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Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures

Rating: U (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (39 reviews)"

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  Great game, short lived.

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My initial thoughts of the game were that the levels were great and kept me occupied. However, once you realise how fast you complete the first few levels... it begins to dawn on you that it's too short. Maybe buy it, nice game.. I'm selling mine!


| | See all fraser14's reviews (3)

WOW if you liked the lego star wars games then is a definant buy promise me its soo awsome. lucasarts and tt games have just put the same tongue-in-cheek action and the same gameplay in the lego indy game and my god is has worked brilliantly.


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  LEGO Rules again!!!!!!!!!!

| | See all maxraz's reviews (4)

If you like the Lego Star Wars games you will love this, the same ideas have been moved to Indiana Jones with stunning results. Seems to need a little more thinking time than Star Wars so the younger end may need help at times.
TIP OF THE DAY- Make your kids sit and watch the films first it will help more than you think !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Again Stunning easy game play a must for kids of all ages even me at 35!!!!

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  Fortune and Glory......

| | See all YorkshireDonut's reviews (2)

..Wow... if you loved legos Star wars 1 & 2 you will love Indiana Jones.... same slick moves and graphics as the star wars games... wasnt too sure how i would adjust from PS2 to WII but no difference.... easy to play and control... roll on Lego batman ! kids love it... I LOVE IT !!! but at 30 i am the biggest kid around

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  Excellent fun, easy but challening, get the wii-p and hat

| | See all 3911258's reviews (43)

Having played (and enjoyed) the Star Wars I knew in a way what to expect but I was pleasantly surprised by the way this was put together. Perhaps it helps that in itself as a franchise Indy is a lot more light-hearted and playful which fits easily into the ethos of the Lego gaming series wihtout feeling forced and as if moments were re-hashed to add the comedy (as some felt in SW).
The controls on the Wii are simple and it takes about 10-15 minutes to get into the "swing" of things. Again it operate soin the easy(ish) play through of story then go back when you have the right characters and complete the levels for all the bonuses. WHilst you can go through the levels fairly quick;y the replayability with different characters makes previously impossible challenges possible.
Haven't put my whip...soryy Wii-p down since getting this. Great for those ever ageing fans (like me who were kids when Indy was out) and for the new generation of whip toting, artefact finding, treasure hunting kids!
Get it, get playing and find yourself feeling one step closer to your own long lost treasure.....youth!

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  A must have title for Wii owners

| | See all Trapper77's reviews (5)

Having played the Lego Star Wars games I was hoping that the developers would follow the same formula and I haven't been disappointed so far. From what I've played I'd even be bold enough to say that I'm enjoying LIJ more than its SW sibling.

Some great level design really helps to recreate the locations and story of the films and there are a lot of area/traps/places you will recognise. The control system is fairly intuitive and easy, I like the fact that there is an button assigned as an alternative to flicking the remote for 'whip action'. The most important element of the Lego games is here in abundance too, the comedy. The facial expressions genuinely provoke a chuckle and there's some great gags to look out for, with more than a few references to LSW.

If you enjoyed LSW you'll enjoy this. If you never played LSW, buy this. It truly is a must have title for Wii owners.

There's also a great trailer preview of Lego Batman under the 'Coming Soon' heading on the main menu, looking forward to that!

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  what release date

| | See all renegade987's reviews (6)

well received mine today, 5/6/08 brill a day early, shame i have a exam tomorrow, played briefly love it! if you like Lego star wars you will love this

  Whip-cracking good fun!

| | See all JhonnyVincent's reviews (18)

I got this today from Play.com and immediately put it in my Wii.I had already played Lego Star Wars I and II on PS2 and both of them were brilliant.I couldn't wait for this one.First off,the characters in this look really shiny and everything has a nice feel to it.The HUB in this game is Barnett College,where Indy works.Instead of going into a room like Lego Star Wars,instead you will choose your level on a map.This puts the feeling of being Indy into the game.There is a lot to do and you will be playing for ages.And with Free Play,the replayability is unbelieveable.This game is just as solid as Lego Star Wars I and II.You can also use your enviroment,as it is Indy.It has more puzzles and sometimes,you will get stuck.But when you work it out,you will think"That's clever!"This game also has the character creator mode from Lego Star Wars II and I didn't use it much in that,but in this,it somehow feels cooler.I really am enjoying playing this and it was money well spent.You can also use weapons from the floor such as bottles and chairs.And there are loads of characters to play as.So,JhonnyVincent says buy Lego Indiana Jones:The Original Adventures,you will not be disappointed and it will be worth every penny!

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| | See all Budge2103's reviews (1)

Great game play all the same features as Star Wars Lego - just Indiana Jones - the kids love it!!
Think this will kepp them amused for a few days at leas!?