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Victorious Boxers Challenge

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

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  Boxing Games Just Don't Work on the Wii

| | See all BlueRogue's reviews (151)

Wii gimmicks still occur every so often but one annoying gimmick which they keep trying is boxing style.
I'm glad you can switch controls but even so it doesn't excuse the fact that it just doesn't work.
What some people may or may not know is that this game is based on Rocky style manga series Hajime no Ippo. As soon as you begin your thrown into the ring straight away to try and prove yourself while going through the over done emotions of "Why do I fight?" which I don't mind as that's what kept the series going for so long but what they don't tell you is that you can't stop once you begin and the only way to stop is to lose and it will remember your last battle. So that tells me that you have to choose between playing a five hour story mode in one go or lose a battle. Even on easy mode certain opponents can floor you with what I call the lucky punch mechanic which the computer A.I. seems to use quite frequently. So you can punch them for several minutes but one punch will ruin everything, so game mechanics lead a lot to be desired.
And after going through story mode you come to a dead end. There's nothing left, all the characters unlock after completing the story so you can't even continue for that. There's no replay value at all and even if you do make use of multiplayer there's not much replay value there either.
To conclude this game doesn't do boxing games any favours. It comes to something when the only half decent boxing game on the Wii is Wii Sports Boxing.


| | See all wickedcold's reviews (6)

This game is truly awful, the graphics are not bad if you like anime. The controls are awful, as previously said by another person, you can throw 10 of the same punches but you will get nothing like what you wanted. The story line is very poor and even when i beat a guy the story line said I actually lost. Don't bother with this game

  So much potential but sadly bad controls

| | See all kgsingh's reviews (3)

Firstly if you are a real die hard boxing fan, then maybe, maybe it could get 3 stars ***.

But for the average gamer, the controls really truely let this game down. The grahics and the boxing action is brilliant and while arcadey, this very much feels like real boxing; even more than the Fight Night series, as you are using the wii remote and can do flash knockdowns like in the real sport.

But sadly the most important aspect of the game, the controls, ruins the experience. You just dunno what your gonna get when you throw a punch. For example you could throw 10 jabs, but your fighter might throw 4 jabs, 5 hooks and an uppercut. Its so annoying i just close my eyes and start windmilling :). Every other aspect of the game is fine, such a shame.

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  Smash, White Fang, Dempsey Roll, Flicker jab

| | See all NinjaOfDeath's reviews (2)

these are just a lil number of moves that u can perform from the amazing a one of the best animes ever. it's not released yet but i.ve played the japanese version and it is just magic. quality sounds, original voice overs, fine animation. at a price of £17.99 it is a pure steal strike while the price is hot a just buy this game, trust me from playing the game u will be emotionally attached to the characters and start watching the anime. BUY IT, BUY IT, BUY IT

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