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Sonic Unleashed

Rating: 7+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (14 reviews)"

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  A nice effort

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As a hardcore sonic fan, I was looking forward to this game for a long time. I was very dishearted at first when I found that there were no Japanese language options on the game, so I shall be looking for the ps3 version instead. However, trying to ignore the terrible American voices, the game is like most sonic games, awesome. It may not live up to secret rings, but that was expected. The Sonic levels dashing through the zones is just what sonic is all about, the beautiful graphics are as good as it gets on wii, and there is plenty of replay available if you like collecting things and getting good grades. The things that let it down are the warehog parts, although it was obvious they would never be as good as the sonic parts, they didn't help themselves by making them just too long. A good idea but more of a side quest, we want to be tearing along in a sonic game, not slowed to a crawl. And something went wrong with the music, gone is the amazing guitar rifts, and cool music, the orchestral music seems more fitting for star wars than sonic. I can't knock sonic team for trying something new, but sonic music is one of the highlights of the games, which sadly is gone here. If you are a sonic fan, you'll love it despite its not so good parts, if you haven't played a sonic game before, secret rings is better, but you may enjoy the more platform warehog areas here.

  Not the pinnacle of the franchise

| | See all jisbest's reviews (7)

The daylight (speed) stages are sonic at his best, and aside from some annoying control glitches when using the wiimote, would be worth 6/5 stars. The problem is that there are about 5 night (warehog) stages to every 1 day stage, and it gets too long and tedious. The warehog combat is fantastic (if you like that sort of thing, and are expecting a lot of it), the problem is that during the werehog stages there are a lot of platforming elements that the control system simply cannot handle, and this can get very frustrating

For instance if you are creeping round the edge of a platform and you move, stop and move again the game intreprites that as the dash command. Yes, you will dash off of cliffs many many times.

If you can handle the control system though, and your arms dont give up from the amount of waggling you have to do in order to complete the warehog sections, this game is a great play.

  It's not bad, but not a worthy comeback though.

| | See all CRaven17's reviews (1)

While I'll admit this is one of the best Sonic game in years, it's at the same time not a worthy comback for the hedgehog. The Sonic levels (day time) is by far the best edition in the game, believe me, they are amazing! However the Werehog sections of the game are too slow to go through and last 3 times longer than one Sonic level, which is a disapointment. From time to time you'll go through towns, requiring to talk to people gathering information to move on, but most of the time they have nothing useful to say, making it pointless to even go and speak to them. Cutscenes are clean and smooth and looks something of a movie from Pixar. Oddly enough, playing the Werehog makes you think your playing a completely different game entirely. It's a mix between Crash Bandicoot and Mario platforming. You have to work through the bad to get to the good, but in the end, it's worth it just to play as Sonic again. Voice acting is fair enough and the music is excellent, each track fits well with each of the continents you play through. If you want a great Sonic return, this could be it, but remember, the story in this game is apparently something SEGA focused on alot, so the Werehog will come into play quite alot here.

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  Save these software engineers

| | See all toastinski's reviews (2)

Do not buy this product. The people who made this game have clearly never owned or used a wii. By wasting your money on it you will make them think they have some 'skills' and they may make another game that you could waste time and money on. If you need to get rid of your money either send it to me or even better, burn it and send the video to these guys with a letter begging them to find a different job. I'm thinking with the level of forethought and planning displayed in this game the government or the civil service would suit them. Sorry guys it is that bad, really. Looks good though....

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