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Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09 All-Play

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (48 reviews)"

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  Good game but no widescreen...

| | See all darasipas's reviews (7)

The game is enjoyable and controls are intuitive. It is one of the best simulation golf games on the market, there are many golf courses to play also many game modes. Graphics are very good but could be outstanding if there was a widescreen support. There is no excuse for EA Sports for that especially when most of TVs are widescreen.
Also no left-handed support for training mode which was worrying but it is only in training... In game play it is fine.
I would give a game 5 stars, but for reasons above it is only 4.

  Very good golf game, despite the odd glitch.

| | See all faffmeister's reviews (3)

In a nutshell, this is the best golf game I have ever played. It's not perfect, but swinging the Wii-mote to play shots works so well that I can't imagine going back to any other control method. The putting is tricky, but gets a lot easier when you increase your putting ability using "My Skills" and buy a decent putter. Do this ASAP unless you are a glutton for punishment. Beware, there are some bugs. For example, NEVER concede a hole in match play as this seems to destroy your average score and this will make qualifying for Q-School almost impossible. Also if you replay a shot, you may receive a different outcome the second time around. However this can be useful when you receive an unlucky bounce, as sometimes you'll get a good bounce on the replayed version. This has got me out of the water and bunkers numerous times! Buy the game, invest a little bit of time and I think you'll be happy you own a Wii.

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  A good game

| | See all EnglishDeath's reviews (132)

This is the 1st none hard core game I have played on the Wii. I like shooters and such.

I wanted a game so I can actually use my waste of space Wii. Well this game actually does what it says on the box.

Game play is good with the Wii mote, it actually works very well. Being a typical male I had to drive the ball as far as I can, the down side is I pulled my shoulder muscle, so be warned.

Putting for me, is hard, I keep fluffing the puts. I don't think it's the game, I think it's me.

Online works well and is very easy to get playing online. Strangely, in my very 1st game I got a hole in one. Must have really wound up the person I was playing. I then got 2 eagles but I STILL lost. Boy was my putting bad.

If you are a golfer don't expect this to help your swing. As a real swing does nothing for this game and I found I was swinging the mote like bat from baseball.

Graphically very good considering how bad the graphics are on the Wii.

If you want a golf game for the Wii, then I don't think you will be disappointed with this one.

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| | See all Zaytzef's reviews (1)

Tiger woods 09 on Wii is very very enjoyable. Would definetaly recomend this game. EVen putting is not bad as some people make it sound, just take some puts to get use to it. ( and what the hell im not even a golf fan).

Wanted to ask is it possible to save some memorable shots?

  Europe needed me in Ryder Cup

| | See all TomBauer22's reviews (10)

This a fun enjoyable game, use to have it on PS2 and flicking anlogue stick is boring bit with wii remote much more fun. You see yourself standing in correct postion and having proper swings at the ball and when make a long putt for birdie feel like a proper golfer. However, sometimes the putting is a bit poor, the preview shows its going in but when hit the ball it goes short and stops inches away from the pin. Also some more range of players like Sergio, Harrington and Karlsson would make it the complete game.

  Most intuitive golf game ever!!!

| | See all thenewgodofwar's reviews (15)

I dont usually by sports games - the thought of sitting in doors in front of the telly recreating something i could be doing outdoors in the sun doesnt usually appeal. However having only once played true golf and sucking at it miserabley, - and not having sufficient financial resources for tuition and course time - Golf is one of the few sporting pursuits I would rather tackle from the comfort of my own living room.
Having previously owned and loved '05 on the PS2, i was initialy tentative about this wii offering. Too many multi-platform games have been ruined on ninty's console due to failure to utilise the remote or by trying to cram button intensive features onto the remotes, admitedly sparse, button layout. However on seing that this wasnt a direct port of the PS3 and XBox versions, rather a wii specific version, I allowed myself to be sucked in and purchased.

Bloody glad i did. This has proved to be the most intuitive golf game i have ever played, thanks, in the large part, to the way that the remote has been implemented in the play. Swing back with the remote and the onscreen character matches the depth of your arc. lower your swing slightly and your character reduces their swing also. movements are translated directly and near-instantly onto the screen, helping you to learn how to control your swing better and eliminate the guesswork out of shots.

Theres plenty of features crammed in there too. Play alone through the PGA cup or challenge modes, hook up with friends and indulge in a myriad of mini games (my favourite being battle golf) or take your game online and compete against other players to improve your rank and standing on the online leaderboards.
Online play is a peach - quick to connect, a steady stream of opponents and very little hanging about. And unlike ninty's own online offerings, you can even communicate with your opponents, OK, Your limited to a set of pre-selected phrases but its a step in the right direction at least.

Too good to be true, i hear you cry? well, almost, the comentary is boring and repetetive, the putting takes a little while to get used to - at first youll hit miles too hard or fall well short of the pin - and it can be a little hard to guage shot strength as theres no onscreen feedback untill after the ball is in the air. However, you can turn the comentary off, and after a few hours off practice on different courses and in different conditions you'll be hitting the ball exactly as you planned to - more often than not.

All in all TW 09 All-play is about as good as golf gets without playing it for real. There really is very little to fault it on and the sense of acheivment when you land your first hole in one overshaddows any of the minor niggles mentioned.

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  What's the problem??

| | See all Dgozzy's reviews (1)

I have to disagree with everyones reviews of the putting.I'll admit it takes a while to adjust to it,but once you do,i found it a welcome addition.If you play golf,you know that to putt,you don't stand with a straight back.If you lean over just slightly,it reduces the awkwardness of the putting,and makes it far more enjoyable.An awesome game.

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| | See all HeyYouGuys's reviews (8)

This game is a must buy even if your not a massive golf fan, It combines the perfect balance of being realistic, simple but challenging. The graphics are also superb, If you havent already ordered this then what are you waiting for?

  only one slight flaw in an otherwise awesome game

| | See all bigGordon62's reviews (5)

Although i love this game i was slightly disappointed at the omission of the sitting mode that was available in 08 . I'm unable to stand for long periods so that option was ideal & i dont like using the nunchuck. However with a little furniture re-arranging and a bit of getting used to sitting side on to the tv i'm now getting great scores !!! An awesome game overall though especially online ! (Except for some the higher ranked players who wont deem you worthy to play if you are just starting ha ha )

  Buy it....................

| | See all Cockneygooner's reviews (2)

Having played solidly for a year on TW 08 i couldn't wait for 09 to pop through my letterbox & i have to say that it was well worth the wait. The putting is different ob this year's version but once practised a bit then i easily got the hag of it. The best bit of this release though is undoubtedly the online option which i have played a lot & with a perfect connection everytime.

10/10 for me as it's a fantastic game & thoroughly recommended.

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