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Iron Man

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (9 reviews)"

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  Fair game for a low price.

| | See all Nafemeister's reviews (12)

The controls are great with the Wii remote very well utilised. The graphics are fair and the licence is used about as well as was possible. Overall though, this is just a bit mediocre. Fly about, launch a few missiles, hit the weak-spot on end-of-level baddie, next mission. The lack of freedom isn't so much a let-down, rather it would have made the game seem a lot less rigid than it is. This was never going to be worth £34.99 - hence the cheap release price. Average game of a very good film.

  Iron man erm ....movie titles normally suck

| | See all martyea's reviews (10)

When i first saw other reviews i was really thinking about missing it out but at a low price and for a laugh i bought it.

The game looks good and plays well the only thing which truely lets it down is unlike spiderman,hulk,superman games your not able to roam freely around level meaning you feel pinned in.

They could have easily made the game more open as it would have increased players wanting to come back for more *eg included hidden items in an open city scape for you to find fly n search for each one unlocking more things like art and movie clips and so on .

Goodish game that could have been great

  Really Disappointing

| | See all Hannibal18's reviews (7)

I bought this game under the idea that you would be able to fly anywhere, within moderation. However as soon i get near to the outside world, 'Jarvis' pops up with a snide remark. I also have the same problem as steve1701 so i guess its a manufacturing fault. The combat is sometimes too easy but the flying fortress mission was hilarious and so i decided to give it an extra star. You have to be a serious Iron Man fan to buy this.

  Has anyone managed to finish this game?

| | See all steve1701's reviews (5)

I was really getting into this game - sure every level is the same but then that could be said for many film tie in. The problem I face is that it's impossible to finish the game as on what I believe is the last level, the game crashes. I've checked the search engines and it appears I'm not alone. If you don't mind not finishing the game give it a try. If like me you like to see the end credits before moving onto the next game then give it a miss - it may be just a compatibility issue with the older Wii's like mine but it's pretty annoying.

  Gd Game

| | See all MasterReviewer's reviews (16)

This is a really good game with only 1 let down

the graphics are very gd which i was surprised at considering the amount of explosions taking place all at once

the levels are well done gradually building u up and the tutorial is excellnt!

enemies are gd and wepons etc... are gd

the down side is the lack of "free roam." there is restricted space in which to play in and for those who have seen the movie, some of the bits u really want to play are done as automated scenes e.g. the american airforce chasing ironman.

  Needs a second chance ...

| | See all Makaeel's reviews (14)

I bought Iron Man for Wii and for PS3. Trust me, they are like two different games.

The Wii version is graphically very messy, with poor explosions, disappearing men, and a washed out bland looking Iron Man. But what it loses in appearance, it does make up for in a smart control system to navigate Iron Man around and is easy to lock on to enemies to destroy them. It's also relavtively easy and you'll soon be cruising thought the levels (of which fortunately, there are plenty of).

In contrast, Iron Man PS3 is graphically stunning but plays awkwardly with some clumsy controls making for great looking but very frustrating experience. I preferred the Wii version. Though you don't get to power up your armour in as much depth and it doesn't have the sub bonus missions.

Worth a go, but you might just need to be a fan.

  A pretty good tie in

| | See all SpoonySpoonerson's reviews (3)

As far as movie rie in goes, this is a pretty good one. The ability to switch between flight and running works well. Once I get used to the controls (took 3 levels) and then I was fine. Just like the film you can divert power to the areas you need most i.e. flight, weapons, armour.

The graphics are pretty good as far as the Wii is concerned, but would look better on a PS3 running on a HDTV, which is normal for everything.

The soundtrack is pretty good, Black Sabbath's Iron Man is a favourie, I defy any of you not to start singing or humming it.

Four levels in, so I've no idea of the life of it, but you can come back in different suits, that should add to it.

  Would have been a 5...

| | See all MikeyPBSc's reviews (2)

... but it's not as "free roam" as they would have you believe.

The game itself is still brilliant - great fun being Iron Man, battling the hordes of enemies. I must admit that the default controls can be quite fiddly - at first the camera goes haywire while you get used to the melee combat control (shake the Wii-mote, which also controls the camera). Once you get used to that and the combined "Wii-mote and stick flight control" it's a blast.
Admittedly, there are options to change the controls, but I haven't tried yet - I'm happy as they are.

The bashing bigger enemies is fantastic - I was pulling turrets off tanks and smashing them to bits for hours last night.

Once you master it all, the game is, overall, amazing. The only let down (hence 4 stars) is the "free roam" - you get free roam within the "battle area", but outside of that is either a scripted mission, or a cutscene taking you to the action.

My only other complaint is the 'upgrades' system. In all honesty, I didn't pay much attention to the manual so it may explain things in there, but I found the upgrades confusing to obtain & use. Mind you, once I had the Repulsors, small missiles & minigun, I was quite happy - then I just needed to find more ammo...

Still a smashing good game though - can't wait to get home from work... :D

Oh, and if the controls are annoying you, try start the game on 'easy' difficulty and practice with them. Once mastered, moving up the difficulty makes the game much more intense - but nowhere near as frustrating as jumping right in!

As with any new game - just give it some time and, more importantly, patience!

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