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Topspin 3

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (34 reviews)"

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  not as bad as people say!!

| | See all digbybiscuit's reviews (4)

Was looking forward to getting this for ages but ill be honest the reviews put me off.
Eventually decided to get it in the sales and have just played it, i love it, dont know what the others are going on about.
The controls are different to other games but easy to get the hang of .
Must be just that people really like different things?!
4 Stars because no nadal but i believe that is a licensing issue?

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  save your money

| | See all mazdan's reviews (8)

I was really looking forward to this game love tennis, but this is not worth it, controls are simple however player moves ages after you swing. The selction of players is rubbish no nadel, he wins wimbledon and is not even included.
Wii sports tennis is alot better than this, its deffinatley what i was expecting.
I am a fan of topspin but i agree with everyone else this game was to rushed, if they took there time it could have been alot better.

  Pretty Good

| | See all JMTYoda's reviews (10)

This is the first time i have bought and payed a tennis game. At first the control are a bit different but once you pick them up it gets easier to master the shots. Graphics are decent and acceptable for the Wii. The only problem i have is the game is a bit short and the lack of players. Overall i would give this game a 7/ 10.

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  Am i missing something?

| | See all markadam's reviews (1)

As a left hander I'm bemused there is no setting for this.. Unless someone can enlighten me that I'm missing something. Very poor gameplay. Save your money.

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  absolute waste of money!!!

| | See all Scotty26th's reviews (1)

Have never felt the need to write a review on a game. Was waiting for a tennis game to come out with good graphics as love tennis on wii sports. this is awaful. slow and the movement of the players is laboursome. you will expel more energy sitting down playing with a playstation etc....real let down. If you want something similar to tennis, get tabletennis, its excellent in comparison!


| | See all Joness26's reviews (3)

Is anyone else slightly annoyed with the Wii - or is it just me? With the exception of two games (Wii fit and Zelda) it has been one huge disappointment after another, its still waiting for its Gears of War - the game that really defines it.

Top spin is the perfect example of gaming companies rushing out completely crap games to work with the remote, which while revolutionary (the remote, not the game) it is useless unless it has a proper game to work with.

As for Top Spin - too few players, slow gameplay, poor graphics, poor gameplay choices ... an all round disappointment.


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  Dont Do It !! Dont Buy It !!

| | See all Tommo90's reviews (1)

Okay, I am a big fan of tennis and of the Top Spin series in general having bought and played the last two on Xbox and Xbox 360. This latest addition doesnt make the transition to the Wii at all Im afraid to say. Its a real shame because I was so looking forward to playing a realistic tennis simulation with a great career mode and a full roster of today's tennis stars. Top Spin 3 is and has none of these things.

The gameplay is quite easy to pick up once you have spent a while figuring it out and reading the instructions booklet, but putting it into practice and getting the results you want can prove very difficult. In many cases, you can have pushed your opponent around the court for a couple of minutes before finding a bit of open court, and just as you go for the winner, you slice it the completely wrong way and you are back to square one. It is very tedious and slow, not at all the pacy, slick gameplay I had hoped for and expected. The ball moves through the air as if in slow motion and your character isn't generally much faster. The controls and technique for actually hitting the ball are flawed as well in my opinion. Moving the analogue stick thing on the nunchuk moves your player and when you feel the Wii remote rumble slightly, it is time to prepare your shot. You do this by using the same control stick to point in the general directiuon of where you want the ball to end up, and swinging the Wii remote at the same time. I have often found that when approaching the ball from a different angle to the area in which I want to hit it, the player can run off back the way he was coming, or hit the ball in the wrong direction. This becomes increasingly frustrating as as I have mentioned the gameplay is so slow that it takes a good couple of minutes to even get yourself into a winning situation. It is like this every point and as you can imagine, a match can take a very long time indeed. At the beginning of the - very shoddy - "career mode" an average match takes about 10 minutes of repetitive, monotonous swinging. As you progress a tournament can take you upwards of an hour, which is simply ridiculous.

Moving on the the career mode or "Road to Glory" as it is called in the game. You cant create or use your own character, and can even change your player every tournament if you like. This was my first disappointment. Secondly, you cannot save in the middle of a tournament. This is particularly frustrating as you can slug it out with Gail Monfils for half an hour in the first round of 4 or 5 and then find you have to go somewhere or have something to do. Or, as in my case, get extremely bored and play on somehting else. You then have to quit the tournament and all your hard work is lost. Thirdly, the whole thing is generally rubbish. you start with some beginner tournaments, then get to some slightly tougher ones before progressing onto the master, Grand Slams and finally a big league thing at the end. If you win this you have won the whole thing and (at the age of 92) you can take a well earned break. Honestly, the game makes watching test cricket positively orgasmic.

The inclusion of some "party games" made me feel a bit better about the whole thing - until i played them. Basically you have two. One is called keys and basically you just play a normal match and the winner is the one who, at the end of it, has the best statistics. Woohoo! The second is called Invincib;le man and is basically a series of you guessed it - normal matches - in a winner stays on kind of format. Very poor in my opinion. To sum up then.

Good Points - Has some players including Andy Murray.

Bad Points - Poor gameplay, rubbish sound, rubbish career mode. There is basically too many to list.

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| | See all gashalasha7's reviews (10)

Terrible game. I bought this after being a big fan of wii sports tennis, but this is just awful. No atmosphere, only a third of the world players, no Nadal?! And it's incredibly boring.