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Call Of Duty: World At War

Rating: 15+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (56 reviews)"

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  Great Cod!!

| | See all malteser1966's reviews (36)

Awesome campaign!! Graphics are real good, I mean you cant compare them to xbox but I dont know why everyone says the graphics on wii are so bad, they are really very good!! I especially liked being an American marine in the Pacific! Multiplayer is awesome...I dont know what else to say!! Highly Recommended!!!!


| | See all Russiaforthewin's reviews (12)

Really good game, shame about there being no British Campaign, but the Russian campaign was brilliant. You learn a lot from it as well.

  Very Addictive...you have been warned!!

| | See all drbhatiajs's reviews (1)

Its my first shooting game on Wii and I absolutely loved it. I finished the initiall campaign first but when I started playing the multiplayer mode I just couldnt stop!


| | See all 14Jimbo's reviews (185)

I first played this round my friends in multiplayer and i loved it after getting my first kill!

The graphics, characters and scenery are all amazing!

A must buy for any call of duty fan or a wii shooter fan!


| | See all pificus's reviews (10)

All I can say is this game is great, the graphics, the story mode and best of all the online multiplayer. Multiplayer is the most addictive part of the game.

If you haven't played a shooting game on the wii before you might find the controls a bit difficult but you soon get used to them. The only bad point I can find in this game is the lack of split screen mulitiplayer, but with you aiming at the screen with the remote to turn around and aim I understand why spilt screen isn't included.

A must buy!

  Brilliant Game!

| | See all kylemac's reviews (14)

This is a brilliant game with good story mode and epic multiplayer. I have played it since it came out and still play it today. Worth buying!


| | See all simont2000's reviews (3)

Truly the best shoot em up on the Wii. This game really takes you to the heart and chaos of the battlefield. I love it, what a bargain

  Impressive stuff and lots of fun

| | See all Teide27's reviews (15)

Okay I have'nt had a Nintendo Wii for long but after playing Call of Duty 2 and 3 on the Xbox 360 a couple of years ago. This was one of the first titles I purchased after getting the Wii console.
Now it goes without saying that if graphics are what floats your boat and you have either a PS3 or Xbox 360 then they are the versions you should opt for. If like me though you only have the Wii then read on.
For the limitations of the Nintendo Wii, the graphics are great despite a few glitches here and there. But these are easilly forgotten as it's the gameplay that really stands out. The Call of Duty brand is one of quality and World at War is no exception. A sense of time is lost as your playing this, emersed in a war, fighting shoulder to shoulder with your fellow soldiers. You'll be playing for hours on this during it's 14 missions, set across both the Pacific and European wars. Now as I said at the beginning, I don't own a PS3 or Xbox 360. But this game is so good that it will definately be one of those that I would buy with either of those consoles in the future. It's that good and is well recommended to anyone who just own's a Wii


| | See all mccormickr's reviews (13)

ive had all the CODS, for the pc, xbox. and besides the first call of duty for the pc which was amazing! this has to be second, especially for the wii. the controls are easy, but take some skill using the wii zapper. this game looks alot better if you have a component cable and will benefit more. try not to go online with it, as its very addictive!!!!

  The best ww2 shooter on the wii

| | See all Lukest's reviews (12)

I loved it the campaign is great and the online is awesome it is a really great game and good graphics if you have a component cable but now the new one is out i would really recommend it because it is so much better and the price difference is not massive

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