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Boom Blox

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (38 reviews)"

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| | See all Kaiman's reviews (1)

Firstly, the update referred to in another review is not a problem as it updates your Wii from the Disc NOT a wireless connection (All games that cannot be played without an update have it included on the disc as not everyone will have a wireless connection!)

A fantastic game with a rich and varied single player experience topped with an incredible multiplayer mode full of laughter! Definately a game for family fun and getting some mates round. Also has a comprehensive but easy to use level editor to make your own levels for single or multiplayer (or edit the existing levels) great for creating your own Boom Blox mouse trap contraptions or your own Tiki Tower Topples etc Created levels can also be shared with other Wii owners with the game that you have in your address book so you can send one to a friend or family memeber before going round to beat them on it!!
Great fun, heartily recommended title.

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| | See all thedudster's reviews (3)

addictive,addictive,addictive you will not want to stop playing this game loads of different levels and really good fun for all ages i'm loving it and i'm 48.

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  Boom Blox FTW!

| | See all LegendaryMSN's reviews (17)

This game is class! So many things to do! The multiplayer is amazing fun, and i only played it wiv one person who knows how much more enjoyable it would be with 4 ppl.
[ Just to note... when i first put the game in my the game had to download an update for my wii so that it was able to play the game :S, my wii was release date one so might not be a problem with other wii's just poining out you might have to download an update as well and if one didnt have wireless internet it would be a problem]
But other than that this game ROCKS

  Boom Blox Rox

| | See all nintenbloke's reviews (1)

I think Boom Blox is an excellent game. Got to be the best non 1st party game for the wii. The game mechanic reminds me slightly of wii sports bowling. But you target the ball with a reticule and instead of pins your knocking down castles, exploding blocks, see-saw's and all manner of whacky things.

There are also some game play elements similar to Jenga teasing out blocks from rickety structures, the whole wiimote interface is brilliantly realised and makes what is a simple gameplay mechanic very immersive. Some levels have a puzzle element others use water hoses or laser guns to destroy and move blocks.

I love it and so do my 2 boys aged 6 and 11, this is an essential purchase for wii owners.


| | See all jimisfireburns's reviews (35)

What can I say? Played the single player yesterday for a bit, hard to shake myself of that. Then we all played multiplayer until gone midnight, it was that good. Don't be put off by the cutesy look or assume it is a kids game. It is not, it is a family game or a challenging puzzle game for one. Its all there, this one is going to stay in my collection.

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  Puzzle after puzzle after puzzle

| | See all Vidarette's reviews (13)

A fun, bright and cheerful game! Let me start with the good points to this game. Firstly there are tons of puzzles to play. Some involve blowing up blocks which others are more jenga in style. The competitive multiplayer and cooperative multiplayer options are good fun. The game has great replay values with a level creator. Now it is time for the bad. Firstly I guess it might end up being repetitive and secondly the storyline is laughable.

This is a great family game, really great for kids. I would also recommend it for people who like puzzle games.

  Boom Blox

| | See all suzy4106's reviews (2)

Bought it yesterday and took it over to my mum's as everyone was there, and then 15 hours later I took it out the Wii and went home. Absolutely addictive. 4 player is mental. Absolutely fantastic.

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  Great game for all ages; well worth buying !

| | See all Welshgrunt's reviews (2)

Had first heard about this "sleeper" of a game yesterday when it got a rating of 90% and a rave review in a national paper. With Spielberg's input in the game too I felt this was a purchase possibility. I then checked out its homepage, and was even more keen, so rushed out and bought it !
Excellent tutorial to show you the basics, which actually are the various destructive "actions" you need to play the game. (throwing, bombing, chemical reaction, pulling/swinging). Straight in after that. The explosions, and destructions are very realistic, with humourous characters adding to the sense of fun. Being Welsh, I naturally chose the sheep as my character !!
It is rare for me to find a game where there is a strong desire to retry again and again purely to get that gold ! BoomBlox offers that. I haven't even tried multiplayer yet either, where Jenga type games and much more are offered. Can't wait to get competitive.
Buy this game now. You won't regret it.

  BoomTastic Blox of Fun

| | See all baldrus's reviews (16)

This guy handed me a demo down at xscape Milton Keynes promoting this new Boom Blox game, didn't think much about it as I'd not heard any hype what so ever let alone heard of the game. We got home and popped it in the Wii to play the demo which only actually has about 3 or 4 games on but what can I say me and the wife were hooked spent the next two hours trying to out play each other and we are now looking forward to it's release date when we'll snap up the full version from the shelf.
Loads of fun, action, excitement, is coming our way with this game plenty of party nights in... The 4 player mode looks like it might cause some rumbles.

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