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Need For Speed: Undercover

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (16 reviews)"

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  Need For Speed

| | See all Pearl92's reviews (1)

I can't actually write a proper review at the moment because I can't play the game yet. When I put the disc in my wii console it says the disc can not be recognised and I'm a bit confused of why this is. Any help? Thanks

  Great gameplay, car sounds only lacking cars and wi-fi

| | See all madcow11's reviews (2)

Very good story line and need for speed has started to get back to most wanted glory. Car sounds are unreal with a sound system turned high. The only bad bits are that the wii version is lacking the wi-fi connection and the Audi R8, Buggati Veyron and the Gumpert but this doesn't matter because this game is great. Worth every penny (It's pretty cheap anyway)

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  Good game but dissapointed at cars

| | See all Hartlepoolthebest's reviews (4)

Excellent game, i completed it in about 10 days, and loved it. Police chases are amazing, and the speedbreaker is very helpful. But......... I was dissapointed at the cars. I had the CCX and porsches, but i was expecting Mclarens, Gumpert, Veyron, and most of all the Audi R8 wasnt there. i was dissapointed in that but overall good game, despite story line also been a bit confusing!

Good game

Worth a buy

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  Good game, dissappointed by graphics

| | See all zimmerman1981's reviews (1)

Good gameplay, but the graphics. Oh dear. On a sony 40" with 480p its dissappointing. Also, during a race, a lorry fell from the sky and bounced on the road in front of me, whats that all about?

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  good, few niggles though!

| | See all flyinpig's reviews (11)

I wasn't planning to get this game, but when i did i thought it was ok, but i've had it for a week and completed every part of it from the challenge series to the career bit!! Great driving fun but very easy, no real challenge at all!!! The graphics are good on smaller screens, anything bigger than 32" and its quite bad, and gameplay is goodish, just to easy to complete! also you get the impression from the tv adverts and so on that the cars are the new models and the new cars(like the PS3 and x-box version!) and i think its bad how they can get away with that!the new cars was one of the reasons why i bought it very dissapointed with EA for this, the newist kar was probably the kounigsegg or however u spell it!! basically the same cars as NFS carbon and NFS most wanted, huge dissapointment!A game to pass the time and one for the collection tho.


| | See all rodgerthedodger's reviews (2)

Good game really good but i got it and play it at home and if there is anyone else in the room they say like turn it off this boring so play it when your on your own. Good graphics, good cars, good police chases. Quaility game

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  Need For Speed:Undercover

| | See all scott101's reviews (37)

Graphics?Ther's nothing wrong with the graphics,I didn't buy my game from play.com if it makes any difference but the graphics are great.Comparing this game to need for speed:pro street,it's great pro street on ps2 put me off need for speed and car racing games.Any way this game is great career mode is good,you can do the missions or just run away from the police.Don't be put off by the other reviews I think thew graphics are good,good cars,easy to drive,Great game!
By Scott aged 12

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  Wheel is a must for ease of playing game.

| | See all helz88's reviews (5)

Game is good, i would recommend using a steering wheel attachment for the remote when playing this game just for the ease of controlling your car. Is great when you're trying to escape from police cars. Fair enough graphics aren't great but it's not everything, to be honest i don't even care about graphics as long as i can see what i'm doing, which you can.

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  back to the good old games

| | See all pomster's reviews (13)

After the disgrace that was pro street i was so glad they reverted back to the old style of games like most wanted. Granted the graphics are poor but it is still a very good game

  Why Are The Game Graphics So BAD on the Wii?!?

| | See all Paulius's reviews (2)

As a fan of NFS: Underground 2 and especially of NFS: Most Wanted, I just had to get this game. My friend got it for the Xbox 360 and said it was 'just like Most Wanted'. True enough, the gameplay is very similar and it features a lot of the best elements from Underground 2 and from Most Wanted. Now for the bad part . . .

The graphics. The in game graphics are so bad, I was seriously thinking about returning this game and getting the PC version. Even trucks appear out of nowhere and the only way to tell that a vehicle is approaching is by looking for their shadows on the ground - it's ridiculous.

How come Nintendo seem able to produce super shiny graphics for their consoles, but 3rd party companies can't? This isn't a new phenomenon either - remember Mario 64 and Wave Race 64? Groundbreaking stuff at the time, but the 3rd party games never came anywhere close.

I actually made the statement that the graphics were worse than on Most Wanted on the Gamecube, but then I put that on the Wii to see if I was right. well, Most Wanted was in lower resolution and looked a bit grainier, but the detail level was better than this game. Undercover has more pixels and is shinier, but the graphics are only marginally better than those on the Gamecube. How can this be possible? Did Nintendo forget to tell EA something, I wonder . . ?

In summation: DISAPPOINTING!!!

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