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Big Beach Sports

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (80 reviews)"

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  Fun at first but then oh dear!

| | See all JMan14's reviews (3)

When i first played this game i really liked it. The cricket was fun but then it all got so repetitive and boring. Wii Sports Resort and Sports Island are much better alternatives.

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| | See all 14Jimbo's reviews (185)

This game is bad, bad graphis, bad sports and bad characters. To be honest this game is rubbish, i recommend Wii Sports Resort to everyone.
This game is rubbish!

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  Hours of laughs

| | See all miniminty's reviews (66)

Fun game with a wide range of beach sports to play, which makes a change from bowling, baseball, etc. on wii sports. There is cricket, boules, football, volleyball & disc golf to name a few but all are easy to play without the controls being complicated and hard to navigate.
Strange little characters though!
A good game for a group to add that competative edge.


| | See all Indentura's reviews (3)

It is just like wii sports but on the beach and made by different peolple and my favourite's cricket oh!

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| | See all peterb1013's reviews (2)

this game is no good the games are boring to hard to play you will get bored off them quite quick

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  Once you play it once its hard to play again...

| | See all Moroda's reviews (6)

Well after buying this as a pressie for my family, i thought it would be excellent as a multiplayer game.....
Although that line is true, its a shame the gameplay is appauling!
a few sports games (which i like to add are slightly different from you normal ones which was nice) is all you get in this game which dont last long at all. I wouldnt liek to say "buy this" as you will be bored after 1 try of each sport.... which i did just to humour the game!

  Fun to play with friends, for the price it's not bad

| | See all Darkstar's reviews (87)

I will admit I was very dubious when I first played this game and would have agreed with the many people's previous reviews in it not being that good. But for some reason I started to enjoy it and i think the reason was because it plays better when you are against human opponents. It isn't the best game in the world but it does offer enough of a challenge to make it worth while buying especially as Play.com are offering it at half price. Therefore if you are wanting to have an entertaining game for a group of friends to play it is worth the money.

There are 6 games in total. Boules seems very basic but once you start playing trying to get the points to win can be very tricky and requires a certain amount of skill. Often the match comes down the last ball and its this changeability that makes it more fun.

One of the most enjoyable games is Disc golf which requires you to do a throwing motion with the wii remote to throw a Frisbee and try and get it into the basket in as fewer shots as possible. Like golf there is a set limit of throws to complete the course in (ie par 3, 4 or 5). This is fairly easy to get the hang of and can be a bit of fun especially when the wind takes hold of it or you give the throw a bit too much and it sails of into the sunset (and out of bounds).

The volley ball is great fun although a little basic, but it is still fun to play. Cricket again can be fun as it requires you to take turns bowling and bating. You will need a bit of space for this one but it gives a good level of interaction trying to bowl out the other team, or hitting a six and making a run. If the other team is making a run and you pick up the ball you can try and throw them out which can be great.

American football was a little more difficult to understand and this is probably the most difficult to get to grips with. Normal Football which again requires a little more effort to get to grips with is OK after you sort out the controls. I scored a cracking header with this game so I do kind of like it even though it is a bit basic.

The ability to customise your characters, earn more points and even create a face using a DS is a great feature and keeps your interest that little bit longer. If you are having some friends around give this game a go, you might be pleasantly surprised.

  Not Great

| | See all Wez123's reviews (4)

The game is not very good and the controls hardly match the movements onscreen. for example, in cricket, you can just swing the wii-mote wildly and you will hit the ball.
the only plus side to this game is the cheap price and the fact that it can be quite a good party game.

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  Terrible Beach Sports

| | See all BigHairyCocunuts's reviews (18)

I bought this for my son (5), who after 20 minutes (if even that long) lost interest and turned it off. I can honestly say it won't be coming out of casing again. Stick to sun bathing!!