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Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop

Rating: 18+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (14 reviews)"

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| | See all darfor's reviews (25)

great game for a qiick blast. great weapons, nearly everything can be picked up and used as a weapon. graphics are ok. few issues with zombies popping up out of no where. dogs and parrots get annoying.
the real big issue is that the mssions can get very samey, i.e fetch a person bring them back, thats about it..the main game story is good though .
all in all not worth paying much more than 15 quid for. still woluld recommend it though

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| | See all 14Jimbo's reviews (185)

It can get boring killing zombies all the time in a shopping mall and using the same items all the time. Great game though for zombie lovers.

  fun fun fun!

| | See all samsjac's reviews (7)

I like this game quite alot. Got it a couple of days ago from play.com and i must say i have thorougly enjoyed it. However, i dont think it is as good and creative as resident evil 4 on wiii but if ur looking for a bit of fun while being challenged then this is the game for you.

The reason i miss a star is because it can get a bit repeditive, iv only played it for 2 straight hours and im already wanting more creative tasks, maybe bcus im on easy level lol!

But i still like this game, buy it if u have an extra £15 cus it is a great, fun game.

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  Some improvements, some let downs

| | See all King65's reviews (7)

Firstly the style of combat is now more revolved around guns, than the orignal xbox style of picking up whatever you want to kill zombies is less availble to the player. Thankfully in this version of the game some annoying features of the 360s dead rising have been removed, there is no longer a time limit on the whole story line and sub missions are now much easier to read, however by doing this the game has become easier and will be less appealing to those who enjoy a challenge.

The storyline of Dead Rising is good, but certain parts can become frustrating such as in many parts of the game you will have to complete side missions before continuing the main story line. The resident evil 4 engine works well on the game, another problem alot of in game events were moved into side mission or removed, which ruins the unexpected occurance of having to save people from zombies or other people.

However two new modes were added to make up for losses the 360 had which the wii can't handle, one mode is a shooting mini game and another is bunch of levels you have to do with certain requirements and can be quite entertaining.

Overall the amount of content avalible offers a fair amount of game time and secret unlockables are still avalible for this version. If you enjoyed the original dead rising or other capcom survival game then this game will be a good choice but it is generally nothing that special about it compared to the original.

  a big let down

| | See all halofan001's reviews (4)

this game was very easy to get to grips with the controils are easy especally if you have played resident evil 4. but if you have played the xbox 360 version you are in for a big disapontment, unlike the 360 version you have lots of ammo for guns, in fact u dont have to use items as you can justg shoot everything. this takes the fun of killing everything with anything. also alot of the old wepons now dont exist and the fun old plastic lightsaber can now kill enamys with one hit. a big let down. the other anoying thing about this game unlike the 360's version is you dont have the freedom as the last game as it gives you missions and a arrow to follow to complet. ovulesly you can take your time and have some fun but i missed just finding missions about the map. in my eyes a big let down

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  Keep on Chopping

| | See all Peter73Y's reviews (4)

This game is great fun once you have got used to the controls on the Wii if you are a novice gamer like me, but is seriously addictive and great fun, on how you decide you can kill the zombies. The only problem is the loading of scenes, when moving from once part of the mall to the other. However it does have the redeeming feature of allowing you to stop zombie attacks whilst you boost your health on the Easy Level, just so you can get used to the game.
If you have not played this game before I would recommended this to the serios Zombie Killer fans out there.
The gore level can be turned down to suit your own tastes, but watching heads explode can be fun.

  A bit frustrating at first, but great after a while.....

| | See all Enigmatical's reviews (8)

If you compare this game with the xbox 360 version, you will be highly dissapointed, but if you try and see the game with "new eyes" it is really fun and thrilling. At first I thought the controls where frustrating, but I got used to them really fast. I would only wish that the game had its camera function from the xbox 360 version and also that the trigger button was only b, since using the a button makes it very difficult to use with a gun, which would have been awsome. Overall a great game.

  Extreme Fun & Gore

| | See all muffy78's reviews (3)

I have played the xbox version and found the controls a bit aqward, the controls for the wii version are great and much easier once you get the hang of them. This game is by far the best i have played on the wii so far. On completion of the game you open up new side missions, which open up more side missions on competion making it more addictive!

Looking forward to the ps3 sequal later on this year...not looking forward to more demonic poodles and parrots tho!!

  "I killed a zombie, with a lawn mower".

| | See all weeman247's reviews (28)

This game is a blast. You can use anything to killed zombies, benches, lawn mowers, footballs anything.
I must admit this not a patch on Res Evil 4. But it is good. Especially played in Dolby Surround sound and with an 480p HD cable.
Due to games like this, when the next gen Wii comes out (in production.) Microsoft and Sony will lose a lot of business.