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Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (16 reviews)"

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  why i got a wii

| | See all kaylsbro's reviews (1)

I am a big fan of the fire emblem games i've worked my way thought the GBA, DS and i got a game cube just to to play path of radiance and i did the same for this one and i am really happy i did, this one continues on a few years after path of radiance left but it has a totally differant story and how it's broken up into differant part is new it's not to bad apart from if you really like one of your people and can't use them for ages, if anyone is looking for a good game that will eat up lots of hours then this is the game for you cause once you start you can't stop.

  Not for everyone but fantastic for many.

| | See all Eaglelives's reviews (6)

This was my first fire emblem and having played all the other ones available in english and one fan translation, I can safely say I am the fan of the series. I really enjoy the way they create worlds consistently with great back stories and characters.

The gameplay is simple to learn and difficult to master. It can be infuriating when you've moved someone a space to far by accident and you get severely punished for it but it happens far less than in many games that get far more credit in the west than this.

The cutscenes are good and there are one or two excellent pieces of music in the soundtrack. The graphics aren't anything special but if you're playing computer games for graphics, just buy GT5 or Avatar on blu-ray and never watch anything else.

Some criticisms I've read of this are just ridiculous. One was not enough new characters. It's a direct sequel? If there were any more new characters you may aswell not have it is a sequel. Should we take John McClane out of a Die Hard? Not using the Wii controls. So? Smash Brothers doesn't use the motion sensing either.

Not my favourite fire emblem, but it's not far off. I think it's an extremely enjoyable game that far more would appreciate if they gave it a chance. One of the 3 reasons I'm really glad I own a wii.

Also Ike is awesome.

  good but too much reading

| | See all CCsales's reviews (3)

this is very good when your playing the game but if your like me and you expect games to tell the story themselves instead of you reading hours and hours of text just to follow the story you will miss the whole point cause a jus skipped all of it, what was that game all about lol but like a say gameplay was really good so if u like to read a book and play roleplayers get it

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| | See all JeesyChreesy's reviews (8)

This is the first Fire Emblem game I have played. It plays somewhat like a board game but on a console. This works for me a I am a fan of strategy and roleplay board games. I played the game addictively and enjoyed it immensely. I can see why fans of highly intense, quick moving action games would find it a little boring, but I loved it.

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  not too bad

| | See all SimonSerenade's reviews (6)

it was good but the fact the story kept changing and moving from place to place made it hard to really ever keep in depth with the story line and like any good fire emblem game, the aim is to hold onto your characters and raise them up but unfortunately they lost the aim on this instance, too many characters and a very short game, good but disapointing to say the least

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| | See all Leecalibur's reviews (1)

This is the first fire emblem iv played, and to be honest i found it a bit disappointing. tactical rpgs are my favourite type of game but i found this to be lacking somewhat. The fights are just mindless slaughters with your stronger characters whilst the weaker ones remain useless throughout and the only real strategy is to kill everything- slowly. The game really lacks pace at times which is a shame because sometimes the levels work really well.

I shouldnt think ill be buying another fire emblem game aftter this one. Probably one for existing fans only

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  A sense of completion, but at what cost

| | See all HoratioD's reviews (4)

There is plenty of criticism directed at Fire Emblem's presentation these days, and rightly so, for any non battle elements (of which there are many) are riddled with cheap onscreen text which will have you prodding the 1 and 2 buttons with increasing frequency to skip past all the bunkum story.

Having said that, the gameplay is as solid as it has ever been and doesnt dissapoint. What does is the hair rippingly annoying spawning of enemies behind your lines, making tactics irrelevant beyond a strategy of not moving until all the enemy reinforcements have appeared.

But for all these problems, for those who enjoyed the Gamecube parent game, this is just about worth while. Familiar characters are a joy to use once again, and as gut wrenching to lose in combat.

One for the fans, for others interested in Fire Emblem, there are better places to start.

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  Good - but the weakest fire emblem in the series.

| | See all Neonxx's reviews (2)

I always enjoyed fire emblem, i have even played the japanese originals and i have come to the conclusion that this is the weakest FE yet. The story begins with a small group called the "Dawn brigade" where a young girl has mysterious powers and is begin hunted. Sadly the story doesn't get any better than that really, not only that it presents the story with 2D backdrops and characters with text scrolling across the bottom, this was fine on the GBA but on the Wii is a joke, the game does feature FMV with full speech a few times but you can't help feeling they could have tried a little harder. The graphics by Wii standards are rather poor with models being poorly animated and backgrounds texterless. Where the game saves its self is gameplay, it is still the turn based RPG that people love, but this time around it is much more difficult i would advise casual gamers to stay away. The game has issues with character availability also some characters are seen for very few levels thus they cannot be leveled into the end game standard without spending a high amount of Bonus XP.......stupid design really. Its still good though for hardcore fans but i wouldn't recommend it to newcomers.

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  Fire Emblem Path of Radiance/Radiant Dawn

| | See all paulie1's reviews (1)

I've been a fan of Fire Emblem ever since Path of Radiance and still play it to choose my favourite characters, like others have said i will buy the wii to specifically to play Radiant Dawn. I have always been a fan of turn based RPG'S and always keep an eye out for good ones, which i know Radiant Dawn will be even without reading a review. But i hope some of the former games characters will resurface in the new one.

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  RPG Strategy at its best

| | See all fieldtrip's reviews (17)

This was my first venture into the delights of the Fire Emblem series (aside from the snippets found in the Smash Bros. series), but I can certainly say this will not be my last.
The game offers superb gameplay that is complex (in a good way), satisfying, and addictive. This is a game that will keep you entertained for many hours, and offers good replay value due to varying diffculty levels and varying tactics for approaching the same situation.
On the downside, the graphics and sound are unlikely to rock your world, but they aren't that bad either. Presentation could do with a little streamlining to make it easier for newcommers to the series, but it doesn't take long to get used to it.
This is not a game for anyone looking for intense action (it will probably be quite boring for alot of people) but lovers of RPG titles who enjoy character growth and a great deal of thinking will adore it.

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