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The House Of The Dead: Overkill - Collector's Edition

Rating: 18+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

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  the title says it all

| | See all greame's reviews (5)

What a great addition to the HOUSE OF THE DEAD series, not as fun as hotd2 ,but a lot more adult this time, And a welcome change,As for the swearing you can turn the movie volume down in the options and that cut a good 90% of the swearing out but really the game is 18 rated for a good reason ,One thing is for sure there loads of gringhouse fans out there who would find this game plays just like one of there favorite films A++ to sega .
worth every penny.

  very very adult

| | See all marcussmit's reviews (27)

Now don't get me rong this is a welome addition to the "house of the dead" frantise with lots of blood and gore. My only complaint is that it is way to adult (lots of swearing and the like) i remember when this game had no swearing and had very cartoon like visules and blood now it seems its gone into an very adult restrickted b movie like game whereas the others were fun for the hole family so if u are a parent and have let ur kids play the "house of the dead" befor thats fine just keep them away from this

  Good game, but too much swearing!

| | See all philbaker76's reviews (4)

I can't fault the game, it's really well made ~ bucket loads of blood and guts, plus it's really easy to pick-up and play. Exactly what I was expecting; just to pick up a wii zapper - and shoot zombies!

I'm not a hardcore gamer and only had a few hours on it; but it seems to be a game that I'll go back to again and again!

Only problem is the swearing. I'm a big fan of B-movies from the 70's & 80's ~ none I've seen have this amount of expletives! The odd F-word here and there I don't mind. ...but this game seems to use the F-word just for the sake of it (probably influenced by the unoriginal/self-indulgent Quentin Tarantino's take on the"Grindhouse" genre), and it gets to a point where the bad language is just irritating.

Which is a massive shame for me, because it'll be years before I can play the game with my little boy ~ purely because of the bad-language.

Overall ~ the game is great fun and very easy to play. Rated it four stars (would have been five without the overuse of the f-word).

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  Crude, Rude, Gory and a blast!

| | See all animator811's reviews (2)

The House of the Dead franchise takes its first step forward since HOTD 3. This is similar to previous encounters but used some great ideas to make HOTDO something really special. Headstrong games have added into the mix a superb grinhouse feel and everything from the music to the seven movie themed segments engage you in the game like no previous HOTD incarnations have before. Be warned though...this isn't your typical Wii family friendly game and it is a giant step up in terms of gore and vugarity compared to HOTD 2 and 3. This has an 18 certificate for a reason.

It's also got lots of things to unlock and adds some resident evil style weapon upgrades that you need to buy as you progress through the levels. Complete the full game in story mode and you then unlock the ability to play the "Director's Cut" version of the game.

One of the best light gun games not just on the Wii! One of the best light gun games ever! I hope Headstrong are already working on HOTDO 2!

  Shoot 'em in the head.

| | See all timmy572000's reviews (5)

Zombie games seem to be coming out thick and fast on pretty much every console lately, but what makes this game different? Well to start it diverges from the usual playing style of Resident Evil and doesn't take its story arc from a Romero setting. Instead it works from the Grindhouse genre with a generous nod to Planet Terror.

So what makes this game good then? To start this game is filled with your classic fast style arcade zombies and end of level big ass bosses. However if the initial setting isn't supplying enough monsters you can have extra from the beginning of a level by asking for them (for novices though I wouldn't). After the fact of hardened villians the levels are well thought out and the cut sequences that normally have you reaching for the start button, are actually fun to watch and tie the story together well. If that isn't enough the game has lots of extras to open, which is good for the completist in you.

Overall this is the first adult title that the Wii has gained which feels like its trying to be adult and not a vanilla version of another game. So if your looking for a good night in with friends, this game and blowing zombies heads off are good mix.