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Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (20 reviews)"

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  A proper family game

| | See all mccormickr's reviews (13)

monopoly is an amazing game anyway, but on the wii its even better. Its an addictive game, although you do have more fun playing with family and friends then on your own. There are times in the game when the computer tends to land between your hotels and not on them, but i notice this on hard mode which is the whole point. My girlfriend is not a gamer but loves this game, so i wont say much more.

  Waste of money!

| | See all technofreak86's reviews (3)

Poor game, the computer is fixed, they miss what ever you buy and you always seem to land on a space the computer has already purchased. The mini games are abit of fun and its best to play with a family or friends so you dont play against the cheating computer. The music can get really annoying after some time and the options are poor as you cant change any music volume etc. Would not recommend this to anyone. If you want to try and beat the computer then good luck.


| | See all Jaggidd's reviews (1)

I have played this game on my own and with friends and family. We all agree it is highly addictive, and cant put it down once its on!!!
A definite recommend.

  fun with friends

| | See all lindsayt's reviews (2)

I think this game is great fun. It is more enjoyable if you play with friends and family though rather than just against the computer.
The reason I haven't given it 5 stars is that the computer tends to 'cheat'. It gets slighty annoying and rather predictable during some games when the computer convienetly lands in between your 2 hotels a little too often...

  State of the Art - Monopoly?

| | See all Ankinstein's reviews (13)

With the Wii's state-of-the-art graphics/interactivity/sound I was hoping for something a little better than a novelty 'dice shake' sound when you shake the controller to throw.

However the game is generally 'ok', but the MOST annoying thing is the awful 'muzak' that plays THROUGHOUT the game without the option to switch it off, it wouldn't be SO bad if the tune changed every now and then, but given a game of Monopoly can last a couple of hours, you may well be tearing your hair out! The only thing you can do is to switch on subtitles and turn the sound off completely, but you really would have thought they'd have programmed in SUCH a simple thing!

  Allmost there

| | See all dean66683's reviews (2)

Not only does this monopoly have the classic board game we all love nut also plenty of other editions and fun mini games too.however be warned, you'll enjoy it loads more against friends and family because if you play against the computer you will swear at the screen to stop cheating! There is luck, and there is monopoly which. Three stars because 1) it lacking that somthing extra and 2) the rabbits foot and four leaf clovers the computer players get. Great family game.

  Not as good as PS2 one...

| | See all skinnyminnie2009's reviews (4)

I couldnt wait to get this for xmas as was addicted to the ps2 one which i loved!!

Considering how the wii is so much more advanced i was disapopinted with the basic feel to this.

Was bored half way through the game and it was no where near as user friendly as the ps2 one. All in all a disappointment.

  Excellent but...

| | See all Mindtear's reviews (2)

Love the game, just a pity theres no online play and you cant use your own Mii's. Hopefully they will bring out an updated version in which you can.

Definately worth the money and is very addictive!!

  A good game - one slight gripe

| | See all casperswhiskers's reviews (3)

I've given this four stars - it's well worth the money, and if like me you are prone to "Monopoly rage" then up to 3 computer players will take you on even after the rest of the family refuse!

I like the feature of the different boards which you have to unlock - each one has its own charm but the sweet board and cheese board are my faves. Mr Monopoly is a useful function to walk you through the game and the ticket system makes it easy to see who owns what property and where the monopolies are.

The missing star is because I can't help feeling that with games technology where it now is there just should be something more, there really is nothing different here to PC versions of Monopoly that I was playing 5 or so years ago. When you purchase a property why don't they show you a brief virtual tour or at least take you up the path into the hallway so you can 'see' your house; when you buy houses and hotels why isn't there a brief clip of their construction?

Summary - good game well worth buying but missing something that would make it stand out from previous versions of this game in other formats.

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