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Tomb Raider: Underworld

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (16 reviews)"

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| | See all Chris28Nastri's reviews (2)

I Love this game and The past Tomb Raiders.At times I want to give up with the puzzels and the ledges i keep falling from but once i find the answer to the secret, i just cant get enough of it.
Worth every Penny

  What a let down

| | See all StuPS23's reviews (3)

After finishing the previous Anniversary Tomb Raider game which is excellent, I rushed out to buy Underworld. What a dissapointment. You can tell they spent no time thinking of a plot for this game, and even worse, there is hardly any action either. Save your money or buy the excellent Anniversary instead folks.

  Not as good as Tomb Raider Anniversary

| | See all Spiderbudgie's reviews (3)

This game is pretty poor compared to other TR games. You can tell simply by the difference in Price. TR Anniversary is still selling at £30 and the cheapest I have seen it was £15 on Wii ( As of 04/08/09 ). This only sells at £10. It speaks for itself. I would reccomend TR Legend and Anniversary. This game no longer includes Croft Manor and the unlockables and rewards are pretty bad. This game is ok and is fun in places but I don't think that it lives up to the previous TR games. If you really want a good TR game then I would buy Legend or Anniversary.

  very poor

| | See all leepatsy's reviews (51)

i was very dissapointed in this game and thought it was awful compared to previous tomb raider games especially anniversary which was quite good.

  More bugs than a tropical rainforest.

| | See all paulus6's reviews (2)

This game is good and harks back to the earlier Tomb Raider games - more puzzles, less fighting and a sense of isolation. However, it was fraught with quite a number of bugs, which became quite frustrating especially when forced to start again from your last save point.

  Enjoyable Tomb Raider game

| | See all jimisfireburns's reviews (35)

Was not sure how to score this. I had Tomb Raider anniversary previously, which was really good. This time, the graphics are really good, with some moments where you admire the scenery. Though there are spots where you think it looks a bit barren. But that isn't often the case. I didn't have any problems with glitches with the ledge grabs or jumps etc. I found when it happened, it was when I pressed the wrong buttons stupidly lol. It might be because I had Anniversary, but sometimes I thought it was a tad easier. And there doesn't seem to be much fighting. Though it is supposed to be a platform / puzzle / adventure. But I really liked the weapons and combat system coupled with the good graphics. I must admit, I am mostly into shooting games, so it could be me.

I really enjoyed the game. I think the graphics pushed it to a 4 star game for me, and also it is at a good price. It also felt a bit short - though I reckon it must be at about 8 - 10 hours.

  It's not bad.

| | See all nuttyfatman's reviews (4)

The graphics are excellent, the motorcycle is fun and the storyline is a good one. The only criticism is that in the PS2 version, there are not so many enemies and it can get a bit boring sometimes. The Croft Manor 'training' episode isn't as intriguing as previous games either.

  thrilling storyline! fantastic graphics!

| | See all ginny1990's reviews (1)

Wonderfull story if you like drama and mysteries, great historical theme if you like that sort of thing. Loved the ame but the ending was dissapointing.
Very addictive and fun but much less fighting/ action as it's predessessor.

  Best game ever

| | See all deadman26's reviews (7)

I really like this game and think that people should buy it.I like it because it is challenging and i like the moterbike and the monsters.i dont agree that it is rubbish because it is great and the graphics are really good.my best level is the underworld level.i would like to see another tombraider please because it is great. many thanks to eidos for making tombraider games.

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  Tomb Raider

| | See all WAVESS's reviews (1)

Was looking forward to playing Underworld, last time I played Tomb Raider was on the PC several years ago.

Was slightly disappointed with the game play, walking through walls, getting stuck occasionally. The biggest issues was getting out of one of the levels which I spent several hours on, it turns out to be a bug and the lever which opens the underwater door doesn't appear. This was triggered when you leave the sinking ship, if you swim to the right of the first tower of rock it activate the bug.

Sure enough had to start the game again, didn't swim to the right of the rock, and hey presto the lever appear later on in the game.

Also some of the features in the other consoles (xbox/Playstations) have been removed, such as Bats and Spiders.

Still enjoyed playing the game. Agree with other comments, looked like is was ported without testing (hence a bit of a rush)