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Sonic And The Black Knight

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

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  A Dissapointment!

| | See all Calzer's reviews (23)

This could have been so much better.
The gamplay and graphics were... alright, but could have been done with a bit more dusting up before release. It would be a good game if it was only 15 pounds but, for the retail price, totally not worth it, it is just way too short and gets boring after a while!

  too short

| | See all amanrulez's reviews (14)

The game is too short, i beat story mode in 2 hours and you can only play as the other 3 characters on a few levels. Sonic and the secret rings was better...

  It Is Actually Fun

| | See all BlueRogue's reviews (151)

Sonic is in a rather bad position at the moment, while Sonic Unleashed created the uneasy choice of decent speed platforming versus stretchy armed mediocre fighting with no clear decision on whether to like the game or hate it, Sonic & the Black Knight acted like a Matador by placing the red sheet right in front of the fan base bulls by introducing a game based entirely on swordplay, so expectations were edging towards extreme hatred & anger that Sonic Team were releasing yet another Sonic game with a pointless gimmick. So allow me to calm everyone down and say that the game is actually really fun.
Don't get me wrong there are some bad design decisions and they are as follows.
1.) Giving rings away (the very life force you need to survive) in order to complete certain missions.
2.) Items you either can't use or need to wait till the last chapter for any use.
3.) The fact that you can't use other characters till the last chapter and that two characters were scrapped from the main story.
4.) A horrible multiplayer mode.
But the major flaw is that it's barely three hours long which is the same length as the average loading time on Sonic 2006, the entire tutorial for Secret of the Rings and One Werehog level in Unleashed. I suppose if you really didn't like it you'll feel you wasted less time than other games but if you did enjoy it you'll be left disappointed.
But I do remember mentioning it was fun so allow me to tell you why
1.) The speed of the game is good and levels don't take too long to complete
2.) The swordplay is responsive, looks awesome in gameplay and really simple to use. (Even if there are quick timing events)
3.) Game Presentation is superb. Graphics, Story and I'll even comment that the voice acting has improved.
4.) I know people miss springs, speed runners and robots but remember that Sonic is thrown into a Medieval world so such things wouldn't make sense so I'm willing to overlook that.
But most of all it's fun. Remember that word "Fun" so overall you'll get your moneys worth in the end you just have to be patient with it.

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  Good but story is way to short

| | See all AuraSmash's reviews (25)

Dont get me wrong, I loved this game the day i got it, the only problem was that the day after i got it i had finished story mode and since i am an only child the multiplayer battle mode kinda went out the window. I now try to get 5 star on all the levels which is very hard.If you want a long lasting game get smash brothers brawl ( dont worry, sonic is in brawl!) , otherwise get this game if you have brothers or sisters to play with you.