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Shaun White Snowboarding: Road Trip (For Wii Fit)

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (14 reviews)"

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  Best Game Ever

| | See all omarali's reviews (1)

I bought this a couple of months back and it is a great game. This games probably got the best graphics on the wii and has a good story mode. I would recomend buying it, you will not regret it.

  Totally Awsome Dude

| | See all DawgRider's reviews (78)

A great game for all the family, with some great songs to help you glide your way down the slopes. Graphics are ace and the controlls are easy. Buy it-you know you want to!!!!

  Shaun white snowbording

| | See all sean247's reviews (2)

Bought this game from play.com and it is easy to control on the wii balance board and wii remote. Has a few good songs on it including faithless - we come 1. I totaly enjoyed this game my favourate so far! I recommend this game. 10/10!

  Makes most excellent use of the Wii Balance Board.

| | See all dragonlord's reviews (442)

I have always wanted to do snowboarding for real and with Shaun White Snowboarding I am as close as I will get without doing it for real. The way you control your snowboarder as you go down the mountain is amazing and it feels so natural. The graphics are very good for the Wii and there are some great snow effects. Such as your snowboarder getting covered in snow, as he takes a fall and then the snow slowly comes off as you regain control. When it comes to doing stunts it is best to stand on one foot whilst pressing A or B on the Wii remote. To jump you bend your knees and stand up fast for a more impressive jump. Pressing your weight at the front of the Wii Balance Board makes you go really fast. I am so glad that I went for the Wii as the Wii controls are cutting egde and make the games more enjoyable to play then ever befor.

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  Best Present for Able Bodied people

| | See all Darksol's reviews (2)

What can i say, i love this game, you have to play the game with the balance board sideways (as with a real snowboard) and lean forward or backwards to veer left or right. Leaning on your leading foot accelerates the board, while leaning on your backfoot slows you down and enables sharper turning.

Performing tricks is probably the single hardest part of this game, not that i don't enjoy the difficulty - it rocks! Keeping presurre on certain parts of the board, such as your heels, will cause the board and rider to rotate anti-clockwise whilst in mid air, clock wise if you lean on your toes. Pressing a or b on the wii remote activates a simple trick, when used in conjunction with the rotations, you can rack up huge bonuses to your tricks, as is required once you finally catch up with mr white!!

I'd suggest reading the user manual with this game religiously before playing, in order to accustom yourself with the various tricks at your disposal.

All in all, simply the best (er only) home console snowboarding game you can play with your feet, my only gripe being that you have to buy another copy of wii fit and balance board in order to have an equally matched 2 player with 2 boards

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  A Must 4 All U Board Lovers

| | See all Dougie10's reviews (1)

Finally a wii game that is made for wii board lovers. The holy grail of next gen games where you feel that you're actually there!
OK the Graphics are not your 360 or PS3 quality but trust me once you get in to it you kind of appreciate the artistry. I'm a big SSX Tricky fan and in my opinion Shaun White on the wii board is miles better!!! Until SXX tricky come out with one for the board

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  A decent introduction of the balance board into gameplay....

| | See all TheFink's reviews (1)

I bought Shaun White on Wii to make better use of my balance board and I wasn't dissappointed. The basic controls are easy enough to master on the balance board and you'll be doing more technical tricks in no time, its a very addictive game and a little tiring physically (well after 3 hours) but thoroughly enjoyable with its varied styles of play, such as speed runs, trick runs, half pipe and collecting power ups. For £17.99 I'd say its a must have for all balance board owners. Enjoy.

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  Shaun White Snowboarding

| | See all Craftykel's reviews (1)

Absolute must have game. No need for the wii fit board easy just to use the remote untill you get used to the controls then try the board. Certainly a fun game to have

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| | See all yodadoc's reviews (1)

This game is excellent. Really easy to pick up and play. Tiring and great workout...much better than wii fit. The only criticism is that the game seems to be automatically set for regular riders and it is difficult to ride goofy. If anyone knows how let me know :)

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  Amazing fun and keeps you fit!

| | See all Steviet010's reviews (1)

This is the best game I have played with th ewii fit board. My legs are knackered after playing so if your looking to keep fit its a good choice.

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