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Star Wars: The Clone Wars - Lightsaber Duels

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

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  Fun if you don't take it seriously.

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Obviously this is aimed at kids, as is everything with the Clone Wars name (George Lucas would rather make a profit from kids party invitations with Anakin Skywalker's face on them, and I guess no one's going to argue with him), so don't expect anything challenging.

It's a very short game, around six different fights (however there are lots of challenges and different modes), and not a lot of characters. You are supposed to be able to do various different moves through swinging the Wiimote in a combination of different directions (left, left, up, right for example). First of all, the controls aren't sensitive enough to do these moves most of the time, it's blind luck if you get it right. Second of all, the moves all look pretty much the same so really you don't care if you get them right or not.

Half the fun comes from swinging the remote around blindly. Blocking is fairly pointless because it doesn't work half the time. You can't usually get a chance to use the Force either because your enemy can see it coming a mile away. BUT it is fun to play, and a very good workout! It's great in multiplayer after a few drinks.

To those complaining about the repetitive dialogue...you do know you can switch it off in the options menu, right? Only takes a second.

It's not the lightsaber game we've all been waiting for. If you've played the swordfighting games in Wii Sports Resort you'll know that the technology now exists for a great lightsaber game with sensitive controls, so hopefully there'll be a decent one in the future.


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right, i got this with my birthday money and i'm glad i used a reward card instead of my birthday money.i have lightsabers everywhere around the house but THIS is just about fitting into my star wars collection overall i wouldn't call this George Lucas's best work ever so i wouldn't buy this with my own money but of course this is just my opinion so buy it if you want to but remember you've been WARNED!!!...

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  Great for Kids, A must for Star wars completists

| | See all Wavo68's reviews (4)

I bought this for my Nephews Birthday as he is a big Clone wars fan and he was not dissapointed, his favourite is the multiplayer aspect and the ability to have his own lightsaber! The game does require a lot of arm waggling but still a lot of fun.

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  Nothing Special

| | See all LuckyLars's reviews (1)

This is a game that has easy controlls, OK graphics and fun multiplayer options. But as i say in the title, nothing special... The controlls are fun because you have to move your body, but the slasing and stabbing controlls are too damn sensitive.

It is almost impossible to do a combo the right way because the tiniest little move with your wrist, responses to a slash or stab. And it is also nothing more than an 1-on-1 game, this may be fun, but it's no action-adventure. this is a fun multiplayer game and it's also a fun game if you hadn't played it for a while, but like i said... Nothing Special...

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Bought this game for my son on release day. How I wish I had waited for the reviews first.... I decided to buy it for him at the full price because he is a big Star Wars fan. Every time he puts this game on I weep at how much I was ripped off. Terrible graphics, poor controls, same old repetitive speech, even for Wii standards this is dire. If you want to buy your kids a game for Christmas please look elsewhere, this is one of the many shovelware titles thrown out for the Wii. It might get used a few times then just forgot about like my copy. Might be worth a tenner if you can find an old copy.

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  The Force is weak with this one

| | See all supakewlaaron's reviews (10)

For some reason, I was excited when I heard about this game. I was hoping for a deep adventure with intuitive, accurate controls. I was wrong.

Lightsaber Duels is essentially an inferior version of Bleach: Shattered Blade. Battles are slow-paced and can be won simply by thrashing around until the other Jedi runs away. Unneccesary Force powers are tacked on, but rarely work.

The presentation is nice enough, but irritating comments are repeated ad nauseum through battles ("Why don't you grow a beard like Master Qui-Gon?!" is a common - and annoying - one).

If the game had an option to play without motion controls, it may have been better - even ignoring the other faults, the control scheme kills it. If you're desperate for a Star Wars game, you'd be much better with The Force Unleashed.

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  Disapointed Jedi :0(

| | See all maxraz's reviews (4)

What can i say i was expecting somthing really stuinning with this
So was my six year old son whos star wars daft. The game idea seem great but as soon as you start up the game you relise to crack each level is to wave the wii remote up and down to defeat each enemy in your path so within a day my six year old was a jedi master beating everyone in his path. The lack of skill required and then meet by the fact the content of the game is lacking to say the least unlock a few extra jedi and job done game completed. If your expecting anything related to the films you will not see it all based on the series seen on sky at the moment thats not a bad point but dont expect to see luke taking on darth vader overall very disapointed thank god bought with vouchers and not my own cash!!

Think this game has pushed me to join the dark side of the force.

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