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Lego Batman: The Video Game

Rating: 7+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (23 reviews)"

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  Unexpected Delight!

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My first lego Wii game was Star Wars Complete Saga. What an awesome game THAT is ! I then played Indiana Jones Original Adventures: fantastic. Utterly hooked, I was on the lookout for another lego adventure game to get immersed in. I admit that a Batman game did not initially appeal. However the first two games were so enjoyable, I decided I would give Batman a try. I never thought I would say it but this game really does reach the heights set by Star Wars and Indiana Jones. I always use 2 player mode with my 7 year old, and we both can hardly put it down once we start. The story and the settings and so well-conceived that I am simply carried away to that Batman world of lego minifigures. We totally forget we are sitting in our front room twiddling some Wii controllers, my son often physically jumps up as he is trying to get his lego character to reach a ledge or something similar.
Basically this game is an adventure where you control lego minifigures and play out various scenarios that follow a Batman story. There are puzzles to solve to progress through the various levels and items to collect along the way. These in turn provide added bonuses that may enhance your character's abilities.
Unlike Star Wars and Indiana Jones, which have entire film casts of characters to use, Batman has mainly just him and his sidekick Robin to use. However, very cleverly Batman and Robin have a variety of Bat-suits to enable them to complete various obstacles. Once the whole adventure has been played once through, it can be played again in 'Free Play'. This allows you to use any of many various Batman characters, both heroes and villains as your controllable minifigure. In these subsequent travels through the game, a whole host of extra content is available due to the fact that you have the right characters to unlock those sections, discovering previously unattainable items.
While the whole concept of these lego minifigure games is excellent, this one has real heart, and you are caught up in the developer's sheer love of the subject and of their love of their craft.


| | See all freshprince12's reviews (3)

This game is brilliant can't fault it, especially when u get to play as the villains thats fun, and run around Arkham asylum

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| | See all Gallieman888's reviews (1)

Thisis two games in one, you can play as the goodies, then when you are done switch to the baddies and do it all over again but it isnt exactly the same. Baddies are better, more vehicles.
Better that Lego Star Wars, and Indiana Jones! AMAZING

  Good Lego Game but small problem...

| | See all gorgeousgames's reviews (44)

This game is great fun and will keep you entertained for hours. There is one 'small' problem i have though but, you might not come accross it.
During the levels i have found that the graphics become dark and dull, it has started to become hard to see what is going on. My life is going lower and lower and i can't see why! Storys and Levels are becoming slower to complete. Anyone else have this problem?


| | See all owjb44's reviews (30)

Fun, but the replay value is poor on this title. Goof for the first few play, but only when you have 30 mins to an hour to spare.


| | See all flameboyyyyyy's reviews (228)

Great fun family game. Some puzzles are difficult to work out but that adds to the fun. But sometimes gets very frustrating and you could lose interest, but once you work it out it seems obvious. LEGO do it again.

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  oh I hate you Mr freeze!!!

| | See all nathan06's reviews (1)

Got this game about 1 month ago and like most of the reviews I love it. Way more challenging than LSW but somehow not as fun ( i still go back to many levels on LSW despite completed it 3 times now) this game is more for the slightly older gamer, and by that i mean 7+ not 18 as some of the controls take a wee bit of patience.
I hear the next lego venture is to be a rock band one?? I hope not; Potter, X-men even Lord of the Rings would all be way cooler..we shall see.
Anyway 10 out of 10 for the game, not for the serious gamer obviously but a whole lot of crime fighting fun, oh and the title - nightmare - the only level i can't get true hero on is the Mr Freeze level in the first hero story- does my head in!! Got 98% tonight!! AARRGH!!
Shall resume battle tommorrow.

  One of the best games on the Wii

| | See all Hannibal18's reviews (7)

The Lego series is the cleverest idea to come out of the gaming industry in the past few years. All three games on the Wii have been fantastic but this one is without a doubt the best. The introduction of the villian levels is great and they have kept to the same formula as the other games, no speaking, over the top fighting and staying true to the original films. If you want to get a game that will put a smile on you're face then you could do a lot worse than Lego Batman


| | See all westhamfan's reviews (6)

After playing Lego Indiana Jones I was so hooked I had to buy this one as well!! These Lego series are brilliant, so much to do and a great game for people of all ages. After you finish this game you can go and play freeplay mode and unlock some more treasure and stuff. Never ending all round family entertainment. You will need a couple of nunchucks for this game but well worth the money!! If you haven't got it already I would well recommend you take a look at the Lego Indiana Jones game as well.