric in terms of the Star Trek universe. I've spent days on this game and while I was recovering from an operation recently my wife looked at the Wii clock and found I had been on it 13 hours in one day! I'm very hard to please these days so I certainly wouldn't recommend a duff game but this is brilliant. There are also two ways to play each battle, either strategically or by flying the ships and having dogfights in space. Great stuff, part with your money now!

  Star Trek meet's Risk

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Star Trek : Conquest is such good entertainment,well worth the price.This game is a must for fans of Star Trek and also games like Risk.For anyone who likes the two ,you will be over joyed with this game,Graphics for Battles are decent,the mechanics could use a little tweaking, but over all I deeply enjoyed this game, the only major flaw would be the intro.Its also not a very time consuming game and is quite nicely paced.Worth the buy.

  Not as bad as all that

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This game has been widely panned as being a poor game with gameplay modelled on Risk (the boardgame). Indeed some reviewers have said how poor the game is here on this site. However, I would like to argue that it is not at all as bad as it is made out to be. I owe so much to this game, because as a Trek-mad dad I have been trying to introduce my 11 year old son (an avid gamer, he's no novice) to the delights of the mythology of Star Trek for years to little avail... until I bought this game. My son is now a FULLY confessed Trekkie and I attribute this to him enjoying this game so much. Through the game he has learned about ships (that he now spots in episodes he watches) and races which has all helped his understanding of the TV show. So all in all, I can't praise this game highly enough for fulfilling my dream of turning my son into a Trekkie!

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  Fun, Cheap and Trek!

| | See all Honvik's reviews (4)

Well this title is cheap and fun and the use of the WII remote is very nifty. The Game is pretty basic strat game but when you think of it its for Console so it doesnt have the depth possible that a PC version could have.

The graphics are surprisingly good considering the WII generally has poor graphics compared to the PS3 and Xbox so you'll be satisfied with how they have done it.

I think my own main gripe was the sound some more trek sounds would of given it more of a feeling that together with more famous admirals would of done the treat.

Well worth your money folks!

  Disappointed, so much potential!!

| | See all jimisfireburns's reviews (35)

Played this for a few hours, the basic game feels enjoyable, but suffers from some drawbacks. It lags a LOT when there are loads of ships on the screen in arcade mode, i found it unchallenging even on hard mode and the depth is lacking. But it is priced at a lower price than most, but even so, it still feels shallow. I would buy a sequel if it was impoved upon. I am not into star trek in particular, i just really like strategy games.

  awful game

| | See all eff1nutta's reviews (9)

i am a huge fan of star trek games, i loved the latest bethedsa series (tactical assault, legacy, encounters) and have owned them on all formats.

i couldn't wait to try this game.#

the speech is very repetitive and get on your nerves within minutes.

the grahics are surprisingly good.

the controls are utterly awful and its pot luck as to whether or not you win battles.

gameplay is very slow and tedious.

if you like star trek buy bethedsa's other games

encounters on ps2 is very good
legacy on xbox is awesome
tactical assault on ds is good

avoid THIS lame game.

  Raise Sheilds Arm Phasers

| | See all TomPanda's reviews (5)

To start with this game is awesome. One for the fans. It has a fantastic uniqueness which is that there are no other Star Trek games like this around and on the Wii.
The main point of the game is to build your fleets based around admirals and conquer the galaxy in turn based strategy. The game play aspect is a bit repetitive but there are several ways to conduct combat and controlling the ships is great. The graphics and sound are great which give you the feeling you are in the battle. Another great thing about the game is that it involves actual ships, weapons, planets and characters throughout the Star Trek legacy.

The downside is that after a while you find yourself doing what you have done before. Due to it being turn based it can drag on quite a bit and at times it may seem like no progress is being made.

Overall a very good game. More so for Fans of Star Trek and strategy games but it does have a slight universal appeal to it.

Graphics: 8/10 Sound: 7/10
Gameplay: 8/10 Playability: 7/10


| | See all Reston's reviews (1)

I enjoyed Birth of the Federation on The PC (Many years ago now) and had thought this game would be a suitable sequel........wrong. So basic, so little gameplay value. If they had just kept the BOTF format and updated it it would have been worth it. It gets an extra star for the combat, everything else lets it down


| | See all aau04149's reviews (1)

I enjoy playing all types of turn based strategy games and when i heard of a star trek one I had visions of Birth of the Federation style gameplay. This game is completely basic and void of any original thinking. You can play as 1 of 5 different races and within this 1 race you only have the option to build 3 different ships - Galaxy, Intrepid and Defiant - and 3 different buildings - which I cannot name because i was so disgusted with this game that I played it for 10 mins and have never played it since. Where is the choice of 10's of ships and buildings? There is also no comms between different races, so treaties and declarations of war cant even be controlled. Star Trek Conquest is a complete dissapointment in my eyes and is just Dice Wars with star trek images stuck on it.