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Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (51 reviews)"

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| | See all mccormickr's reviews (13)

i got this game preowned, which i think was a great idea. the game is great fun using the wii controls, but like most wii games the graphics were ok. the only time i play this game now is for dueling, as i dont feel upto completing campaign again

  Great fun but a few flaws

| | See all MrGrizzly's reviews (5)

A must if you're a star wars fan and makes great use of the wii controls. As many have mentioned, it's far too short, easy and a bit repetitive but at it's current price - 13 quid, worth a buy.

Hopefully the next installment, will make use of the motion plus and involve more strategy!

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  Good but a bit repetitive

| | See all SabreOlli's reviews (1)

Nice game, finished it in a few sessions. The controls are good, really takes advantage of the wii's motion sensors. The lightsabre was a bit of a let-down: you don't actually control the sabre with the wiimote, swingin the wiimote left will make your character do a preprogrammed swing to the left etc.

Now to the bad stuff: the gameplay was very straight-forward and quite repetitive. Walk throught the levels, kill everyone, every once in a while meet some kind of boss. Sith are not supposed to be terminators, a bit of sneaking around would have made a big difference.

Another problem was the way they deal with the character dying: you just respawn with full health and lose a couple of experience points. So if you kill a boss to 80% and die, you just get to keep going with full health against the last 20%. Not very motivating.

Despite the flaws, it's not a bad game and I would propably buy it again knowing what I now know.


| | See all Ardboy1's reviews (3)

I went on a demo for this on my mates xbox first and i thought it was brilliant so i thought i'd get it for my wii (as i didn't have an xbox at the time). It was a good game but i think it's a lot different than xbox. I thought it was good while i was on it but it was far too short and, honestly, the graphics aren't great for the wii. It's enjoyable but it's not really a game i would go back and do again.

  Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

| | See all flameboyyyyyy's reviews (228)

Awesome game. Graphics seem to change a lot throughout the game. One minute there bad then good then bad and I keep noticing they change. But either way brilliant story to go with an amazing game. (Bit of a dissapointing end though, to go through all of the game for nothing) but still a good link to A new hope.

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| | See all DenAdam's reviews (4)

this game is OK. Its got brilliant graphics but it did'nt take me long to complete. If you use the cheat codes to unlock the extra costumes and then put them on, then you won't be able to watch the cutscenes. (p.s. dont buy the light sword to put on you'r wii remote. If you want to know why, then check out my review on the wii light sword).

  A triumph!

| | See all Markshepherd's reviews (29)

Great story, endless ways to kill storm troopers, and you get to use your wiimote as a light saber, amazing!

Yes the story is short, no the graphics aren't as good as the ps3, but this is just brilliant!

  good game

| | See all Sparkle78's reviews (4)

If lookin for a short good game this is wat u want
Havin kotor i thought this would be multi-pathway game
And game too easy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  Fun and Engaging, a Must Byu for Star Wars Fans

| | See all jouman's reviews (1)

Excellent game, really a recommended purchase for every Star Wars -loving Wii owner! The gameplay and engaging story make up for some PS2-level, non-textured graphics in some of the cutscenes. In-game graphics are fine, even beautiful in many places, and the physics work really well. It is so fun to toss stormtroopers and around with a flick of a nunchuck. Boss battles feel epic, from roque jedis to sith lords and junk behemonts. The story moves on with intense pace and there are nice suprises behind every corner.

Some of the "professional" reviews forget to mention Wii-specific duel mode. Fun with a friend and extra nunchuck, but sadly the duel mode always needs two human players.

Camera works mostly well, and you can always clear some space by jumping and using the Force. Some reviews whine about camera also, but so far I haven't had any mentionable problems with it, and I'm not a 24/7 gamer.

The age rating is mysteriously high, there's no blood or gore and enemies are mostly non-human fantasy figures. Yes, the theme is dark, but come on, 16+?

The main point is, that I REALLY dig the Wii control method for this game. At one point I yanked the nunchuck chord off the wiimote as I was so in to the game and tried to perform a Force Maelstorm -move as the character does it, by throwing hands straight to the left and right. There is no going back to sitting on the couch with a classics controller after getting a lightsaber in your right hand and force powers in your left!

By all means It's not a perfect game, such as Super Mario Galaxy or The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, but the intense fun factor and fan service make up the 5-star rating!

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  Best star wars game EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

| | See all LayerCake's reviews (67)

This is easy but the longness of the game makes up for that, fantastic force powers, no way should be a 16!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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