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Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures

Rating: U (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (39 reviews)"

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  The Same LEGO concept

| | See all MarioMan101's reviews (18)

Like the LEGO Star Wars series Its the Adventure of the game just made in LEGO . The same Jokes . The same Items . Indiana Jones Fans Only

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  Great Fun

| | See all UbaGeek's reviews (5)

I didn't go for the Star Wars Lego when it came out, so i was a little nervous to see if this would stand up to the hype. It does, It's easy to get into and generally really good fun. Am now considering going to find the Star wars after I finish...

4/5. Indie's a worthy investment.

  great fun can't stop playing it

| | See all shineypenny's reviews (1)

this game is really fun and i really enjoy playing it. i havn't got lego star wars but after having indiana jones i might consider having star wars.i really love free play and i think it's really good fun. Great game glad i had it, worth buying.

  Gift For The Burd

| | See all Roach1888's reviews (1)

Having bought Lego Star Wars and being extremely surprised at how much my fiance loved it, I bought her Lego Indy for her birthday. I would have to say that this instalment is better than Lego Star Wars. Better characters with better abilities. Just a cracking game, not groundbreaking, but it just entertains 100%. The only gripe I have is that there aren't as many Indy films as Star Wars so this game is shorter and it leaves you wanting more. Perhaps it was a ploy to get you to buy the imminent Lego Batman. If so, it's working. Buy it, especially if you're looking for a game you can play co-operatively on, only there's no online option. There are too few games for the Wii that are as good as this. C'mon Nintendo, don't force me to buy a 360 or PS3!

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  Excellent game and great fun

| | See all DarrenIrwin's reviews (1)

This game is excellent and contrary to simos999 07/07/2008 it does have replay ability as you can unlock other characters (including Hans Solo) and 3 bonus levels. I will warn you that the game can be quite addictive and therefore doesn't seem to last as long. Great fun for all; I'm now going to get Star Wars Lego and am awaiting Batman.

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| | See all pedroman's reviews (11)

I bought this game wondering whether it could compete with the high standard that lego star wars set. When i bought it i was delighted-because this is possibly one of the best games i have ever played! Its brilliant, the levels are really fun-and they make you think. Buy it, it's a brilliant game.

  Good but....

| | See all simos999's reviews (8)

This is an ok game and has the humor of Lego Star Wars however i had no urge to go back and finish the game completely and after finishing every level with out going back for the extras my total stood at 60.3% basically every level is fine for a quick play but not enough depth to come back to!


| | See all CharleyHarley's reviews (3)

My sons have had Lego Star Wars for the PC, DS Lite and Wii and thoroughly enjoyed them. BUT.... Lego Indiana Jones has definitely taken over as their favourite. Well worth the money!!


| | See all JaayJaay's reviews (7)

If you loved Lego Star Wars, you'll love this.
Really fun for all ages - lots of variation and adventure.

  the game rules

| | See all lucthedictator's reviews (1)

this gamehad alot of media coverage with people expecting great things, and boy did it live up to the standards expected! The gameplay is fantastic, incorporating action/adventure along with logical puzzles. Undoubtedly one of the best games i have ever played on the wii, up there with no more heroes and super mario galaxy. If you think you may be too old for a 3plus 'LEGO' game, trust me...your not. my cousin who is 6 enjoys it, i am 15 and love it so does my older sibling who is 22. A great sequel from the star wars game, bring on BATMAN!!!!

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