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Sonic Unleashed

Rating: 7+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (14 reviews)"

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  NESMAN Prophecy

| | See all NesMan0788's reviews (3)

The game all in all is not too bad, i found it to be quite an energy consumption game, lot of controls to get used as in the movement of the wii controller, if you profer wii remote and knunchuck, but still good entertainment for the kids, i enjoyed it but am not a kid haha

  best sonic game ever

| | See all leepatsy's reviews (51)

i enjoyed this game more than any other sonic game ive ever played. it seem a lot of ppl were'nt to keen on the night time stages but i really enjoyed them despite being a bit tricky and fustrating in places. but the amazingly fast and gorjus looking sonic stages is where this game shines. going for every S grade is great fun and quite challenging, especially the missions where u hav to reach the goal in the time limit. to do so u hav to learn all the short cuts and make no mistakes as u zip through the brilliantly designed stages. really quite challenging on later stages but a lot of fun. this game needs a direct sequel with less night time stages.


| | See all liamsky's reviews (9)

This game has some good and bad points it is great when you are sonic because its usual game play defeating enemy's and colllecting rings it really is good though when it changes between 2d and 3d sonic But though when werehog sonic comes out its slow , dark and quite boring i'll give this game 6/10


| | See all DanaRock247's reviews (1)

this game is a must get for all sonic fans!!!! I'm surprised at the people who gave it only 1 or 2 stars. The daytime levels are the best, nighttime levels have more complicated controls.

  Mostly good

| | See all AuraSmash's reviews (25)

Sonic unleashed is a great game, but it is let down by the flimsy controls. Normal sonic is extremely hard to control when he is at full speed.

  sonic unleashed

| | See all GemGem93's reviews (1)

I think this game is really goood at first. I couldnt stop playing the game as i wanted to complete more levels. But then i got stuck on on level. And youu cant do anything eles new till you completed the level. And its gets a but repetitve after a while

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  Good Sonic Title maybe not as good as the 360/ps3 versions

| | See all corky2k7's reviews (102)

this game is good what ive played so far there is normal sonic levels which are classic and VERY fast which is awesome and there is warehog levels which are cool too, mostly combat and they are very long compared to sonic ones but for sonic fans i think this is one to try i give it a 4/5 good game maybe not as good as ps3 and 360 versions in graphics but if you only have a wii i suggest you get this its brilliant,and im quite suprised sonic isnt a nintendo exclusive but oh well.

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  too much padding

| | See all liamjh's reviews (4)

i would write more of a review but wiiloveit has allready hit the nail on the head, it seems like sonic team have a certian game length quota that they must meet no matter what, A lot of the game appears to be designed to waste time such as the hub worlds which involve pressing a until it's over or the werehog brawls where you can not advance until the enemies are dead. If the game was just day time levels it would have been a lot better ok it would have ended up a short game but so is portal which is still a good game

  Sonic goes back to his roots with a return to 2D! Sort of...

| | See all Wiiloveit's reviews (18)

In this sequel to the long running franchise, Sonic must retrieve the Chaos Emeralds to piece back his home planet after his nemesis Eggman blows it apart, unleashing a Dark Gaia force. This force turns Sonic into a Werehog at night, completely changing both Sonic's appearance (not his personality, mind) and the gameplay. The story should keep kids entertained, which is a good thing since there are plenty of un-skippable cutscenes which have been well rendered and annoyingly voiced with the usual American accents that everyone (who isn't American) has come to hate.

The main problem is that most of the game feels like it's been designed for kids. That's fair enough, but what's left for the veteran Sonic fans? Well, Sega seems to think that adding in the odd 2D side scrolling sections in the daytime sections will keep us all happy. Sadly though, these sections involve little skill, and are much less challenging than the proper 2D versions. This isn't to say that the daytime stages are all that bad though, since they are pretty good fun to play through. The fast speed, excellent controls and several "hidden" paths all add layers of depth which will then add to the core gamer's delight, but the problem is that these stages don't offer that much challenge, and still feel like a kids game in terms of difficulty.

The other half of the game (by which we mean the night-time stages) aren't quite as good as their daytime counterparts, since they offer absolutely no classic Sonic moments whatsoever. In fact, you could trick the player into thinking they are playing a new Jak and Daxter game by replacing the rings with Precursor Orbs and replacing Sonic with Jak. These night time sections involve you walking around (or running by tapping the joystick in the appropriate direction twice - although this is very awkward to handle) stages, stopping every now and then to do the odd bit of pole swinging and jumping.

One of the main parts of the night stages are that you'll often encounter enemies that you must defeat before you are allowed to continue. Several of these will spawn at once, and with a few taps of the attack buttons or a few swings of the remote and nunchuck (depending on which control scheme you are using - we strongly recommend either controlling these sections with a traditional control style, or not playing at all) they'll all die fairly quickly. For beat-em-up fans, these sections may be fairly appealing, but they weren't for us.

The sad thing is that the night-time stages occur a lot more than the daytime levels, with three of them (each lasting around seven or eight minutes) to play through at once, compared to the measly five minute play through on a daytime level, followed by a quick mission or two (where you play back through a section of the level you just completed, with an objective such as "don't hit the jars"). There are the odd extra missions to complete when you wish, but these aren't entirely necessary to complete the game.

In addition to all this there's also an awkward menu interface thrown in to keep you "entertained" where you talk to villagers to find out where to go next, but otherwise there's little else to do other than find all the collectables, which have supposedly been hidden (for an example of how well most of them are to find, imagine a fat man hiding behind a candlestick).

It's all a real shame, since there has clearly been a lot of effort go into the graphics and soundtrack. Basically, this is a game for the kids. They'll (probably) love it, and it shouldn't be too hard for them (levels with glitches not included). For hardcore Sonic fans though, you're going to have to keep waiting a little while longer...

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  Sega are on the right track...

| | See all markees's reviews (20)

After playing this for the first time i wasn't too keen on it, but then i went on it again and an hour and a half later, i was still playing so there must have been something right! Even though i heard in reviews that the werehog stages are rubbish, i actually like them as it makes a change from the running around of the daytime sonic. There are a few control glitches with the remote+nunchuck, like if you try and do a homing attack by shaking the remote, sometimes he just flies through the sky and misses :s
The film clips hav amazing graphics - just goes to show how good the wii can be...but then the actual gameplay graphics are quite basic and poor. We've seen what the wii is capable of doing thanks to mario galaxy, so why is it that developers think they can just be like 'oh, it's only for wii, the graphics don't have to be amazing' ?!
It's definitely better than the secret rings, but its still got a bit to go until it can match mario...

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