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Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles

Rating: 18+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (9 reviews)"

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  What the Wii was made for!

| | See all cutegamesforgirls's reviews (124)

Yes; the Wii was made for shooters. And on this incredible games' reputation it should be. To the untrained eye, this is just another generic zombie blaster. But it has something House of the Dead (and to an extent, Dead Space) will never have. Longevity and a visionary critical hit system. There are an absolute heap of chapters to play through (about 25 in total) and you are ranked for each one. This is genius as you will genuinely replay levels just to improve your rank-this is based on enemies killed, headshots, files found (by breaking objects and picking them up) and time elapsed. There are several different types of weapon and more than one of each type: Shotguns, Magnums, MGs, Rocket Launchers, Pistols....the list goes on. The real kicker here is that this is a complete rehash of the Resi series-and it works perfectly. Although it doesn't use the Wii Zapper, this doesn't matter too much because otherwise it would be awkward to change weapons and reload (By shaking the remote.) The amount of Resi homage in this game is immense and the graphics, bosses (Tyrant! That hench snake!) and general acting all add to the sublime atmosphere. This is a must for any horror fan, Resi fan or come to think of it, anyone at all.

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| | See all campeon's reviews (1)

I bought this game having on my mind the previous games of RE which were great.now i am trying to get rid of this game and forget that i've ever played it.it doesn't let you have the control of your moves,it becomes very boring and finally many of the enemies you meet during the game are so ridiculous(monkeys,bees,snakes,crows etc).

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  wrong description

| | See all sonics101's reviews (6)

this game is incredibly fun it allows you to do 3 sections of resident evil 0,1,3 and a new chapter in russia along with some cool extra chapter as wesker,hunk,or ada. i was quite dissapointed when i found out resident evil 2 wasnt in it. i was really looking forward to playing re2 but that didnt make me like the game any less and re2 and code veronica are going to be included on the darkside chronicles game in november. this is a great game i really recomend if you are a resi fan

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| | See all supababe's reviews (96)

This is so dissapointing. I waited an age to get it-everywhere was sold out-but when it arrived I knew within 10 minutes that it was not the game for me. It was so repetitive and nothing like resi evil 4 which I love.

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  Good co-op game

| | See all Chellel86's reviews (1)

Me and my boyfriend played this. Its quite a long game if you play it properly. You have to score As on some levels to unlock over levels. Which isn't easy if your playing on hard mode. To score As you have to get all the hidden files, kill x amount of zombies with one hit in the head as well as other stuff. We really enjoyed it. Well worth it when playing with someone else.

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  what a shame

| | See all slickness's reviews (17)

i picked this up and expected a decent game, but by the first end of level boss i knew i wasn't going to enjoy it at all.

unfortunately some of the wii remote movements you have to make can be very unresponsive and make the game extremely frustrating.

all i wanted was a point and shoot, not waving the remote around desperately trying to get the console to respond before your killed.

  Fun easy shooter!

| | See all megadrivemike's reviews (30)

Fun game to pick up and play only problem is its too short.
Me and my girlfiend completed it in a few hours on a night in which was fun but havent touched it since.

Would reccomend if you dont mind spending 15 quid for a fun game on a night in (one night only)

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  Aim for the head and the zombie's dead

| | See all daddyspurs's reviews (18)

I love on rails shooters and this is by far the best I have found on the Wii. If you are not familiar with the films the story is pretty basic. A corporate company has spent millions messing with genes in order to create a super being and ofcourse in doing so they have created zombies and other demonic creatures. Your job is to get in and take them out before they destroy the world. This game is fantastic for sit back and blast away fun. As an on rails shooter you do not need to worry about moving your character around a mine field of levels as you are taken on this journey by the game. To add some extra fun you can collect weapons, files and health additions on your mission to improve your play. As with all shootem ups once you have destroyed dozens of various zombies, drooling creatures and the like you have at the end of each section a death match with the worst kind of enemy who is far harder to kill. The game has several levels and several chapters to complete and will keep you entertained for days if not weeks. As there are always options: turn left, go right.... to choose from you can go back and play it all again but differently. I can't recommend this game highly enough if you enjoy some frantic lead pipe cruelty on the walking dead. Can be played singularly or as couple. Superb game at an excellent price!!!

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  Light gun shooter with some RE fan service thrown in

| | See all MoogleMage's reviews (12)

I was really looking forward to this as I've been a fan of the resident evil series for years and always enjoyed the house of the dead style games at my local arcade.

However I must say I was a bit dissappointed, while it is an enjoyable game for the first couple of hours it soon gets annoying and frustrating when you have to shoot zombies in the "sweet-spot" on their foreheads to make any real progress with your end of level rank. What makes this worse is when you have a group of 5+ zombies lumbering towards you, while another decides to hide behind and projectile vomit at you. Boss encounters are also repetitive and long-winded.

Enough with the negatives though, UC offers the back stories of past RE games, albeit missing some games altogether, and so allows people who catch up with events. It also includes an exclusive episode featuring Chris and Jill bringing down Umbrella in Siberia. There are also a wide range of guns to unlock and upgrade although most are pointless and you'll more than likely just find yourself using machine guns and the good old zombie blasting shotguns.

Overall RE:UC is a game aimed at resident evil fans as non followers of the series will most likely be left clueless to the story and characters, and although I only gave it a 3/5 its a high 3.

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