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Overlord: Dark Legend

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

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  So So

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The Game play in this is a lot of fun, the way in which you control minions is a Great way to add new challenge to the game play. The story line is fairly good, make yourself Overlord then protect the kingdom, there is a good amusement value to the game in general and it will leave you smiling as you play.
The down Sides to this game however are, the Wii does tend to struggle and frame rate drops once you have the full set of minions running about, The Customization for the Overlord, seems to have very little purpose really Except to change how he looks. The game is Very easy once you upgrade your minions, they can just destroy anything really, And the Length of the game lets it down hugely. i was able to complete the game in a day. It was worth playing but i regret paying £25.00. The replay value of this game is fairly low as well.

All in all: Worth playing, but make sure it's the game for you before buying it.

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  For The OVERLORD!!!!

| | See all Drewcha's reviews (6)

Welcome megalomaniacs one and all!! For true power and dreams of conquering all, this is the game that will take hours of your life!

This is a game with a great concept and intuitive game play. In this game you play the youngest of 3 siblings all fighting for ultimate power. You control minions, these crazy not very bright creatures that will hack, smash, steal, pillage, capture, beat, chase and collect anything you want them to by pointing your Wiimote at the screen! NOTE! The game is more about using the minions rather then you as the Overlord going and beating the hell out of things, why get your own hands dirty?! Let the Browns and Greens do that for you!!

This game is very nice on the eye, you won't mind running around the same environments as it is fun to do so (with lots of enemies throughout) and with the minions going and collecting anything from weapons to gold it helps to run around again and again.

Ok, unfortunalty this game does have its down sides, the camera can be a pig at times, like being stuck at a funny angle, the story is very VERY linear, and the progression of the Overlord is nonexistent, you can upgrade his weapons and armour but it seems to do nothing for his powers in battle, and one last thing is that when you get your horde up, the Wii does seem to struggle a little bit.

However!!!! With a game that is this fun to play and the real comedy thanks to the minion cut scenes and very good boss battles this is a game that you will just want to keep playing :-) good times!!

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  Another Gem!

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Very good use of the wii motion controls and Great graphics...
makes this funny tale a must for every wii owner!

Everything is great about this game!

Finally i see more games for the hardcore players...

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