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Worms: A Space Oddity

Rating: 7+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (11 reviews)"

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  im torn, i dont love it, i just hate that bits are missing

| | See all Bootnut's reviews (11)

Good graphics, awesome sound just as fun as other worms games.

However the story mode was over in a few hours, the menus are ugly, lack of weapons, the mini games are worthless and the motion controls are erratic and there is no option to remap the controls or use a classic controler.


| | See all biker46's reviews (3)

Average, very Average, not as good as the pc versions, good use of wii remote though. Not bad for a 'sit down' wii game.

  Oh Dear...what a let down

| | See all setisue's reviews (4)

I was really looking forward to this,having played and enjoyed all the others.For one,lack of weapons....I even found it rather confusing at times.Not the easiest game to play,either.A thumbs down on this one.It was not a patch on worms 3D.

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  They're just not trying now...

| | See all TotalWaster's reviews (3)

As a long-time lover of the Worms franchise, i am saddened to say that this one simply doesnt make the grade. It seems very clear that this was a "rush-job", with many glaring omissions from successful previous worms titles.

There was such opportunity to make this game truly magnificent, but have been wasted either due to a lack of budget, or a lack of will. Either way, the disappointingly limited scope of this version has dashed my confidence in the future of Worms. If we take Worms 2 (probably the best in the series) as a benchmark for customisation and choice, then we can really see where A space oddity has failed. Fewer weapons, less choice, less scope etc.

Good for a few hours, i'll admit, but after that you'll be reaching for the TV remote control. I'm afraid the developers are going to have to try a little harder next time, for the sake of their future...

  Not worthy of the "Worms" franchise

| | See all cdpilkington's reviews (1)

Where to start...
Worms has always used a variety of landscapes, of costumes, and of weapons. Previous 2d (and 3d) worms games have let you battle it out amongst players in locations as diverse as the moon, "jungle", the wild west, and space. They've let you be anything from an angryscotsworm to frankworm's monster. They've had almost hundreds of weapons to learn to use.

Now imagine that the latest worm game restricts the scenarios available to "space", your costumes to that of a few space themed ones, and replaces all those weapons with a handful for seasoned worms fans to use.
The fact that it gives your experience so little choice or variety feels like a step backwards for the series in my opinion, especially after the latest 3d titles in the worms series, and the excellent handheld versions.
Talking about the handhold versions, the graphics on "a space oddity" look like they've been taken from a psp-sized screen and just upscaled. Now I realise the Wii's strength is not in graphics, but come on! It just looks too much that they haven't taken the time in this department. On both HDTVs and SD tvs the game looks like the developers never bothered seeing what it looked like on an actual console, just assuming it'd all be fine in the end. On an HDTV it's particularly bad, with the menu too small to properly navigate for any length of time.
As the menus (and I do mean ALL of them) require you to use the Wiimote. Entering your team name; requires the wiimote. Selecting a costume; requires the wiimote. By the time you've made your own team your wrist is knackered!
And the game is no less forgiving when it comes to weaponry. Each and every weapon has its own individual set of gestures that require you to waggle the wiimote in a variety of "innovative ways". To be fair, this was expected, and a few of them are quite entertaining (the dynamite in particular). However, for the most part they just create inaccuracy and frustration. A friend took what must have been over a minute to fire a bazooka, usually the simplest weapon in the game to use (to use well, however... is another story)
By that point worms was no longer the fun, easy to pick up party game it used to be, and it didn't take long before it was becoming more annoying than enjoyable to play.

Overall, I would love to have said that Worms' debut on the Wii was a success, but in my opinion it's simply a failed experiment that should never have made the shelves, let alone the price they're asking for it.
I think the Wii's nunchuck and remote control lend themselves perfectly to a 3d worms game (and here's hoping that comes to the wii eventually). In the end though, they clearly felt that a poor shadow of the DS version of worms was all the Wii merited.

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| | See all willmillard's reviews (13)

I have got most of the worms games it must be said this one is mediocre. When I heard the title i thought it would be truley brilliant, however it shows a great lack of basic structure the costumes are very good but wepons are terible and arnt very useful in game play. The graficks are shocking. If i were you do not buy this game it will be a great disapointment.

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  Good, but could've been great.

| | See all smudge83's reviews (6)

Worms has been around a while and still all the way from back in the day when it came out I've loved it. The funny cut scenes and amusing comments by the worms whilst playin. Brilliant fun! Nothing much has changed, why change a good formula?...Unfortunately the Wii version seems lackin of some of the original charm and sparkle. No newish weapons to marvel at, the landscapes are pretty much the same as ever too.
I'm not saying its not fun because it is-it hasn't lost the appeal of blowing the opponent apart with a rocket :-) and it utilises the Wii remote well, for example using it like a plunger to detonate a bomb pack...this adds a little satifaction to the experience as it really feels as your in control! But i can't put my finger on it really just doesn't shine as i thought it would. Maybe I'll warm to it more as I play? But there definately should have been a Wi-Fi element. That would have made this game a winner.
Buy this game if you like the worms games or haves alot of friends to go multiplayer with, otherwise choose something else.

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  Stick to the Classics!!

| | See all Akuma1138's reviews (2)

Ok this does look pretty good, nice interaction with the Wii-mote but the game is so limited. Poor selection of weaponry ( a fraction compaired with the classics) and single player is too easy.

Great game with your mates, but no Wi-Fi; come on, in this day and age!

Stick to Worms 2, Open Warfare or Armageddon on your PC

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  Rushed release

| | See all suupaste's reviews (1)

The concept is there, it follows the same style as the original - teams of worms who kill each other in turns.

They have spoiled the game by taking away nearly everything. There are only about 10 weapons no multi player and a measly 30 single play missions. The only addition are the mini games which are few and far and aren't particularly entertaining.

Control of the weapons is nice but could have been better, sensitivity of some moves like the astro punch are hard to get right. As with all worms titles it is a party game so don't expect to fully enjoy it on your own. This game could have been so much more, maybe even a must buy if the developers had put the effort in.

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  Doesnt Live up to Expectations

| | See all NICKLAD's reviews (1)

This is a pretty decent title. However unfortunately its by far the worst of all the worms titles.
For example you cannot use ninja ropes and many of the weapons have been removed.
The maps are also particuarly samey as due to the absence of the ninja rope.
If you are new to the worms franchise i would highly recomend that you first buy worms armageedon or one of the older PC titles.
If you would prefer to play it on the wii with the wii remote its still a pretty decent game.

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