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James Bond: Quantum Of Solace

Rating: 12+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (24 reviews)"

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  The only cover system FPS on wii with local multiplayer

| | See all SifuBuda's reviews (2)

I can only really recomend this game if you like local multiplayer which is really good (for the wii) - 4 player cover system fps dont exist on the will so if thats something your into, then buy this game - it almost makes up for how "buggy" the actual game is. The graphics arnt great, the controls are a bit too loose and did i mention it was "buggy"?

Buy this if you have 3 friends in the same room who you want to shoot in the face ...

Peace, Sifu Buda

  Very addictive!

| | See all Benjie31's reviews (3)

Been playing this game since Christmas and I play it every night! The actual Bond game is good and is a mixture of Quantum of Solace and Casino Royale. As previous reviewers have commented - the graphics are not 'top notch' and could be better for the Wii, but the gameplay itself is good fun and will keep you amused for some time.

The added bonus of this game is the Wifi connection, allowing you to play against other people online and this is great fun! You play a 15 minute game against 3 other players and the one who kills the most at the end, gains the more points and your overall points score increases. However, if you don't win, your score will often fall. There are a few gripes with the online game - I am often disconnected during the game with the error "connection lost", the main downside of this is that you lose points even if you are winning! However, the games make you feel very competitve and it is good fun in making you mission to kill the person who has just shot you!

All in all - a very good game and highly recommended.

  Not Call of Duty Standard but still a Good Game!

| | See all MasterReviewer's reviews (16)

This game is alot of fun, sometimes frustrating but fun.

The storyline is quite good, although short and the controls are cleverly utilised.

Don't get me wrong, this is no call of duty, the graphics are decent, the online mode is alot of fun but could do with a lot more work!

However, would recommend and a decent price to.

  james bond : q of s

| | See all saints9626's reviews (1)

average, the story mode is good but short the graphics are good but the multiplayer could be better with only 2 modes to choose from, online is good but laggs alot. worth the money though.

  007 - Quantum Of Solace

| | See all flameboyyyyyy's reviews (228)

Good, but very very short.
It took me over a period of a week 2 hours to complete this.
The graphics considering its a wii game are actually ok, and online and multiplayer games are particually fun. You have a little bit to do after you finish the campaign but does get boring after a while. But although not great, still worth a look.


| | See all ajdyett's reviews (17)

I bought this game last week and I can't get off it, the graphic's are brilliant, the gameplay is brilliant and the story is brilliant. This is by far the best bond game since GOLDENEYE for the N64. This is also the best game availble for the Wii, it gets 10/10.

  Great Game

| | See all nikinoonoo's reviews (346)

This is probably the best James Bond game I have ever played,not only does it have the best storyline but because it's on the 'Wii' it makes you feel as though you're part of the action!And the Daniel Craig graphic looks incredible

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  Fun, very fun

| | See all James5647's reviews (7)

Everyone bangs on about how crap the graphics can be and how they are sub PS1 on the wii. Well they are not ture. The people who say this are the people who spend all day in their parnets basements on the their computer trying to hack the pentagon and complaning about "The state of burgers these days" whilest playing RuneScape or World of Warcraft. All that matters is that the game is fun. Ok the graphic can be a little dodgy and the water at times looks odd but when was the last time someone said "I love this game because the water looks so realistic". Over all the game is brilliant and very fun. definatley worth getting. P.S if a friend gets it you can play online aginst them and blow their heads off!

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  Quantum of fun

| | See all Nafemeister's reviews (12)

An excellent shooter, probably the best i've seen on the wii. Graphics are very good (about as good as possible on the wii) and the flickers are minimal. Only reason i feel 5 stars are not deserved is because of annoying deaths. On more than one occassion i died and couldn't work out why. Several repeat deaths later and i still couldn't figure it out. It turned out it wasn't a sniper, but rather i hadn't walked in the right direction! Oh, and the on-line play is superb.