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Zack & Wiki: Quest For Barbaros' Treasure

Rating: 7+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (10 reviews)"

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| | See all gunnerboyedd's reviews (9)

At first i was a bit sceptical about this game (mainly because i brought it for a fiver). But when i started playing it took me totally by suprise. The graphics are as expected very childish, but for a game like this is doesn't matter. The Wii's motion techonology is finally put to proper use where slight movements are taken into consideration i.e Using a saw in the actual way your meant to. Good for any age as some puzzles are tedious but other's are just downright hard.

If your a hardcore gamer and prefer blowing peoples brains out in afghan, or drifting in sweden then this isn't the game for you. However if you dont mind a bit of a mental challenge and some patience then this is the perfect game for you.

  brilliant game

| | See all Rayraysworld's reviews (2)

this is one of those games that is mostly unheard of. but it's an absolute gem. cracking cartoony graphics and a great learning curve throughout make for a puzzle game other consoles can only dream of. a top game

  Great puzzle game!

| | See all UtopiaX's reviews (20)

I wouldn't call this an adventure, but rather a puzzle game. It's more like Neighbours from hell franchise... but better! :)

The game starts at a great pace, easy puzzles. Not very hard to master. But boy oh boy does it get tough at the end! I must be honest and tell you guys that for some puzzles who I couldn't solve after 2 hours of trial and error I used a walkthrough. The shame! But man it sure does give lots of satisfaction when you actually complete a level.

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  Totally worth the money

| | See all sazza123's reviews (5)

Everything about this game is great. It makes fantastic use of the wiimote, the cel-shaded graphics are stunning and the puzzles are great. Sometimes they seem difficult, sometimes they are difficult but the solution is usually right under your nose. You play as zack and you can shake the wiimote to ring wiki like a bell to turn living things into items and vice-versa. You travel to several locations ranging from a volcano to an ice temple and a haunted castle, each has a different number of stages, you have to get to the treasure chest in each stage to move on. Sounds simple but trust me, it isn't!

  Brilliant game that makes great use of the wii remote!

| | See all Matty9's reviews (9)

Being a fan of old adventure point in click games- (such as The Secret of Monkey Island & Full Throttle) I had to pick this game up.

The puzzles are great and involve using the wii remote in a number of different , fun and interesting ways- which really make you think. Also there is a good replay value as there are secrets to be found and also time trials.

The characters are loud and the plot isn't the greatest- but it does the job however its the puzzles that really stand out- and its a great feeling when you work them out!

For the current price of £14.99 I would definatly recommend this if you like puzzles, thinking, point and click games or just something different for your Wii!

It seems this format of game fits on the Wii very nicely and I hope we see much more from this genre and also this series!

  One to own

| | See all Fizpot's reviews (26)

This game is really good fun, I loved the Monkey Island series and felt that this was right up my street. It's filled with puzzles and is definitely great fun as there is much to do and can be played with friends.

  Fantastic puzzling!

| | See all Brackenhawk's reviews (1)

Played through this game with the boyfriend over new year's, and i must say it is a magnificent game. As a die-hard fan of the old point-and-click adventure games and always up for a challenge, this game went down wonderfully.

The graphics and characters are charming - vibrant, full of life - and the levels themselves were a delight to work through. Many a time we had to sit and think hard about the various puzzles, but we felt none were too difficult. Some of the 'deaths' slow the game down a little, many of them feeling quite 'unfair', and make returning to that point several times a bit of a chore (though in-game 'tickets' can be bought to revive you), but some of them are quite funny to watch. The controls work well, with the odd 'off' moment, though sometimes it makes working out how to use an item too easy.

After the game's completion you can continue your quest for treasure, which we felt was when the true challenge started. With no help other than your own logic and puzzling skills you still have many, many items (hundreds aside from the main story items) to collect, with secrets treasures hidden inside the levels. Some of the secrets make little or no sense (how did i get a chest for doing that?), some are so clever you'll be dancing in your seat, and one or two are hilarious. It will be a long, long time before you can achieve 100% completion!

A simple to play but pleasing game for those who like a challenge. For the most satisfaction, do not look at a guide!

  A excellent point and click adventure game!

| | See all dragonlord's reviews (442)

I use to love playing the Monkey Island games and Grim Fandango on the PC years ago. The point and click adventure games were becoming a dying breed and then Zack & Wiki came along, which is a most brilliant example of this type of game with a very funny story. The puzzles are very high quality and will keep you very entertained. The Wii remote controls are most impressive and really show off the Wii at it's best. The boss fights are wonderful fun as is finding all the items and secrets you can. My hat goes off for Capcom for producing one of the best 3rd party games on the Wii at the moment.

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  Perfect for Point & Click Adventure fans

| | See all sromero's reviews (1)

If you loved old point and click graphic adventures such as Monkey Island, Day Of The Tentacle, and many others, you shouldn't miss this great game.

Lot of sense of humor in a puzzle-adventure game based on stand-alone levels (like the old Gobliiiins PC game).

Very good game at a very good price :)

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  most puzzling game on the wii

| | See all beniour's reviews (1)

Got this game a few months back and it is amazin
Each level is a puzzle and the further you get the harder it gets but nothin gives you the satisfaction of completin a level like zach and wikki
Its even good when yu have a friend helpin you they can use the curser on there remote to point things out they have spotted
But this game will keep you playin for months and there is no better puzzle game out so if you need a challenge buy this!