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Boom Blox

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (38 reviews)"

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  Good Fun (most of the time)

| | See all Trefusis's reviews (243)

On the surface this is Jenga, with some cartoon story to move proceedings along. However, only about 1/5th of the game is directly like Jenga; most of the time you're shooting or making blocks explode, helping characters along paths, or preventing other characters destroying your towers, taking your gems or killing your friends. As for the characters themselves, I found them rather cute - a lot has been said about the annoying names and awful script, but it's not really that distracting. The only problem I had with the game is that sometimes the aiming will stick, requiring a shake of the controller and a jab of the buttons - which can prove annoying, especially during a timed level.

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  Quite Good

| | See all conradhewitt's reviews (14)

This game isnt exactly fantastic but it seems quite fun for a puzzle game. Im sure Steven Speilburg could of done something a little bit better than this though.Dont get me wrong it is quite a decent game.

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  Totally Awesome!

| | See all MattMatt1's reviews (1)

I was very aprehensive about purchasing this game, however like a few people have already said, I'm glad I did!

Some of the levels are easy, which is understandable, as it is designed for ages 3+. But the overall uniqueness of this game is fantastic!

Single player, yes, the storyline is cringeable, but that's what makes the game so enjoyable. It's a simple game, and there aren't lots of different controls to worry about. Perfect for kids (And my Nan!!!)

Multiplayer is also great fun, and it doesn't matter if it's you're first time playing, or 1000th, as the game can be very random, which means even the most expert players can be beaten!

My advice, get your mates or family over, a few drinks, and enjoy. Great game, Fun storyline, Fantastic Multi-player options.

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  Steven Spielberg's latest Blockbuster

| | See all gamefreak666's reviews (27)

On the surface Boom Blox seems a bit shallow, so like alot of people I was very reluctant to pay full price. But going against my own feelings I bought it anyway and was so glad that I did.

The depth and variation in the gameplay is incredible and thats just the single player. The multiplayer is where Boon Blox really takes off.

A couple of minor gripes (hence the 4 stars), the story in adventure mode is embaressingly bad and the charecters are overly anoying. Also a few of the lecels can be impossibly difficult followed by an incredibly easy level (its just a bit inconsistant), it would be better if the harder levels were all at the later stages of the game.

Anyone who is on the fence about getting this should definately pick it up.

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  Booming great fun!!

| | See all onefinga's reviews (1)

Boom blox is a great game for me and my wife and my two young children, basically this game is for everyone! would recommend to everyone!

  Puzzle game of the year!

| | See all playboy's reviews (76)

I'm not usually a big fan of puzzle games, I get through a few levels and lose interest. Boom Blox on the other hand is different, there's a mix of planning, skill and a small element of chance. The premise of the game is block smashing using the Wii remote to throw the ball. The multiplayer provides a number fo battle scenarios for points or just knocking down all ther other players jewels. Some amusing little characters add to the fun element - I've palyed it for a few hours and I'm only 10% through it.

Great family fun!!

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  Best puzzle game on Wii!!

| | See all Tinkerbell66's reviews (40)

Boom Blox is a family fun game of puzzle solving. All the family can enjoy multi player mode. Some of the levels get quite irritating at times when you have tried and tried to do it, but just cant!. The most fun part of this game is create mode, where you get to create your own levels with stuff that you unlock during adventure mode.

  Great game, even better with friends!

| | See all Teoulas's reviews (2)

A great puzzle game for single player and multi player. This is one of the best third party games on the Wii (just like Zack & Wiki; look it up, if you haven't already).

The aim of the game is to knock down as many gems/point blocks by throwing balls, bombs, using a hose or grabbing the blocks directly using the Wii remote (just like Jenga). The game was designed with the Wii remote in mind and it's easy to play whether you're a gamer or not. It's very easy to just clear a level with a bronze (at least at the earliest levels), but trickier to score a gold medal. There are many levels to play (300+), so you won't get bored soon. Even if you finish the single player mode, grab another remote and play with a friend. And if you have played every single level, there's a level editor and the ability to exchange levels with friends over WiiConnect24.

Graphics and audio are decent, but the gameplay is so addictive that you won't pay attention to the blurry textures or the frame drops every now and then.

Overall, a very fun, addictive and accessible game for everyone. It's a must buy, if you're a puzzle game fan, or have a few friends around. Anyway, you should at least try it, you might like it, even if you think you won't.

PS. Remember to tighten your wrist strap!

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  One of the Best Puzzle Games Available

| | See all SteveWhite's reviews (5)

Boom Blox is an Nintendo Wii exclusive release, and was developed in association with famous director Steven Spielberg. The game supports between one and four players, and the genre the game fits into is 'Puzzle'.

The main concept, or aim of the game is to destroy blocks, or 'blox' as they may be called by the games creators, in otherwords make the blox go boom! Now looking at this idea on paper, it seemed that the game may get old pretty fast and may get boring. But that is where the factor of the Nintendo Wii Hardware comes out. Everything is controlled by the Wii Remote, and is totally interactive. Whether you are throwing a ball, or picking up the blocks themselves, everything can be done with the remote. This control system is easy to quickly pick up, especially if you are a regular player of the Wii, or even a brand new gamer. All of the blocks have their own characteristics too, some blow up for example, and some will simply disappear. Some of the blocks will also react with other blocks, which then in turn gets rid of even more blocks.

There are three modes on the game, they are known as party mode, play mode and create mode. The play mode is mainly for fans of single player, as it is here where you are presented with hundreds of different challenges, all separated into seperate catergories, for you to puzzle over. The play mode is essentially the multiplayer mode of the game, and thus one of the most important. It is here that you can get all of your friends around to play with, and you can play both against each other or together. This keeps things fresh and increases playability, whilst also bringing out your competitive nature!

The final mode is perhaps the most interesting, and that goes by the name of the "Create" mode. It is here that you can get those creative juices flowing, and actually create your own levels. Whilst this is not only fun, it does the all important thing of increasing the playability of your game further, and nothing can beat the satisfaction of watching your friends playing a level you have created!

Boom Blox on the whole is a very enjoyable game, even though at first I felt it would be better suited to the younger generation. It is especially enjoyable if you have a lot of friends round and are playing the game with them, as is the case with the majority of games on the Nintendo Wii. It is also a good way to relieve those creative juices!! In short, if you have no friends then don't bother with this game, but if like most people you do, then buy this game!

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| | See all Harmunt's reviews (9)

Sleeper hit of the year so far. A game to keep you glued to the wiimote and a fantastic party game.

There's something wonderfully theraputic in watching a large construction of blox reduced to ground level in seconds!

However, this is marred by some horrendous slowdown which seems odd in a title that is so graphically sedate. This appears to be isolated to the multiplayer option and is not a deal breaker in any way.

Highly recommended.

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