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Wii Fit (includes Wii Balance Board)

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (181 reviews)"

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  Brilliant. But.....

| | See all DenAdam's reviews (4)

This game is brilliant. It helps you keep your weight in tact, plus the unlockables are quite hard to unlock, there fore it'll make you want to go on it even more which will keep your healthy. But once you've unlocked all the games/activities, it'll begin to get boring. But a brilliant game. :)

  Absolutley Brilliant

| | See all Riksterxbox360's reviews (10)

I had been waiting ages for the wii fit to come back in stock, and it was worth the wait. It is brilliant, it can test your weight, balance etc. The activities area amazing especially the balance games which have football headers trying to move to one side, skiing, ski jump, tight rope tension (brilliant) and there are more games to unlock. Also you can do muscle workouts such as press ups and a jacknife which is awsome. Also it has an arerobic section which is really cool with activites as such as hula hoop, joggingg which is my favourite; these type of games all burn calories.

The objective of the wii fit is to get fitter and to get the right age fitness to how old you are.

A must buy.

  Simply Excellent

| | See all Darksol's reviews (2)

I bought wii fit early december last year, and first used it on 25th december (no really) it's incredibly fun to use, whilst i'm not a huge fan of muscle workouts and yoga, the aerobics and balance games are intense fun, and rhythm boxing, well, lets just say i'm a novice for now. The fact is i had to play like a demon to unlock the best features of the game, if that's not incentive to keep going, then you might as well get back onto the couch and slouch!

Seriously though, it's great fun, i simply had to buy it, as the balance board is the only way to enjoy shaun white: Road trip to it's maximum potential, (seriously folks it's sooooo worth it!)

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  Completely honest review!

| | See all Leanimal's reviews (3)

The Wii Fit is an excellent invention and is really good fun, if you are new to exercise then this game will really help you, games in the arerobic section such as the super hula hoop and the boxing are the calorie burning games and really do work, the step is quite fun, particuarly when you unlock the super step and if you are relatively new to exercise then this game will have an effect but bear in mind the step is fairly low so any serious stepper is unlikely to be impressed, The muscle games are also really effective and some are really quite difficult particuarly if you have to try and balance too.

There is a section of balance games which give the fun factor, these are the games we play as a family to have a laugh, i personally don't feel they aid your fitness but they are addictive!!

Every minute you spend playing the games is saved up and gradually as your time increases you will unlock new games, the only down side to this is you unlock all the games really quickly so if you get bored easily this wouldn't be particuarly adequate. you can also unlock extra skill levels on certain games to make the games you have got used to slightly more difficult.

The yoga section is very good although you have to play each pose seperately which can be annoying.

Overall it is really good fun and if you buy it without any expectations then you should be pleasantly surprised, it is also a really good way of spending time with family and friends but doing some exercise at the same time, the laughter you get with it should also burn a few calories!!! I have also bought the game 'My fitness coach' and if you are looking for a real fitness programme that will really get you moving and burning calories then that game would probably be more suitable.

  great workout

| | See all LoTTie92's reviews (4)

This is an amazing game the balance board is great and so are all the exercises but its not worth 90 pounds tho but I suppose it is if you are not feeling the credit crunch hehe

  Cheaper and more fun then going to the gym.

| | See all dragonlord's reviews (442)

My whole family enjoy playing Wii Fit and we are all losing weight which means it is working. Nintendo have created another most excellent product for the Wii which is easy to use and great fun. There are four main training categories with Wii Fit which are as follows: Yoga, Balance Games, Aerobic Exercises and Muscle Workouts. Between the four categories there are over 40 different activities to enjoy. You use your Mii to play Wii Fit in which there is a daily body test that tells you your fitnees age, BMI level ( body mass index ) and your overall weight. I have got my fitness age down to 29 which is one year younger then my actual age which I am happy with and my weight is ideal for my height too. My favourite activities are Ski Jump, Balance Bubble, Snowboard Slalom, Hula Hoop, Ski Slalom, Jogging, Table Tilt, Step Basics and Rhythm Boxing. Wii Fit is a brilliant game for the whole family and there are lots more games being made for the Wii Balance Board this year. I have Shaun White Snowboarding Road Trip which is a very good snowboarding and makes excellent use of the Wii Board.

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  Get My Fitness Coach instead.

| | See all AshtonBRSC's reviews (2)

Wii Fit is good for a while but the novelty wears off and the balance board will just sit gathering dust.

My Fitness Coach is everything Wii Fit should have been. It has less gimmicks and just focuses on a non-stop workout unlike Wii Fit which has a break between every exercise while you select the next one.

Also, the different in price is enormous. My Fitness Coach is available for under £20. Bargain!

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  wii fit review

| | See all blondie28uk's reviews (1)

This an awesome creation for all the family, exercise whilst having fun from small children to older adults a great invention worth every penny

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  amazingly fun and good for you!

| | See all britneyrules's reviews (17)

its a great way to exercise by having so much fun, i love everything about it! Skiing game is also a good addition as its quite life like and again fun.

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| | See all casabs's reviews (10)

Worth buying a wii just to get a wii fit, you don't need any other games!!!!!!

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