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Pikmin (New Play Control!)

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (9 reviews)"

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  a great buy

| | See all HIPHopHoppo's reviews (2)

this was my first time playing pikmin and i must say that it surprised me , the new controls as it said on the box were very easy to pick up and in no time mastered , the story mode is a change of pace to most as your set with 30 days to repair your ship , overall a great buy

  classic buy buy buy buy buy iiittttttttttttt!!!!

| | See all REALIST4U's reviews (94)

i got this on gamecube and had to get it agen with nu controls works well a klassic buy it and pikmin2 8)

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  Top game

| | See all acrobacebat's reviews (19)

this game first came out on gamecube, and now its out on the wii its the same but still very very fun its a must buy

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  Pikmin make a welcome return!

| | See all MoogleMage's reviews (12)

Pikmin is a port of a Gamecube game released several years ago, in which having played myself was a huge fan. Sadly, the gamecube was doomed to obscurity and so this game didn't reach the audience it deserved.

For those who weren't lucky enough to play it the first time around, you take control of Cpt. Olimar who crash lands on a distant planet and has 30 days to recover his lost spaceship parts, with only the aid of the local creatures known as pikmin. Pikmin are tiny plant-like beings who seem to (luckily) obey every order issued by Olimar.
Just like ants, Pikmin are pretty much useless on their own but as the saying goes "There's safety in numbers". You can have up to 100 pikmin on the field at one time and can order them to fight, build, destroy or carry anything from local hostile wildlife to your missing ship parts. With 3 varieties of pikmin, each with their own strengths and weakness you'll have to assess each new situation/enemy carefully to decide which to use.

Thankfully with the popularity of the Wii, Nintendo have re-released some of it's better titles with some extras added to enhance the experience. Pikmin features new motion controls and an improved save function that allows you to restart any day.
"New motion controls? big deal!" I hear some people say, but using the remote to control the cursor makes to so much easier to aim and control your pikmin and honestly feels like an improvement upon the original. Now if you can see a pikmin even on the farthest edge of the screen you can call it, while previously you'd had to have run into range. Each level is timed which helps adds to the strategic side of things, should you push for that extra spaceship part or spend time harvesting more pikmin?

This newer update is a welcome addition to the Wii's library and although people have said to buy the gamecube version, I'd have to advise the opposite. The improved control scheme and save function more then make up the difference.

However, Pikmin still remains to be a short game and I managed to complete the story and all 30 spaceship parts within 5 hours easily. The motion controls deffinately made the game easier so that could act as a double-edged sword when considering a purchase. Also the character models look dated, but you spend very little time zoomed in close enough to notice. The environments are still as lush and beautiful as before and you'll honestly enjoy exploring every nook and cranny.

Now with Pikmin 2 awaiting a "New Play Control!" release and the brand new Pikmin 3 being made, there's never been a better time to start plucking your pikmin!

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  Top game

| | See all carrie2008's reviews (18)

I never played this game on xbox. I am hooked on the game it's great fun and I found it challenging. I think anyone who likes a good strategy type game woud love this. I'd definately recommend buying. As for controls. I have no problems with them and found it easy to navigate through the game.

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  Much better than GC version

| | See all Daeseok's reviews (1)

Nothing much has been changed, but the new control rules.
It's dead accurate and very responsive. Now it's much easier to gather your pikmins and aim to attack enemies.
Also graphically, 480p and widescreen is now supported -
If you already have a gamecube controller and a gamecube memory card you may consider buying an old gamecube version, for it's cheaper. But if you want an overall better experience, go for the Wii version.

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  Nintendo ruin great game.

| | See all CaptainRon's reviews (1)

Oh dear oh dear. First let me say this. I played Pikmin 1 and 2 to death on gamecube. Really good games. I bought this for a Wii owning friend who has never experienced Pikmin. I had a go at the wii version and I have to say that whoever play tested and ok'd the new controls needs firing! It is completely impossible to swarm your pikmin around Olimar to maintain high rate of fire when throwing Pikmin due to the control layout. This will make high speed accurate swarm attacks impossible. Do yourself a favour. Get a Gamecube controller and get hold of the gamecube version which will play on wii. Graphically they are identical and the old control system will give a vastly superior Pikmin experience. I would have given this five stars if they had got the controls right. As is, I am being generous with 2.

  just a remake...

| | See all jack68's reviews (1)

back in 2001 a game called pikmin was on the game cube by nintendo, it is a strategy game in which you control miniature 'pikmin' that have different abilities depending on their colour. The game is well balanced in terms of difficultly and even if you dislike stragety games you will fun yourself having fun with this one.

But my problem here isn't with the game itself that nintendo has the cheek to fully release an 8 year old game ( that can already be played on the wii thanks to its backwards compatibly) just by adding the gimmick of the wiimote ( it doesn't really enhance the game play much).

This game leaves me wondering when nintendo will stop re-releasing successful games, and actually start making successful games again.

What would you prefer? Pikmin (New Play Control!) or Pikmin 3?

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| | See all daviesmaddy's reviews (1)

if you want a challenge and love gaming this game is for you. it may look cute and cuddly but their is a monster of a game hiding behind it. my favourite gamecube game and plays well on wii too. as well the standard mode there is a challenge mode too grow as many pikmin as you can within the time limit......................madness ensues

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