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Lego Batman: The Video Game

Rating: 7+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (23 reviews)"

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  Brill co-op game

| | See all Azza2178's reviews (76)

I have never played any Lego games until now. got this for xmas and thought it wouldnt be any good, but i was wrong.
i started playing solo and thought "hey this is good fun." its got its own humour and style that ive never seen before. then played it co-op and it was so much better. tehre arent any co-op games out there anymore (no more Double dragon etc) so its nice to have one where you can co-op play.
its also got lastability as even though you may complete it, there is plenty to unlock when you play as the villians. and this is a nice touch too. not only do you play as Batman and Robin (or Batgirl and Knightwing - who are unlockable) but you can play as the villians too.
I love this game and can see it lasting a while why i try and unlock everything it has to offer. great fun and a nice change from the gun-ho games that are out there!

RM4PR8 Fast Grapple (All Suits)
JRBDCB Fast Batarangs (All Suits)
XWP645 More Batarang Targets (All Suits)
BBD7BY Slam (Glide Suit)
ML3KHP Extra Hearts
are some of the codes that can help you.

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  I was pleasently surprised!!!

| | See all Mikesays's reviews (1)

I would generaly not buy a lego game because up until now i thought it was more directed to children. I was wrong. This game is awesome, really. Its delightfully light-hearted and charming, and the gameplay is very addictive and polished. Vehicles and suits are very nice and presentation wise gotham city is very pretty, like really pretty.

All in all, this game is big, pretty, fun and charming to anyone tired of depressing/drama/serious grey games we see all the time. Buy it!!!

  Amazing one of the best Wii games EVER!!

| | See all BatmanRulezBigG's reviews (3)

Really good. Id recomend it to everyone. So many things to do on it you never get bored!

  Worth a look

| | See all jarik73's reviews (1)

I have to agree with the other reviewers. I purchased the game a week ago and still haven't completed it yet. I've only been playing it for about an hour each day but some of the tasks are quite hard. It doesn't quite meet up to the same standard of Star wars but it offers more than Indiana. I do miss the story lines but there's plenty to keep you busy. I really hope they make Harry Potter Lego games.


| | See all smallskinnylegend's reviews (8)

This game is really normal Lego Grapics which are awsome and more gags than ever before and a really good storyline
But i admit not as good as Lego Star Wars but no Lego game will be but this game is way better than Lego Indiana Jones.
I own all Lego games that are out in the shops and this comes in at second in my list
Must Buy!!

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  Not as good as Star Wars but still a blast!

| | See all bluealias's reviews (7)

Good fun if slightly frustrating. Takes a while to get hold of the controls as its a scrolling platform and will drive you nuts when having to jump on to things.

Good fun though.

  Better depth, better challenge

| | See all maverick79's reviews (3)

If you want the quick version of this review, then just check out the last paragraph. Want more detail - read the full thing.
I'm guessing that the majority of people buying or considering buying this game will have bought or played one of the previous Star Wars / Indiana Jones-based games. Some of you may even be concered, as I was, that this would be 'more of the same' just with a new theme. How wrong I was.

Yes, the controls are 95% the same as the other games, yes, the humour is very smilar, yes, the menus and basic structure of the game will be familiar if you've played LEGO games before but it's the differences that will get you hooked.

This is a far more smart game, you will regularly end a story mode level with 1, 2 or even no cannisters found. The idea of having multiple suits (necessary due to the lack of variety in usable heros) is well executed and whereas you will still enjoy the very limited story mode, you will LOVE the free play levels. Use heros in villain levels, use villains in hero levels, remember that cannister that was just out of reach? Remember thinking there was no way to get that other cannister? It all opens up in free play and will have you constantly saying, 'Aaaahhhhh, so THAT's how you do it!'

The little things like using tightropes, or the clever (and not nearly as awkward as some people say) Bat-arang targetting system are easy to get into and really add to the game. The bigger things like hero levels and villain levels, suits etc are so well done that you immediately pick them up and wish they were in the other games (LEGO SW levels playing as the villains would be awesome).

This game wipes the floor with the (at times rather dull) LEGO Indy game and it is slightly darker and vastly more challenging than the original L:SW games. In short, don't even begin to write this off (as I know some magazines have) as being yet another LEGO game with all the same moves / gimmicks but with a different theme. This is a very different and much better game altogether.

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  Better than i expected!!

| | See all BAMfan2004's reviews (9)

Ive been waiting for this game since i read the first reveiw and ive gotta say that the reveiws in gaming magazines do not do it justice! Its so much better than i thought it would be and its awesome to see a comedy element in batman. I know with the game being in lego form there was no way they could make it serious but its just awesome that you find yourself on the floor in hysterics at batman!! Its definitely worth buying for batman fans and even non batman fans. It appeals to all gamers of all ages and its definitely worth a shot!! A must buy for gamers and non gamers alike!!

  Loved it!!!

| | See all jansenneo's reviews (3)

If you like the previous two (Star Wars and Indiana Jones) then you'll have fun with this third Lego series... The controls are easy (after playing the first two), the story are humorous and its fun for both my son (4 yrs) and me (considerably older).

This is a must have game, considering the choices out there, many of which are very bad.